Love Together: Episode 2

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

The story picked up when Xiao Yu and Xiang Xiang (Xiao Yu’s best friend since childhood–portrayed by Su Yan Pei) went to the doctor’s clinic to get some food for Xiao Yu’s dog. They found an intruder there–whom both girls attacked without caring for an explanation. Push came to shove and the guy ended up getting hit over the head with something. Minor injury but soon things were resolved when Uncle Zhu arrived in time and explained it was only his grand-nephew, Ah Bao (portrayed by Kurt Chou). Though the problem didn’t end there because the victim obviously wasn’t going to let it slide, even calling the girls crazy for attacking him before he could even explain. So it was revealed that because Ah Bao was misbehaving (or was mixing with the wrong crowd in Taipei) hence his mother sending him to Uncle Zhu’s place to curve his attitude. Seeing the situation was steering toward more than hectic, Xiao Yu soon jumped in to apologize about her rash actions previously. However, Ah Bao brushed it off and scolded her, even going overboard with calling them all names. That, of course, made Uncle Zhu even more upset over the matter, scolding Ah Bao and telling him to get lost–if he didn’t want to stick around. (It was also revealed that Ah Bao had gone into trouble with some gang leader in Taipei hence his mother sending him to Uncle Zhu’s place to hide.) But Ah Bao didn’t give up because he switched tactic, stating that the place was his mother’s right? (The doctor’s clinic, that was.) The result? Ah Bao threw them all out, saying that they couldn’t have a say in the whole matter anyway. So there went the plan with Uncle Zhu letting Xiao Yu and her mother moved in that place. So the rest of the group had to meet up and think the matter over again–regarding Xiao Yu’s family situation.

After much debate, it seemed hopeless with just arguing over which method was right. Since Xiao Yu’s mother didn’t want to pressure Uncle Zhu, that left them with little choice. Xiang Xiang, upon seeing Zhong Ze’s car, jumped out and asked him to help them. Yet Xiao Yu interfered and told Xiang Xiang not to cause more troubles. But Zhong Ze insisted on returning to Taipei to see if he could come up with another plan to help them. (False offer here but they had no idea, thinking he was actually trying to help them. This was revealed in the scene later that night when he was chatting with Ah Sir on MSN.)

When Zhong Ze went out for a walk that night (probably just needed a breath of fresh air after all that work he was doing ), he saw Xiao Yu sitting at her tent. He made a move to leave her alone but she called him back and insisted that he sat there with her. So he did. They watched the night sky together and she revealed that she had gone to Taipei to work at one point. (So she wasn’t so oblivious to the world outside of General Street.) Out of the blues, she confided in him about going to the landlady and begging her to change her mind regarding the place yet there was no use. (Well, he pretended not to know since he already saw that part earlier in the day when he drove by there and actually stopped to witness the scene.) He decided to reassure her about her still able to visit the place (since she said that it was probably about time she said goodbye to the place). Yet she stressed it was different. Like a typical protagonist, she went on passionately about it was their home and how they had been there since forever hence developing feelings toward everything so it wasn’t the same as coming back to visit, etc. And it was too funny that through his attempt to half discourage but also tried to comfort her, he reminded her of her capabilities hence her claiming that she would go to Taipei with him tomorrow morning to seek out her friend for help. (NICE going, Zhong Ze. He wasn’t the only one stumped. I was too since I thought she would be super silly with only begging Heaven to help. Hey, it was sort of far-fetched that she would succeed in this case, but at least she was thinking of realistic actions.) Look at his expression when she thanked him for cheering her on! LOL! OMG, that was priceless!

The next day, they set off after some mushy goodbye scenes between Xiao Yu and the villagers. Honestly, it looked like they were sending her off to some far, far away place since it seemed to be endless with all the instructions and precautions. But they finally were on their way.

Yet on the ride, Xiao Yu fell asleep in the car and Zhong Ze had to wake her up. And for the record, waking her up required calling ‘Xiao Yu’ three times, NOT just once. Well, he just can’t shake her awake in some barbaric way, right? He was a gentleman after all–regardless of his underlying motives or actions seen elsewhere. But I was wrong, he wasn’t such a gentleman after all because he shooed her out of his car, claiming that she did not need to accompany him regarding the other matter. Well, if he let her follow him, he would be exposed with the fake meeting.

Watching the next few scenes with her unfruitful meetings and his day full of relaxation made me want to smack him over the head with something. Yet had to admit she did want to come along and take care of her own plans. So… (But it seemed like it was several days, not just one day since he had gone home to change? And she did as well. Probably staying elsewhere and had some rest?)

Well, he finally called her up and said he was ready to go back. So they met up. Of course, he told her his attempt with the persuasion was unsuccessful. He was scolding her for the silly plan? That was kind of funny though since he guessed the amount of the money and was surprised but she soon corrected him. And that was so cute with her hooking her hands through his and dragging him away. (And he didn’t mind.)

As if that wasn’t enough for their adventure already, they returned home and ran into a pregnant girl asking about Ah Bao’s whereabouts. Seeing the girl’s stomach, Xiao Yu was forming her own opinions. But they didn’t have to assume or ponder long because Ah Bao soon appeared and the girl went over to give him a piece of her mind. (Why was Ah Ze looking like he was enjoying the show?) Before they could investigate any further about who was wrong (though they had an impression that Ah Bao was the party in the wrong), they had to rush the girl to the hospital since her stomach was hurting and needed medical attention pronto.

After much waiting, Zhong Ze persuaded Xiao Yu to leave (since he could see that she was unusually cold) but she insisted on waiting a bit more. What happened next? Duh, she fell asleep on his shoulder (and he had to drape his jacket over her.) It wasn’t like her jacket wasn’t thick enough but it was because she was getting sick (without knowing it–or more like wanting to hide it from him and even lied to herself). After what seemed like forever, they were informed that ‘mother and daughter were both fine’ so Ah Bao was more than relieved while Xiao Yu congratulated him. She had no idea. (LOL!)

IF anyone was wondering if their little adventure was done for the day yet, it wasn’t. Not really. Because after Zhong Ze took Xiao Yu home and stared at her as she walked away with her mother (YUP, he was staring), Xiang Xiang called Xiao Yu up to tell her about some incident. Of course, Xiao Yu had to rush to the site to see for herself. Not to mention needing to stop the matter. It was at the building of that company that wanted to buy their lands. Dan Zhu (Uncle Zhu’s son) and Xiong Mao had led a group of people there to protest, etc. When they got there, Xiao Yu and Xiang Xiang managed to surpass the security guards in front but there was still someone inside (of course) so Xiang Xiang jumped in to stop him while Xiao Yu fled elsewhere.

Xiao Yu managed to escape from the security guard but ran into trouble again. She needed to use the restrooms but the ‘ladies rooms’ were closed for cleaning so she had to go to the ‘men’s rooms’ instead but the stall she entered ran out of paper so she had to get crafty, asking for paper in both Mandarin and English (since she heard someone outside). It was actually Zhong Ze on the other side but he kept quiet and just handed the paper to her by tossing it craftily inside. She thanked him but he just left. Though after she got out, she fainted. He must have heard the crashing sounds from inside and returned in time to carry her to the hospital. That also caused Zhong Ze to miss his appointment with the landlady of that one place AND was not able to meet the goal. At the hospital, Zhong Ze found out that Xiao Yu caught a cold but it wasn’t severe (through his fierce look since Xiao Yu didn’t want Xiang Xiang to say it at first). Yup, that was from when she was drenched in the rain and then sat in the hospital with the AC blasting away previously. It was so funny how he was looking at her with disapproval and she looked like a timid kid. (SO CUTE regardless.) And he still dared to question her presence at the company? She stepped out of her timid shell and demanded an explanation as well. (OMG! That was so slick, he dodged right out of it with that explanation? Okay, he was slick all right. Poor those two. They had no idea.) But that was so cute with Xiang Xiang’s description with how Zhong Ze was carrying Xiao Yu like a prince carrying sleeping beauty. (OY, if only they knew.) Then Dan Zhu called to tell them the good news that the landlady’s meeting didn’t go well so they were celebrating–with Xiao Yu calling it a miracle. Yet if she only knew it was because she fainted that prevented the incident from happening. Okay, more like a delay but still. (Short version of what happened next: Zhong Ze got scolded by Li Li, and he went home and took it out on Xiao Yu. YET they all mistook it for his caring for her health too much hence scolding at her for exerting herself too much. NICE?)

Back to the land acquirement matter, Li Li had to step in and interfered before they were able to sign that deed. (Li Li was actually the boss’ grand-daughter and was overseeing the land acquirement project. She had previously let Zhong Ze handled matters on his own, trusting his abilities. Yet because of the other matter, she was disappointed in him temporarily.) That also severed Xiao Yu’s chance to collect enough money to purchase the land back from the other party. Devastated, Xiao Yu ran off to cry it all out, feeling so helpless and frustrated. She really had to leave now, not being able to change anything. (Ye Jia Yu could really cry. That scene was really touching and made the rest of us want to smack Zhong Ze even more.)

Though breaking down previously, Xiao Yu bravely comforted Xiang Xiang during the farewell moments. It was too ironic that Xiao Yu’s mother had to apologize to Zhong Ze regarding how he got kicked out so soon though he just moved in recently. She wanted to return the deposit to him but he didn’t accept. Lucky Xiang Xiang’s mother interfered and told Xiao Yu’s mother to keep it. (They had no idea it was his guilt coming into play instead of the whole ‘good-natured’ as they were claiming.) All wasn’t lost because Xiao Yu and her mother soon got a break when Uncle Zhu decided to let Xiao Yu stay at Ah Bao’s place (aka kicking Ah Bao out). The decision was made after one of his confrontations with Ah Bao. (Ah Bao’s biker friends came and caused another misunderstanding–though they didn’t mean to. NOT really.)

So they waited nearby as Uncle Zhu talked on the phone, explaining the situation to Ah Bao’s mother. Xiang Xiang was even touched by Uncle Zhu’s persistence in helping them. That inspired Xiao Yu to talk about her fellow simple-minded townspeople. They seemed silly to others yet they were all heart, unlike those cold-blooded, etc, etc. Yup, she seriously went on and on, causing her mother to put a hand on her shoulder–and even Xiang Xiang trying to signal to her with her eyes. Xiao Yu finally got it after much patting from her mother and turned to Zhong Ze, clapping his shoulder–and reassuring him that she wasn’t talking about him. (BUT seriously, she might as well be.) Well, the good news was–after Uncle Zhu got off the phone–they were able to stay. YET the bad news was–after much sweet talk from Xiang Xiang’s mother to Ah Bao’s mother–that they had to take care of Ah Bao. Uncle Zhu wanted to turn her down YET Xiang Xiang’s mother grabbed the phone in time, LOL! Yup, Uncle Zhu refused to come back on the phone SO Xiang Xiang’s mother had to hand it to her husband to be the middleman aka vouching that they would help her tame Ah Bao. (LOL!) Moving on….Xiang Xiang was wondering if it was possible Uncle Zhu would let Zhong Ze stay too. AND Zhong Ze jumped in to turn them down YET they were too into helping him to care. SO he had no choice but to move in as well. But Zhong Ze was pondering about Ah Bao. How in the world were they going to divide the habitats among the four of them now?

YUP, the result was Zhong Ze and Ah Bao were fighting for the room upstairs. They wouldn’t hear or care to stop and acknowledge Uncle Zhu’s words until he mentioned about old rooms having odd things. YUP, along the lines of strange insects or other types of living things around. We all know who was scared of which now, eh? Who won? Well, Zhong Ze was faster and shoved Ah Bao into the room since they were basing it on whoever entered the room first would get it. Well, if it wasn’t for Xiao Yu’s dog, Ah Bao wouldn’t lose as easily. But it was soooo funny seeing two grown men fighting over a room like that. It also boggled my mind how Zhong Ze could be so professional, fierce, ruthless, and even bordering on the side of despicable yet he was so silly at that time? Or were their personalities influencing him bit by bit without him knowing it? (And Zhong Ze was scared of rats? Or was he just grossed out by it? Anything was possible really!)

The battle between the two men didn’t end there because Ah Bao was out to get Zhong Ze again, thinking that he could outwit Zhong Ze. (LOL) Yeah, he saw Xiao Yu’s mother carrying all those boxes so he had an idea, wanting to see Zhong Ze doing all the labor work so he told Zhong Ze that Xiao Yu’s mother was looking for Zhong Ze. (Double LOL) Ah Bao was really getting a kick out of it since he was just finding a spot and standing nearby to witness the scene unfold. Yet he had no idea trouble was waiting for him around the corner. Well, namely Xiao Yu’s dog trying to get him again. LOL! He thought the dog wanted to go again so he told the dog to go away YET the dog advanced on him, causing him to take a step back–until he tripped backward and fell into Zhong Ze and Xiao Yu’s mother’s path while they were trying to carry some boxes. NICE? Someone up there was definitely watching and didn’t want to let Ah Bao get away with it. Yet Ah Bao was apologizing for his actions? Yup, he really didn’t do it on purpose. But it was still so funny. What next? Xiao Yu’s mother decided to separate the two by assigning one to pack stuff up at the tea shop. So Zhong Ze gave Ah Bao the look and he went. (LOL!) And they resumed work after Ah Bao left. So funny how Zhong Ze pasted on his sweet smile once again as he helped Xiao Yu’s mother. Trying to score points with the future mother-in-law? (JUST KIDDING…but yeah…)

When Ah Bao arrived at the tea shop, he found some people at work and there were no signs of the shop hence him calling Xiao Yu’s mother back to confirm of the shop’s whereabouts. Xiang Xiang’s mother soon arrived at the scene to spout with the person responsible. It was none other than Yao Shi Hong, who had vouched previously to get involved with the land acquirement project regardless of what Li Li told him not to do. Zhong Ze, Xiao Yu, and Xiao Yu’s mother soon arrived on the scene to confront Yao but before anyone could do anything, Xiang Xiang came and told Xiao Yu that people were tearing Xiao Yu’s tent down upstairs. That got a reaction all right since she ran upstairs and confronted the crew. And the episode ended when Zhong Ze told the others that if there was any source of tearing things apart around there, they would be the ones doing it.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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2 thoughts on “Love Together: Episode 2

  1. vgag says:

    Nice screen caps. The leads are very 好看 and the situation potentially quite romantic. Here’s another drama I need to catch up with!

  2. DTLCT says:

    @vgag – Yeah. It’s actually one of my favorite dramas now. Though depends on people’s taste. I think it was quite under-rated since it wasn’t bad at all. Maybe it was because of unfamiliar faces so the audience didn’t tune in too much. AND three of the main leads were from Rookies’ Diary, and some of the supporting cast as well.


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