Love Doesn’t Harm: A Qiaoru Reunion

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Yes, good news for Qiaoru fans at long last! A special thanks to LJ05 for updating the rest of us regarding Qiaoru. I discovered it when I went back to AF to do my browsing like once in a blue moon nowadays. So I spotted the post update. I was sooooo happy. I meant I knew about Calvin’s album release a while back. Yet didn’t realize he was collaborating with Qiao Qiao for one of the MVs. So imagine how excited I was when I found out about it. I went to hunt down the MV right away.

In other related news, Sweety has joined HIM hence the chance of this collaboration with Calvin. That also means that Sweety will make their comeback in the near future! I’m soooo excited about this new development. It’s like a double celebration aka Sweety reunion and Qiaoru reunion! How nice is that, right?

(Credit: HIM)

Anyway, the MV’s just soooo sad! But the song is good though. Hopefully, there will be more collaboration in the future. But for now, just want to enjoy this!

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10 thoughts on “Love Doesn’t Harm: A Qiaoru Reunion

  1. I just listened to the MV. Thanks for the heads-up! It’s very mainstream and slickly produced but quite a powerful song. Calvin brings new maturity to it and sings with a lot of feeling.

  2. Agreed. Was hoping to catch Calvin at the cinema in the Singapore film ‘Three Peas in a Pod’ but sadly it went straight to DVD. I like his blonde hair in the MV. It suits him.

    1. Wow, really? No wonder I kept waiting and then I was out of the loop for a while. Didn’t realize what happened. Thanks for info!

      And yeah, I was surprised since I don’t like it when Asian stars dye their hair blonde, but it’s starting to grow on me for Calvin’s case.

      1. It gives him an ethereal or other worldly look. Yes, apparently Three Peas flopped and was never shown on the big screen, despite the Calvin factor. It’s mainly set it Melbourne and Victoria so I might have to chase down the DVD.
        Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to the Calvin/Sweety collaboration, too.

        1. Yes, it does, lol. Like those Final Fantasy games, LOL! mwuhahaha Kidding, but yeah….

          Wow, to think that they promoted it so much, etc. I guess will have to hunt for the DVD later to see what’s up.

          1. I thought the Calvin factor would ensure a big screen release for Thee Peas, but no such luck. I might look to see if it’s available on YesAsia soon.

          2. Yeah, I know. I just checked, it’s not there. NOT sure when it’s going to be available on YesAsia, since they could be slow pokes at times.

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