Love Together: Favorite Quotes – Part II

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Xiao Yu’s world consisted not only of her mother, her fellow townspeople, her beloved dogs but also of her tent. This was the part where she explained to Zhong Ze the importance of the tent to her.

我小時候就超羨慕電視上那種. 一家人可一動不動就去郊遊, 旅游. 所以我就一直跟我爸吵著我要一個帳篷. 我爸拗不過我, 他就答應我. 等他存到了錢就會買一個帳篷給我. 最後帳篷終於買了. 可是卻那裡都來不及去. 因為我爸就過世了. 所以以後只要想到我爸的時候, 我就會跑到陽台來睡帳篷.


When I was little, I was really envious of those people seen on TV. A family who was able to go on outings and traveling. So, I just kept on arguing with my dad that I wanted a tent. My dad couldn’t win over me, so he promised me. Wait until he saved enough money, then he would buy the tent for me. In the end, the tent was finally purchased. But it was too late to go anywhere. Because my dad passed away already. So, afterward, if I wanted to think about my dad, I would run to the porch and sleep in the tent.

Like Zhong Ze, Xiao Yu lost her father when she was little. They discovered their similar situation here yet they have no idea how it wasn’t so coincidental. The details will reveal later on what actually happened that led to them meeting up here. Interestingly though, they have such different perceptions about life growing up without a father. Possibly because of the different circumstances at that time and how Xiao Yu have the whole town to support her while Zhong Ze was just alone. It wasn’t a good excuse for his behaviors now but it really shed light on why he did some things. He was on his own so he had to look out for himself.

*Dialogues were typed and translated by DTLCT.

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