Love with Food – October 2014 Box

My October box finally arrived! I’m just plain excited, lol. (Actually, It arrived ages back! My review’s late!)

Last month was Halloween hence the theme. It’s called “Monster Mash”, which fitted well.

ORGANIC JELLY BEANS BY SURF SWEETS. This one, I will have to take someone’s words for it that it was really good. Since I gave it to him as a snack and he had wolfed it down before I could asked for a sample somewhere along the way. So yes, I guess it was that good.

HONEY ALMOND NUT BUTTER BY JUSTIN’S. I haven’t tried this one yet and will save it for later. I’ll come back to update when I finally try it with something.

CINNAMON AND SUGAR BANANINHA BANANA BAR BY NUTRYVITTA. This is really addicting! I didn’t realize it’s that good. All the flavors mixed into one another. Not to mention the cinnamon is really subtle too, considering how I don’t like cinnamon that much.

ORGANIC ORIGINAL FALAFEL CHIPS BY FLAMOUS. A little disappointed. Okay, maybe a lot. But it was quite salty for me so I couldn’t enjoy the other flavoring in it.

BUTTERFLY SHORTBREAD SQUARES BY CLAIRESQAURES. Um, very weird…to me. Maybe it’s because I don’t eat shortbread as much so don’t know how it’s supposed to taste. But this one was as sweet as it was salty. So it was really strange to me in a sense. I could get used to it though. Or maybe not.

CHOCOLATE ALMOND NUT BUTTER BY JUSTIN’S. Haven’t try it either. Will come back and review it later.

ORIGINAL CHEESE STRAWS BY J & M. I don’t know what to say about this one. Serious! LOL! But didn’t really like it.

SNAPEA CRISPS BY CALBEE. I swear it tastes like fish scales. Seriously! Okay, it still tastes like peas, but there’s an apparent trace of fish scales in it.

Thoughts? A little disappointed. But that’s not the reason why I canceled my subscription. I need to cut back on spending for a while. Probably a long while until I figure something out. But I’ll be back! Again,  try it out if you feel like it.

*All images were snapped by DTLCT



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