Love, Suddenly

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First off, I wanted to kill the person who designed the thing since it’s now considered wrecked for my case. Perhaps it’s my butterfingers’ hands that are causing it while trying to open it yet it was seriously a challenge for me. I finally gave up and tore it. So the above image, I sort of had to get creative with “Photoshop” a bit. But there’s one thing I have to admit: the packaging was quite creative. The stills included were also quite artistic.

So moving on to the songs…

1. Intimate Friends (睡在一起的知己). The lyrics get quite deep along the way. Yet I swear I couldn’t get into this one. Not sure if it was the background music or something else.

2. Nothing Unusual (痛癢). The sub-theme song for Xiao Hai Da Ren. Absolute favorite song from this album. So touching and so sad. Probably the most repeated song from this album as well.

3. Whispered Goodbye (告別像低迴溫婉的小調). Fourth favorite in here. One of those goodbye songs that isn’t too bitter or morbid. Just in the middle. Like accepting why things weren’t meant to be.

4. My Neurosis (我的病). This song has a haunting feeling to it. Kind of creepy actually, lol. (Well, it makes me think of those ghost-related movies I watched ages back, lol.) A different tone to the other songs and add a variety to the tracks in here. I kind of like it in that sense and how she sings it, but don’t really like the lyrics at times.

5. Satisfaction (不痛不快). Lively and cheerful. Really fit with the title. Couldn’t help but get affected by this song as well.

6. Maybe (不一定). Another upbeat song. She seriously keeps surprising me with her range and style in this album. And this is just another song that I couldn’t help getting pulled into liking it in the end.

7. Love Suddenly (幸福很突然). The song responsible for the title of the album. Not disappointing at all. Yet another upbeat song. Lively and somewhat playful.

8. Rift (缺口). Another wow song! OMG, I can’t decide what song I like more anymore. It seems like almost all the songs in here are good.

9. You’re Still Here (你還在). I loved this song and found it touching while watching Gentle Mercy. But it still has to take the second spot to track #2. Somewhat morbid but still good. There’s an unspeakable longing with the tone the more I listen to the song. Awesome song indeed.

10.) You Said You Would. Third favorite in here and was surprised how good her English is. Sure, I know the majority of the current generation of singers are good with English, but at times I find myself disappointed because of the ‘over-rave’ from fans. Yet this time, I’m really impressed. Good pronunciation really brought out the mood of the song even more. AND if you listen carefully (like I failed to, lol), this is the English version of track #3.

11. Can I Be Happier? (不能更快樂嗎). Another somewhat cryptic sounding song. Interestingly like the other one, I like the way she sang it and the tone of it yet not the lyrics that much.

12. Accidentally In Love Medley (告別缺口,知己… : 睡在一起的知己/痛癢/不痛不快/缺口/告別像低迴溫婉的小調). A good re-hash of the songs in here.

Overall thoughts? I was really, really surprised that I actually couldn’t decide where each song stands on the ‘top’ list for me anymore. When I listened for the first time, I was getting impatient and sort of wanted to listen to the tracks that were in the two dramas mentioned above. However, as I listen more carefully to each song, I ended up liking most of them. Major kudos to the production team also!

Recommended? I felt this was one of the albums that I really am satisfied with in recent years. So no complaints from me. However, there are samples online so listen first before you purchase.

*Images were scanned by DTLCT

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