Love Together: Favorite Quotes – Part III

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Like Xiao Yu, Zhong Ze also had something precious left behind by his father. It wasn’t a matter of the watch’s value as Li Li had mistakenly thought was the reason for Zhong Ze acquiring that watch in the first place. In fact, Zhong Ze didn’t say much about it, only a few words as to its significance to him.



It…has a great commemorate significance to me. It doesn’t matter what position I hold, or qualifications that I possess, nor is it because of some form of indulgence.

Contrary to his vague words to Li Li, he had actually told Xiao Yu about the watch’s history. Possibly because of obvious reasons, Zhong Ze couldn’t disclose more about the watch to Li Li. But when he told Xiao Yu, it was like he could be himself. Or was it because Xiao Yu was able to understand the value of the watch to him like how the tent was to her?

Anyway, their conversation extended to the point that he finally entrusted his watch to her. She was just going to fix it for him and return it, but it was a risk he was willing to take with her.

中則: 這支錶是我爸留給我唯一的東西。

小雨:所以你跟我一樣沒有爸爸了。 怪不得你那時候會跟講。叫我不要為難我媽,不要讓我媽傷心。 原來你也有一個令人心疼的媽媽啊。


小雨:可是我現在看到受傷的人是你!我相信我看到的。不管是陽光的阿則,還是冷酷的林中則,那都是你的面具。只有拚死幫我保護帳篷的,看著爸爸遺物的,那才是真正的你。你也會傷心,也會難過,也會不捨。現在阿則受傷了,可是很真實。我爸的帳篷,我把它當寶。你爸的手錶,我也絕對不會讓它受到任何傷害。如果你願意相信我,我絕對會讓它完好如初回到你身邊, 好嗎?

中則: 好。


Zhong Ze: This watch…was the only thing that my dad left me.

Xiao Yu: So, you don’t have a father, just like me. No wonder that one time you told me to not make things difficult for my mother, to not let my mother grieve. So you also have a mother who’s tough on the outside but caring on the inside.

Zhong Ze: I’ve told you many times already. Could you not be like that, always assuming? Also, I don’t need your sympathy, nor do I need your appreciation. If you don’t want to get hurt again, you should distance yourself from me.

Xiao Yu: But the person I see who’s hurting right now is you! I believe I’d seen it. It doesn’t matter if it’s the sunshine Ah Ze or the cold Lin Zhong Ze, those are just your masks. Only the one who risked his life to protect my tent, the one who looked at his father’s remnant, is the real you. You also suffer, feel sad, and have your reluctance. Right now, Ah Ze is hurt, but it’s very real. With my father’s tent, I treat it like a piece of treasure. With your father’s watch, I absolutely won’t let it be harmed in any way. If you’re willing to trust me, I absolutely will let it return to your side as intact like before, okay?

Zhong Ze: Okay.

Even if Li Li didn’t know why the watch was so important to Zhong Ze, she still got the gist of how important it was from his words. So when Li Li spotted the watch on Xiao Yu’s hand, how could she not be jealous?

*Dialogues were typed and translated by DTLCT.

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