Lydia by F.I.R.

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I just recently stumbled upon this song (again) and re-watched the MV. It reminded me of the many tragic stories surrounding The Outsiders. Whether it was a good gang-related drama or just another gimmick to gain public attention, that depended on each person’s separate views and bases. However, I thought it was a very good drama with the portrayal of many events in life–whether you want it to happen or not. It was a bit sad though that not many people come to acknowledge some of the more important concepts underneath the drama than just shaking their heads in shame or disregarding the matter as insignificant (or unrealistic).

I ran across several comments made by viewers of the show (or attempted viewers) who criticized its contents for promoting gang-related incidents or how it was with those typical ‘good girl likes bad guy’ type of plot. However, that was the most misconception ever made, especially in this case. Yu Hao (Dylan Kuo), Dan Li Jie/ Dan Zi  (Lan Cheng Long), and Yang Xun Qi/ Ah Qi (Michael Zhang) were never bad in the first place–not in the very beginning of the story. They never wanted to mean harm to society in general but they were outcasts and had become such because society had abandoned and/or neglected them. They came from poor backgrounds because of what happened with their families, causing their loss and how they lived life since. It was not like they had a choice that their parents died or left them. They had to rely on themselves and each other for support through all the years, plus doing what they thought was right to survive–when the society stared with disapproving eyes (while all that time no one cared to step forward and help lead their path to a more agreeable destination). They grew up without proper guidance but somehow turned out all right anyway. Bullying others and acting out through bizarre means were just their ways of coping with the situation and many obstacles thrown at them. And to even forget that they were orphans with no families. Yu Hao and Dan Zi were more polite and subtle on some levels versus Ah Qi (who chose to display his emotions and behaviors more freely toward others, not caring to be judged or punished for it).

They were responsible for their own actions after all, so why blame it on society, right? However, they still needed proper guidance after all. How old were they again when they lost their families? After so much exposure to such violence around them and the need for survival, it was just almost natural to follow suit or do whatever seen fit.  To turn heads on them and shove them further into the wall they’ve already been driven to by other factors was not the best solution either. (Ever heard of sweeping all the dust under the sofa/ furniture? Same concept. It won’t go away.) They never planned to join any gang-related organization because they knew of the dangers that came with it. They were only getting into enough trouble and they did not need more. However, they were tricked into joining the gang and thus becoming their tool for success and power.

Pei Yu Yan/ Xiao Yan Zi (Ady An) was taught to avoid those ‘bad guys’ and was brought up to be the most educated and respectful girl in the eyes of society. She avoided the gang of three like the plague and was very scared of them at the beginning–despite the fact that she accidentally and unknowingly saved their leader. She never would have thought to enter their world that was so different from hers. However, she learned of their good nature and crossed over to their side, not because of the dashing-looking guy, but because she finally understood them as kind human beings who were just living a not so fortunate life yet were often misunderstood by the society.

After Xiao Yan Zi ran off with Yu Hao, her life changed drastically and it began to dawn on her bit by bit of her new surroundings and turmoils she had to deal with daily. However, she learned to cope with it and adapted herself into Yu Hao’s dangerous world. Yes, she did cry at the beginning upon many tragic events happening surrounding her and to her, but she toughened up eventually. It would have been wiser (according to people playing by rules and those who were so perfect that they think it was the right thing to do) to run back to her parents and begged them for forgiveness. She did none of that but learned to live with the consequences that she’d bestowed upon herself.

There were many factors contributing to her runaway. It was not just love, but the thrive to experience. It had nothing to do with the whole idea of living it dangerously, but it was more like she was so sheltered in that all she’d done her life was learning to be perfect. It was not the best way to react to the overwhelming and/or suffocating feelings of being too sheltered. But it was a decision she made–even if it was not the best (like stated above). (I am not trying to blame her parents since they thought what was best for their daughter and worried about her future. I am just stating what could be the possible feelings that drove her to that point.) She wanted to live life and experience. She wanted to continue to be lively like how she’d been with the guys and spent time doing the most random things–and not cared so much for perfection anymore. (Ever try pouring water into a cup/ glass until it overflows? It was what happened in this case. Again, not blaming her parents, just giving an example to better relate to this situation.)

So to say that this was just another cheap attempt at controversial creations and trying to gain attention is far from the truth. Think about it. There were so many things in the drama that is yet to be explored.

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  1. Haha! Don’t trust me! I have really weird tastes sometimes that are not preferred by the general public.

    Thanks for leaving the comment all the same.

  2. I hadn’t heard of that drama before but I like gang-related series, or at least ones that have a bit of social realism in them. I must try to watch it soon!

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