Love Together: Episode 3

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

This episode jumped back a little regarding the dispute between Zhong Ze and Yao Shi Hong.

Though Zhong Ze had said that if there was any ‘taking things apart’, they would do it themselves, Yao Shi Hong continued to pursue the matter, asking why the others (aka the crew he brought with him) were stopping for. As they approached Xiao Yu’s tent, Zhong Ze’s impatient rose and he stepped up to confront Yao Shi Hong once again. After scolding Yao Shi Hong, Zhong Ze turned to Xiao Yu and gently told her to take her time with the tasks. (Awww…sorry, couldn’t help it.)

Yao Shi Hong still didn’t give up because Xiao Yu was tearing up hence her slow progress (but the others couldn’t see since she had her back to them), and he once again stepped forward to tell the crew to jump in with the task. Zhong Ze once again interfered, which scared the crew a bit so Yao Shi Hong claimed that he would do it himself. Like Zhong Ze was going to let him get away with it, because they ended up in a brawl. Somewhat, it was only pushing at first though. But I found it kind of funny that Ah Bao was standing nearby and leaning on one of the structures, enjoying the fight with a smile on his face. The brawl didn’t last long after some unsuccessful shoving between the two parties since Auntie Ke Ren (Xiao Yu’s mother) and Auntie Chun Hua (Xiang Xiang’s mother) came into the scene–with Auntie Chun Hua yelling. She had every right to since Yao Shi Hong was stepping past his duties major time, because he wasn’t supposed to destroy any of their possessions, etc. A threat from Auntie Ke Ren to call the cops had some effect since Yao Shi Hong finally left after delivering some strong words to save his face (whatever was left of his reputation that was) and told the crew to leave as well.

Just when things were cooling down–slowly–and everyone was recovering from Yao Shi Hong’s brief rupture of their lives, Auntie Ke Ren and Auntie Chun Hua were fighting over who should take care of Zhong Ze since he was supposedly injured. (Just a bit on his hand BUT it was an excuse to care for him, lol.) Ah Bao was once again seen smirking and enjoying the scene as both battled it out among themselves. (YES, they were fighting over Zhong Ze for their daughters. OY!) OMG, their fight was really hilarious since Auntie Ke Ren was saying how it was reasonable that she took Zhong Ze to her place to tend to his injury since Zhong Ze was injured because of Xiao Yu. YET Auntie Chun Hua was claiming that Xiao Yu wasn’t ‘girlfriend material’ since she was such a rough person and quite boyish (you name it, she had all her reasons written out somewhere or something) so her daughter was gentler and more suitable, etc. No wonder Ah Bao was enjoying the show. As if it wasn’t getting any funnier (because it already was stretching it), Auntie Chun Hua had to bring out the age factor too, stating that her daughter was 25 and a half versus Xiao Yu was 26 already. OY! And while they were arguing, they didn’t realize the others already left, well, except for Ah Bao who was enjoying the show too much to leave. (LOL) But being a busybody always had a price, right? Since they both turned to Ah Bao and blamed him for the situation. Huh? He wasn’t the only lost, I was too. YET I had to admit, they had to blame someone, right? (After that unsuccessful attempt to win Zhong Ze over.)

Later, Xiao Yu was seen putting together her tent (at the new place by now). Zhong Ze stepped outside to find her at work–and she asked him to help. Although she was staring at him more than doing the actual ‘tasks’, lol. He caught her staring (awkward, lol) and thought he had done it wrong, but she told him he was correct. They proceeded with the remaining tasks. After she sat down in front of the tent (and told him to do the same–it reminded me of the first time she told him to sit down next to her, etc). Having sharp eyes, she had spotted that his watch was broken hence offering to repair it for him. (It was broken during the brawl between him and Yao Shi Hong earlier.) Yet he turned her down, claiming it was nothing. She insisted since she said he had helped them a lot so it was only right that she did the same for him. Moving forward, Zhong Ze revealed (after a moment of silence passed between the two) that the watch was the only item his father left for him.

Xiao Yu realized that she was like him, their fathers had passed away already. She then voiced her opinion about finally understanding why he often told her to be understanding toward her mother, etc. Yet he turned around (literally and figuratively) and told her to not jump to conclusions and that he didn’t need her sympathy and/or pity. He also went on and told her if she didn’t want to get hurt, she should stay away from him. Yet she pointed out that he was the one getting hurt–while he was making his departure. That got his attention, allowing her to jump in front of his path and continued by saying that what she saw was right. (Though the phrases were so simple, I really liked the words she said to him, it really defined her character and how she was observant, NOT just some ignorant, too innocent main lead. My favorite part was when she said: “Whether it’s the sunshine Ah Ze or the cool Lin Zhong Ze, those are just your masks.” She went on to state that only the one who helped her with saving her tent and looking at his father’s possession was the real him.) He finally agreed to let her help him with getting the watch fixed, handing over a precious item from his father.

Yet another incident occurred after he left. YES, she was so clumsy that she ended up trapped inside the tent and it had somehow tangled up hence him coming to the rescue. But it wasn’t getting any better though since he ended up being pulled by her and they collapsed again. (He probably wanted to curse her for being so strong and pulled him down too.) They were caught by Xiang Xiang who stepped out to witness the incidental moment and apologized for interrupting. Xiao Yu recovered first and tried to get up to explain herself as Zhong Ze was holding onto his head, wondering how he was going to live this embarrassment down. (Or it looked like so.) As Xiang Xiang tagged Xiao Yu for more details about the incident (and Xiao Yu reacted by shooing Xiang Xiang away and closed the door of her room), Zhong Ze was seen in his room thinking about Xiao Yu and what she said. Then the images of his tough childhood appeared, reminding him about his grand revenge scheme. To which, he vouched once again that he wouldn’t let anyone get in the way of his revenge and that he would bring Xie Bo Tao down for causing his family major grief in the past. (So there, we have another piece of the puzzle. He was in for revenge, NOT money, power, or greed. Was that a good excuse to deceive everyone? NO, but it made the plot tenfold more interesting than to see the typical ‘bad guy turning good again because of the main girl’s influence’. Instead, he was a character who was driven by revenge.)

Meanwhile, another interesting part of the plot revealed that night as Xiao Yu and Xiang Xiang were tending to their stall as some people were out and about taking walks. (Yes, setting up those illegal stalls to draw in more money.) As someone yelled out a warning about cops coming, they rushed to pack and hurry out of there. In their attempt, some pieces of jewelry dropped out so Xiao Yu told Xiang Xiang to run first while she recovered those items. Just a few minutes ago, Li Li had walked by the area and had witnessed Xiao Yu and Xiang Xiang tending to one of the customers so she approached the two when Xiao Yu was on the ground picking up the pieces of jewelry. She made some snarky comments (just for kicks, I guess) and smiled mockingly at Xiao Yu, but her proud smile soon faded because she spotted Zhong Ze’s watch on Xiao Yu’s wrist. (I must really give credit to the scriptwriter(s) here for letting Xiao Yu wear the watch instead of having Xiang Xiang put it away like Xiang Xiang offered previously. I meant okay, it could be stored away safely and NOT be mistaken as part of their products, etc BUT that might create an outlet for losing it later somehow since it was going to be a long night AND not to mention they ran into cops so what if it got lost in events of running away? SO I’m not implying about my liking of seeing Li Li jealous of Xiao Yu, BUT more like decreasing more misunderstandings and/or conflicts between Zhong Ze and Xiao Yu, considering how he would have her head IF it was lost.)

It got even more interesting because Xiang Xiang got caught by the cops and he was writing in his notebook. (That’s never a good sign–IF any.) Xiao Yu walked over and begged along with Xiang Xiang, however, Li Li jumped in to help them (for whatever reason we don’t know yet). But Xiao Yu actually claimed that those items were indeed ‘illegal’, dismissing Li Li’s words. Yet the officer had softened and told them that they were off for this time. They thanked him and afterward another catfight ensued between Xiao Yu and Li Li. (I’m sorry, but I was cracking up so hard at this point. Li Li was boiling with jealousy inside since she had remembered Zhong Ze saying regardless of the position he held in life, he never abandoned the watch. SO imagine the blow of seeing the watch on Xiao Yu’s wrist.) It was quite clever to see that Li Li’s blows were getting to Xiao Yu, but Xiao Yu continued on with her responses, not wanting to back down and cry like a typical protagonist. Xiang Xiang actually delivered the final blow when she was talking about ‘Ah Ze’ and how he had rescued them and Xiao Yu numerous times already. YUP, it was definitely increasing the anger in Li Li at that point.

This was the result of last night’s catfight. Since Li Li had called and wanted to see Zhong Ze the next day (aka the one scene in the picture above). Yao Shi Hong finally found out (through the files at first) that Zhong Ze actually worked for Li Li. He mockingly praised Zhong Ze for his abilities while not even accepting the handshake or apology Zhong Ze offered. As Yao Shi Hong ranted on and on, Li Li had to step in and tell him that it was the chairman’s decision, and only she and the chairman knew about Zhong Ze’s real identity. (They had no idea, LOL!) Well, to sum it up, after some more words exchanged, Yao Shi Hong left in a huff, claiming he wouldn’t give up, even IF Li Li had brought her grandfather in to scare him, considering how he put in his blood and sweat for the company so he wasn’t afraid of speaking up.

After one misdeed and a somewhat of a good deed (aka offering to help Uncle Zhu with tending to Ah Bao’s matter–aka the changing light bulb incident), Zhong Ze got invited to lunch by Auntie Ke Ren. More like she insisted that he was part of the family now (aka they were under the same roof already and all). So after confiscating his noodle bowl (lol), he was forced to sit down with them. (Xiao Yu had pulled him to sit next to her, lol. They were one big happy family indeed.) The others told him to eat more, etc as they all settled down at the table. YET Ah Bao had walked into the scene and told Zhong Ze that he should eat so he could become as fat as Dan Zhu–to which Dan Zhu yell out in protest of Ah Bao’s nickname for him. (How mean! LOL!) But they proceeded eating anyway, not wanting to spout with Ah Bao during mealtime. (Awww, I liked how Zhong Ze was looking at Xiao Yu as she was putting food into his rice bowl. It was the gentle look that he often reserved for Xiao Yu, even without knowing it himself.) As they reached the peak of excitement with Dan Zhu and Xiong Mao fighting over food, Zhong Ze got up and claimed he had some paperwork he needed to take care of and left. (The real version: He was losing control and didn’t want to get affected by their kindness anymore thus veering him off course with his revenge plot.) Zhong Ze’s sudden change of attitude wasn’t lost on Xiao Yu though since she was pondering matters long after Zhong Ze left.

While Zhong Ze was sitting in front of his room and pondering about matters, Xiao Yu walked over and sat at a chair nearby. (NO idea what he was thinking but possibly trying to regain control and chanting about the importance of revenge at that point?) She asked him if he was uncomfortable with witnessing family eating together, he got up and made a move, asking her if she had things to do. (A major indication to dismiss her here.) But she stopped him and returned his watch. He thanked her and was inspecting it until Xiang Xiang came out and told him how much Xiao Yu went through to fix it for him. YET Zhong Ze seemed to be angered by the words. Though he was thanking Xiao Yu, he also added things like she shouldn’t try to change his possessions or his life, because it was his decision to change or not. He even inquired about the watch repair fees so he could compensate her. She said it wasn’t much, but he insisted so there they have it with awkward silences mixed in with intensity. After he left and went to his room, it looked like he was smiling (hence Xiang Xiang’s guess was right), but he had placed the watch into the drawer instead of wearing it like he naturally would. (I actually quite liked it that Xiao Yu had changed the string BUT hadn’t tossed out the old band but just put it in the plastic bag. He would go insane if she had tossed it out. Well, she did associate his watch to her tent–aka both were from their fathers, so she would understand too well how important each part of the watch was to him.)

Round Two between the mothers. LOL! YUP, still the same thing with trying to fight with one another for the ‘future son-in-law’ (aka Zhong Ze) AND Ah Bao was once again benefiting since he was eating the tofu bowl Auntie Ke Ren made for Zhong Ze while the mothers battled it out as Xiao Yu and Xiang Xiang both stood helpless, unable to convince them to knock it off with their foolishness. (Zhong Ze had already fled awhile back because he was on his way to the second floor to take a shower–the same time that Ah Bao had made his way downstairs to witness the fight.) Again, Ah Bao got it! Auntie Chun Hua knocked him over on his back, causing the bowl of tofu to spill on him. What now? Go change, of course. (But he had forgotten–or didn’t know–that the shower on the first floor wasn’t operating right. At least something was wrong with the sprinkler, which was why Zhong Ze had to use their second-floor bathroom to take his shower.) It was so funny that he got scolded by Auntie Chun Hua that he was blocking the water and how Zhong Ze was taking a shower at the moment.

The result? Round 2 of Ah Bao’s mishaps. He messed with the main water valve too much that caused it to go crazy. Zhong Ze had to step out of the shower and tell them about it (since they weren’t paying attention to him at that point, still fighting outside, lol.) That was another mistake and awkward all around, they all saw Zhong Ze strolling around with only a towel around his waist and freaked out. Screams were heard in the house and Ah Bao was laughing away at whatever was happening in the house. Xiao Yu had to cover Xiang Xiang’s face (to shield her vision from Zhong Ze’s almost naked form) while turning slightly away as well. The other two adults had finally stopped fighting and also shielded their eyes with their hands. (Well, to Zhong Ze, it was normal since he didn’t see anything wrong, considering how he already had the towel on and all YET the others weren’t used to having men around their place so…) After Xiang Xiang claimed that she had to go home, Xiao Yu called out that she would help Zhong Ze get some more water. Auntie Ke Ren took the cue to go help as well–with Auntie Chun Hua not far behind. On Ah Bao’s way back to the house, he bumped into Auntie Chun Hua and knocked her over hence the incident. AND now Auntie Ke Ren had to help take care of her. Not only that, but since Ah Bao was walking and taking his shirt off at the same time (because he got his shirt wet again as the water rushed out of the pipe), his vision was shielded hence Auntie Chun Hua landing right into him as they crashed down on the ground, so his biker friends had a good laugh over it. (Good one, Ah Bao.)

Auntie Ke Ren sent Zhong Ze downstairs to check on Xiao Yu’s progress with the water pad (for Auntie Chun Hua’s back) to caught her daydreaming. Yet he just walked toward the stove and checked on it. She rushed over and pulled the pad out after learning that she had overcooked it, spraying the hot water on Zhong Ze in the process. (Gosh, talking about nervous–and clumsy.) She grabbed his hands and immediately steered him toward the sink, tending to ’em with cold water while apologizing profusely. Yet he told her to stop these types of behaviors in the future so the others wouldn’t misunderstand. That seemed like a slap in the face because he was obviously hinting that he didn’t want to have anything to do with her, but she recovered soon enough and told him to not worry about it since she wasn’t going to make him take responsibility from the earlier incident. (The one with her tripping on the water and ended up grabbing onto his towel for balance–by accident–though he had already grabbed onto her to restore her balance for her.) She went even further about how she already lived in Taipei a short period of time, implying she wasn’t a typical country girl with those traditional stuffs so intact. OY, she did go on and on, lol. Seeing her trying to edge out of the awkward situation was quite painful though, but Zhong Ze’s reluctant look after she left sort of made me forgive him. (Okay, I know the revenge plans and all, but still…)

So after another round of side dramas and finally convincing Ah Bao to come to the tea plantation and help (much from Zhong Ze’s slick plan), they were united with helping Uncle Zhu prepare the tea leaves for his new customer. Yet Ah Bao wasn’t as hardworking as it was projected at first. He was thirsty hence sneaking away and resting under a tree. That earned him some scolding from Dan Zhu and later Uncle Zhu, to which Uncle Zhu had accidentally revealed it was Zhong Ze who had masterminded the whole incident with convincing Ah Bao to come and help earlier. That sure got Ah Bao flamed up because he finally knew who had caused his current suffering. Unable to advance on Zhong Ze to settle the score, Ah Bao left after some more heated words to his uncle. Yet Zhong Ze attempted to stop him, wanting him to go help the others. Ah Bao turned around and gave him (Zhong Ze) a last warning to stay out of his business or he (Zhong Ze) would meet with a horrible death. (NICE?)

Zhong Ze wasn’t going to back down just because of some threats. He actually challenged Ah Bao with his words of wanting to see what Ah Bao could do. Yeah, Ah Bao delivered a strike sending Zhong Ze backward. Xiao Yu arrived at that time and scolded Ah Bao. (She was already making her way to them upon hearing Zhong Ze’s voice earlier.) But Zhong Ze wasn’t going to let Xiao Yu protect him just like that nor could he let Ah Bao’s words about leaving him alone go completely, he leaped forward and delivered a punch toward Ah Bao, stating that the others cared for him a lot so he shouldn’t talk about being alone. That was when the others interfered again, attempting to separate the two as Ah Bao advanced again and Zhong Ze wasn’t backing down either. Xiao Yu finally told Zhong Ze to stop as Zhong Ze recovered and apologized to Uncle Zhu for the rupture, adding that if Ah Bao wanted to leave, then let him. Then he turned to Ah Bao and told him to leave, saying that their progress would be even better without Ah Bao anyway. AND as Ah Bao advanced forward to demand an explanation from Zhong Ze, Xiao Yu slapped him.

YES, I wasn’t the only one stumped, the others were too. Her following words were as fierce and sharp but were to the point. Then She told him to leave, repeating some of Zhong Ze’s previous words. After some staredown contest with Xiao Yu and scanning the others’ faces, Ah Bao finally tossed the work gloves away and left the scene in a huff. It was also then that Xiang Xiang, Dan Zhu, and Xiong Mao rushed to compliment Xiao Yu for her bravery of scolding Ah Bao. Zhong Ze, though not saying anything at all, looked like he was proud of Xiao Yu?

The end of the episode had hinted that Ah Bao might be calling backup help to take care of matters? Or was that it?

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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