Love Story

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(Uploaded by: Legend Channel)

I first time I watched Eric Suen was in an ancient series called Dynasty Doctor (or Rogue Doctor) because I purchased a set of DVDs and they sent me the wrong one, which I get to keep. However, I was glad all the same that I have a chance to watch Eric. His performance was hilarious and the plot-line of a decent one with a mixture of comedic moments as well as serious times. There was also the martial arts (of course) involved in complementing the Chinese medicine theme. As I was searching for more information on him, I found out that he’s also a singer. Based on my past records of being obsessed with actors slash singers, I had to hunt down his songs to check if he’s any good. My first choice of clicking a sample song was a good one hence my continued support of him until now. Yes, it was “Love Story” (愛的故事). It was an old song but was really good. His voice has matured over the years now, bringing a different feeling to the song when he sings it again in recent concerts and events, but it is still good as always.

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