Love with Food – September 2014 Box

I finally succumbed to this temptation and jumped on the bandwagon. YES, couldn’t help it. Come on, it’s food!

So, September, right? It’s “Spice Up Your Life” theme.

SIMPLY SO SWEET CHILI TORTILLA CHIPS BY WAY BETTER SNACKS. This tastes just like its name, lol. Just like corn mixed with tortilla chip. A bit salty, but not too way over salty. Could be addicting if you like spicy snacks.

LEMON ROSEMARY SEASONING BY FOGG CITY SPICE CO. I gave this one to my sister, who will tell me how it is later when she finally uses it.

HEMP RULES ROASTED HEMP SEEDS BY ZIGGY MARLEY ORGANICS. This one is probably better with soup or salad. I tasted it right out of the bag just to see how it is.

GREEN SUPERFOOD BY AMAZING GRASS. Never tried  this mix before. So this is my first time. How was it? Um, I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. Because I didn’t like the taste of it. Possibly because I didn’t like the flavor given here. Might explore more in the future. There’s a coupon included in the box for this one.

5 SPICE CARAMELS BY SHOTWELL CANDY CO. Um, it was weird to me. I guess it’s indeed different and unique in its own way. But I’ve never been a fan of caramel so didn’t enjoy it as much. Perhaps fans of caramels would like it very much.

MARUSO GHOST SOY SAUCE BY MARUSO. Possibly my first time trying it. (NOT sure.) But I had to taste it raw (without any sort of other ingredients mixed in) to see how it is. I dipped some shrimp into it and it was strange at first. But it gets addicting after awhile. I think I might hunt down for more in the future. There’s also a coupon in the box for this one, so I might use that.

RICH CHOCOLATE COOKIE THINS BY MANDY’S. Unexpectedly addicting. The cocoa smell is really nice. The sweetness is just right. Really addicting. I wolfed it down in one sitting. There’s also a coupon for this in the box.

CHURRO KETTLE CORN BY LOVE WITH FOOD. I wolfed this down in one sitting. Okay, maybe two or three sittings, lol. It wasn’t too sweet, so it was fine.

So after all that, what do I think? Is it worth $10 each month? For me, it is. ‘Cause it’s a little fun surprise box for me to look forward to each month, to see what’s going to be in it. I might get tired of it in the future, but who knows? Try it out for yourself and decide. (Or not, lol.)

*All images were snapped by DTLCT



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