Love with Food – November 2014 Box

Okay, so I lied! NOT really, but it was more like I wasn’t thinking clearly. Technically, this was my last box after cancellation so here it is. (And yeah, I do know it’s WAY overdue with reviews now, but it took me awhile to sit down and eat it by itself and actually do the review than run around like insane for most of December.)

This month, entering straight into Winter (not quite yet though), so they went with the theme of “Baby, it’s cold outside”.

DRIED MINI FIGS BY FRUIT BLISS. Weird. Very interesting, but weird. I don’t know how to describe it, but I need to get used to it. Not saying it’s bad, just not the typical dried fruits.

MILK CHOCOLATE PEANUT CLUSTER BY JERS CHOCOLATES. Surprisingly good. Not sure how to describe it. But I enjoyed it. Even if it was a bit sweeter than usual.

ALL PURPOSE SEASONING SALT BY WHOLE SPICE. Saving it for one of these days. So I’ll have to come back and update on this one.

MIDNIGHT SOFT BAKED BISCOTTI BY MARLO’S. I don’t know what happened, but it’s no longer soft when I finally got around to eating it. But I didn’t find it different from other cookies that I’d eaten. So just all right for this one. I meant it wasn’t bad, but it didn’t wow me into thinking this is different.

TRUFFLES BY GUYLIAN. A coupon was included for this one. The dark Praline was a bit more bitter than the Milk Truffle (obviously). But both tasted quite unique and good. Not too rich or too subtle with the mix either.

STATES AND CAPITALS EDUCATIONAL SNACKS BY DICK & JANE BAKING COMPANY. An educational snack! LOL! Tastes pretty good. Not too sweet or too bland. Just the right amount. They have different causes for education. (Click here to check out their official website.)

LAKI RED RICE CHIPS BY GRAINS OF HEALTH. Interesting. The taste might be mild for some people who might like more salty stuffs. However, I think it’s just fine.

CINNFUL SWEET HEAT TORTILLA CHIPS BY HAPPEN. I seriously don’t know what to say about it. I mean I have a lot to say, but cannot put it into exact words. It’s interesting mixed of flavors but I can’t get into it. I swear. It’s like trying to be too many things all at once. The fact that there’s too much traces of cinnamon sort of did it for me with steering clear of it.

What I found interesting was the coupon for “Le Tote”. I mean past coupons I received have been about food. But this one? But hey, anything is possible. And if anyone wants it, leave a message. There’s no expiration date, but the only term is that it’s ONLY VALID for first time members.

In additional to all the goodies and coupons, there’s also a Rachael Ray recipe book.

Thoughts? I will say that I enjoyed this better than the box with Halloween themes. A good mixture of here and there. Again,  try it out if you feel like it.

*All images were snapped by DTLCT



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