Mei Ren Long Tang: Episode 14 – United Hearts

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

The final episode! Yeah, so happy I made it! It wasn’t that terrible or more like the previews were more misleading. Yet I felt this had been one interesting drama full of somewhat cliche formulas yet had risen above the typical with introducing some other twists. So anyway, more recounts.

As it were with Ren Mei tearfully trying to rouse Long Tai up while the others stood nearby. The heart monitor soon beeped to alert them so they all turned to take a look before Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie ran to call the doctors back. Though Long Tai was back on the radar, the doctor had said that he was in a coma now so they should prepare for the worst. As everyone was back into the morbid land, Long Shou Cheng was mumbling about how Heaven was trying to punish him. He said if so, then punish him instead of his son. That was also when Ah Xiang couldn’t take it anymore and rushed over to grab Tian He’s sleeve, saying that it was Tian He’s fault. Though she had been in a messed since Long Tai’s situation, Ren Mei was still able to break up the fight, trying to stop Ah Xiang from harming Tian He. She reasoned that Long Tai had saved him so Long Tai wouldn’t want to see him hurt, etc. Ah Xiang said that Tian He didn’t seem to care yet Ren Mei said the one suffering most at this point was Tian He. After she was done with settling the matter, she returned to Long Shou Cheng’s side, telling him that Long Tai will definitely wake up.

After assuring Long Shou Cheng, Ren Mei returned to Long Tai’s side, trying to talk to him. She said she knew that he probably was very tired hence not wanting to open his eyes and that it was okay since he should rest away. She went on by saying that they will be there to accompany him. But he has to promise her he would wake up after he was already well-rested. Upon hearing those words, everyone was moved to tears. Ren Mei wasn’t done, she made him pinky swear. Then she told him she would come to see him every day. As interesting as it got, Doctor Jin finally showed up.

Back on the Ren Hu front, he was on the phone talking to his agent again. Yet upon seeing Grandma Zhao, he placed on his halo and pretended that he wasn’t meddling into the so-called ‘buying stocks’ anymore. She was actually investigating the large sum of money disappearing.

At the hospital, Doctor Jin went outside with Long Shou Cheng to talk. He accidentally let it slip with how the twins were able to survive when they were inside their mother’s womb hence Long Tai would survive this time as well. The part about him assuring Long Shou Cheng wasn’t key though as important, but the part about some incident occurring in the past that had almost caused the twins’ life was news to Long Shou Cheng. Doctor Jin disclosed that he had promised Grandma Long not to say it out but now he thought there was no point in keeping secrets. Doctor Jin actually addressed Tian He when he began with his explanation. He told Tian He that he initially thought Tian He’s sickness was due to his suppressed anger toward his father and their strained relationship, but it wasn’t so. He knew now it was because of Tian He’s abandonment issues with his mother leaving him.

What Doctor Jin disclosed next was quite scary. Apparently, during the time when Long Tai and Tian He’s mother was pregnant with the twins, the doctor discovered a very scary matter. He actually was there to bring some medications for Grandma Long but had accidentally overheard her giving commands to someone to go and run over her daughter-in-law. Luckily, Mei Zhi Zi was able to dodge in time, considering how she was paying attention and was careful with where she was going. That brush with death had frightened her (obviously), but when she got home, Grandma Long was more than upset with her–seeing that she was still alive. Because of the twins’ safety, Mei Zhi Zi was willing to kneel and beg Grandma Long. In the end, Grandma Long obliged yet forced Mei Zhi Zi to make a very serious vow that she would never return to Long Tang again. When Mei Zhi Zi finally gave birth to the twins, Long Tai was so weak that if he couldn’t drink his mother’s milk, he wouldn’t survive so that was when Mei Zhi Zi decided to take him with her upon leaving. Doctor Jin was the one who took them to the airport. Afterward, Grandma Long found out of the matter and sent out people to search for them, wanting to snatch Long Tai back. Yet Doctor Jin begged Grandma Long to let them go, and when she finally agreed, she told him to never mention that incident to Tian He. After the recounts, Long Shou Cheng blurted out that he never knew about that. Doctor Jin continued on by telling Tian He that the previous generation’s conflict shouldn’t cause the current generation to suffer yet it had happened. He even told Tian He if his mother didn’t have to face those obstacles, she wouldn’t let go of him. And that was when Tian He realized he had spotted his mother’s well-wishing card for him in Japan. (Because he’d never learned of his mother’s name before. Whether it was because of his grandma hiding it from him or because of the misunderstandings that he didn’t care to know.) And the reason for Doctor Jin saying all these at the moment wasn’t to condemn Grandma Long just because she had already passed away and couldn’t defend herself, but it was because he honestly wanted to help Tian He let go of his hatred, and start over. It was then that Tian He broke down completely, crying for his mother.

That night, Tian He sneaked out of his room and went outside to watch the moon. Or more like he was looking up toward Heaven, yelling out why his grandma had lied to him. He even asked how long did the grandma plan for him to hate his mother. Since he was already rolling with questions, he pondered why she loved him so much yet had sown such hatred within him, causing him to hurt Long Tai like that. He finally acknowledged Long Tai as his brother. After that little frustration vent, Tian He returned to see Ren Mei fast asleep by Long Tai’s bedside. Thinking a bit, he left the room again, shutting the door behind him.

Ren Mei woke up the next morning, telling Long Tai about her strange dream. She said that he finally awakened and was able to joke around with her. She soon broke down again, telling him not to mess with her anymore, telling him to wake up. She was interrupted by her phone ringing and she had to go outside to pick it up. After talking with Lao Zhang and assuring him she was all right, they hung up. Yet she immediately spotted Tian He standing nearby. He was still standing there since last night.

Ren Mei stepped over to ask him why he hadn’t gone home yet. He responded by saying that he’d caused his brother to land in such a situation so how could he leave. Ren Mei, not offended by Tian He’s typical word choices, smiled and said that if Long Tai knew that Tian He already acknowledged him, he would be very happy. Some silence passed between them before Tian He stood upright again and took a step forward, uttering out his words of gratitude toward Ren Mei. She was confused and asked him what for–to which he said it was for how she had spoken up for him in front of everyone yesterday. He went on to thank her for not hating him when Long Tai was hurt. Ren Mei pointed out that because Tian He was Long Tai’s only brother. She knew Long Tai wouldn’t want them to hate Tian He. He then told her to return home first since she hadn’t been home since yesterday. And he assured her he would be there to look after Long Tai. He also told Ren Mei that she should resurrect her health and be there when Long Tai woke up, telling her to not give up.

More time passed. The others returned to the hospital to find Tian He talking to Long Tai, trying to rouse him up. Tian He was saying how he had many questions to ask Long Tai about their mother, and if Long Tai wanted to know about his story with “Lao Tou”, he had to be prepared. (LOL! He also called his old man “Lao Tou”? Or was it because he had heard Long Tai call their old man that previously?) Since he already started, he even poured out his heart to Long Tai–with how if he could start over, he wouldn’t waste time sparring with their father, and that he would be a filial child. He continued by saying that since little, he was really envious of others having siblings yet he didn’t. Now that he finally had a brother, he begged Long Tai to wake up so he could be a good older brother. That was when Long Shou Cheng shut the door, letting the twins be.

As Tian He was on a break and went to fetch some water, he discovered via news that Ren Hu had acquired Long Tang. By his side was the head of the town, even saying a few words of greeting and invited them to join in (i.e. supporting the businesses). Tian He knew his initial suspicion of the head of the town was correct. While he was still thinking of the matter, Ah Xiang and Ah Lun spoke up to mock him upon seeing him. He stopped them from leaving, saying that he knew they were still upset yet he told them he wanted to get Long Tang back so were they interested in helping him.

So that led to this scene. Ah Xiang and Ah Lun pretended to resort to their old “jobs” and cornered the head of the town to extract some information. The head of the town thought that they were robbers so he willingly retrieved his money to hand it up in exchange for his safety. Yet Ah Xiang and Ah Lun said that they didn’t need money, only wanted his life. They mentioned how “the boss” had said he (the head of the town) was no longer needed so they were told to off him. It was indeed a clever plan from Tian He. It was useless to tell him to say it out. Rather, just say it like that to rattle him and then he would provide more useful information. It was when the head of the town provided Ren Hu’s identity as the person behind it all that Tian He stepped out from somewhere. The head of the town then yelled for Tian He’s help, but Ah Xiang and Ah Lun had stepped back and pulled their handkerchiefs down to reveal their faces. The head of the town was still able to scold at them for scaring him and messing with him like that. Tian He finally spoke up to recap his suspicion. It was until then that the other person shut up.

Back at the hospital, Tian He told Ren Mei about her brother’s misdeeds. She, of course, couldn’t believe that her brother was that despicable. He might be petty to others and cruel to her but never despicable–or so it seemed. Yet Tian He soon persuaded her to go find some evidence. When she was around searching in her brother’s office, she found the map that her brother had previously drawn out as a new project to renovate Long Tang, and even changing its name. Just when she was studying the map further, her brother’s cell phone rang. She was about to pick up the phone to check who was calling yet realized her brother was coming back. She soon hid behind the curtains in time to eavesdrop on her brother’s conversation with someone. It was his agent and Ren Mei had heard it all. After Ren Hu left, Ren Mei returned to search for evidence. She found a business card, but it was enough info for Tian He to do research on.

Tian He had another trap in place. He wanted Ren Mei to go pose as a rich possible client so Ren Hu’s agent would approach her. (Um, she was already rich but she wasn’t that showy with her attires previously.) What Tian He wanted to do next was set a trap for Ren Hu via the stocks, not tatter-telling to Grandma Zhao of Ren Hu’s misdeeds. Yet that was what he told Ah Pan Jie and Lao Tu, not what he told Ren Mei. At least not yet.

So the day finally came when Ren Hu went ballistic after watching the news and realizing what had happened with the stocks. And what he learned next cranked his attitude up tenfold. Grandma Zhao scolded him for lying to her about not playing in the stocks anymore. She also said lucky Ren Mei brought Tian He over to tell her about it. Yup, that was when Ren Hu went insane, asking Ren Mei why she was helping outsiders and if she still acknowledged him as her brother. Ren Mei said because he was her brother, she had to interfere before it was too late. Yet Ren Hu told her to bug off hence him receiving a slap from Grandma Zhao. Even Ren Mei was shocked by the situation. Grandma Zhao said that Ren Hu had disappointed her. He, still couldn’t believe what was going on, asked her why she blamed him since everything he did was for the Zhao family. He even told her that he finally take back their “Long Tang”. Yet Grandma Zhao, seeming to be confused, asked him why he would do that since their businesses didn’t have any relations. He didn’t get it either, so he reminded her of what she told him when he was little (aka the conversation about how Long Tang’s location was actually theirs). OMG, he wasn’t the only one stumped! (I was too! Honestly, seriously, really?) What Grandma Zhao said that year was just random blurts since she was mad at the Long family. That was when Grandma Zhao realized the impact of her words and it was her fault that Ren Hu had become like so.

It was also around then that Tian He appeared and told Grandma Zhao not to blame herself too much. He then turned to Ren Hu, saying if Ren Hu wanted to find someone to vent, just take it out on him. He soon explained of how he’d asked Ren Mei to take him to see Grandma Zhao, considering how he knew Ren Hu wouldn’t listen to him. After recounting of the events, Tian He told Ren Hu as long as Ren Hu returned Long Tang to them, they would take care of Xiao Xiang’s money later. Ren Hu scolded Tian He, telling Tian He he didn’t have the right to teach him what to do. Tian He told Ren Hu it was okay that Ren Hu didn’t want to listen to him, but he said their past grudges might as well end there. Ren Hu, feeling amused, said that he wasn’t falling for Tian He’s traps anymore. Yet Grandma Zhao soon interfered, saying that Tian He had saved their family this time so it was only right that Ren Hu returned Long Tang to the Long family. (What she meant was since Tian He informed her of what happened, she already called to stop Ren Hu’s stocks hence the lost he assumed he lost wasn’t so.) The disaster had been avoided, but what about Ren Hu now?

Tian He returned to their current habitat with a serious expression, causing nervousness all around as Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie asked for the result. He took his precious time to muster up an answer. Yet in the end, he told them they could all return home now. Ah Pan Jie and Lao Tu were more than happy. They jumped up and down–and even ended up hugging each other. Upon realizing what was happening, they soon separated and had a staredown. But they soon recovered and went to pack. As for Tian He, his old man was finally uttering out concerns for him, saying it had been hard for him. He was really being acknowledged and be a person who his old man could be proud of.

As for Long Tai, he was still unconscious. Ren Mei came to visit him and told him of the latest developments, especially how the others were able to return to Long Tang already. It was also around then that Tian He entered to check on Long Tai. After asking about Long Tai’s progress, Tian He rattled out an apology to Ren Mei.

Confused, Ren Mei asked him why. He finally reached into his pocket and retrieved Ren Mei’s necklace. He clarified that the person that night meeting up with her wasn’t Long Tai but him. Upon learning of the truth version, Ren Mei chided him for having gone WAY overboard. He told her he never knew what love was since little, and that he had no right to like her. Yet he was able to see that Long Tai really loved her–and that the most torturous thing of having assumed Tian He’s identity was how he had fallen for Ren Mei but wasn’t able to say it out. Tian He repeated of his apology toward Ren Mei before telling her to give the necklace to Long Tai.

Having retrieved the necklace from Tian He already, Ren Mei returned to Long Tai’s side, asking him to wake up. She wanted to hear it from him that he liked her. Indeed, Long Tai was actually fighting between staying and leaving at the moment. He finally remembered what his mother’s wish was (for him to find his own happiness) and returned to them. Tian He discovered it first with Long Tai’s hand moving, because Ren Mei was already hysterical, having her head on his shoulder. It wasn’t until Tian He called out his name that Ren Mei realized what was going on and straightened up to check on him. She told him it was good that he awakened already, and said she would go call the doctor. He said there was no need. She took his mask off so that he could talk better. He apologized for making her worry yet she said it was all right since he was already back. Long Tai was somewhat surprised that Tian He was welcoming him back but he was more than glad.

So later when Tian He returned to the hospital, he dropped off Long Tai’s food before leaving. Yet Long Tai called him back, asking why Tian He didn’t call him. Tian He said he didn’t want to disrupt Long Tai. But Long Tai wasn’t able to sleep anyway. So they ended up sneaking out to watch the stars and talked about their mother. Afterward, they ended up wishing upon the star (lol). Considering how Long Tai said that was what their mother would do after seeing a shooting star so both brothers did just that before returning to Long Tai’s room to chat some more–with Tian He camping there. Along the way, Long Tai even sang the song their mother used to sing for Tian He. (Mike got to do some singing in Japanese. Or was that him? Can’t tell really since I’ve never heard him sing before.)

The day that Tian He wheeled Long Tai back to Long Tang was also the day that Xiao Xiang returned. Only Ah Xiang spoke up to ask where she’d gone to since they were all searching for her. She apologized for being a coward and ran like that, but she was really confused when it occurred hence wanting to hide. Long Shou Cheng spoke up to say that no one blamed her since it was already over, telling her to open her shop again and make a new start. Though Long Shou Cheng said “no one blamed her” but Lao Tu’s glare was already too obvious.

Then they were able to sit down and get a good taste of Long Tai’s delicacies again. Well, this time it was the special dish that his mother taught him before she passed away. Even Tian He praised Long Tai’s skill after taste-testing it. Yet he wasn’t all about praises either, pointing out that the fish was a tad too old. Ah Pan Jie and Lao Tu said that leave it up to Tian He to find faults. They were joking of course. Tian He wasn’t offended. He said if he didn’t do that, how could there be improvements? Considering how Ah Pan Jie and Lao Tu were always praising Long Tai. (What he said was true. They would have to impress the guests, not just those within the household.) Tian He continued by saying he was in charge of management from now on and the kitchen would be Long Tai’s responsibility. Yet Long Tai’s expression changed. Long Shou Cheng asked if Long Tai didn’t want to stay and still planned to return to Japan. While everyone was waiting for his response, Long Tai’s cell phone rang. It was Wen Zi’s father, asking Long Tai when he was returning. It was hard for Long Tai to turn the man down since he did take care of him and his mother in the past all these years. Long Shou Cheng was disappointed that Long Tai couldn’t stay. Long Tai told him that he was sure Tian He would do fine with managing the place–and said that it wasn’t like he wasn’t coming back. He only wanted to help Wen Zi’s father with the fish market.

OMG, how could it be like that? Apparently, Long Tai received a call from Grandma Zhao, telling him about something. He soon went out to search for Ren Mei. She was more than happy to see him. He stopped beating around the bushes (for once) and told her that he couldn’t stay since he had to return to Japan to help Wen Zi’s father. She asked him what would she do if he was gone. He told her to go to the U.S. (The phone call from Grandma Zhao had disclosed of Ren Mei’s opportunity to go to the U.S. for ballet dancing.) (And the reason for my outcry was because how similar it was with some themes about the main leads separating near the end and then promising to return later to meet up again, etc.) Back to the story again, Long Tai was saying how Ren Mei shouldn’t let go of her dream just because of him.

So as Long Tai was making his way back into town and witnessing things turning back to normal all around, he spotted Ren Hu walking up to him. Long Tai thanked him for returning Long Tang to them. Ren Hu said that he wasn’t done with the competition between him and Tian He yet. However, Long Tai wasn’t upset. He just laughed it off and wished them luck. After that little side snipe, Long Tai revealed that Wen Zi was actually in love with Ren Hu yet she couldn’t accept it that he was doing all those things to hurt Long Tang hence leaving. Ren Hu, upon hearing those words, was beyond happy. He thought that it was just his one-sided wishing all along. Ren Hu then told Long Tai to pass the words onto Wen Zi that she hadn’t loved the wrong person. (Was that signaling that he was going to turn a new leaf now?) Yup, he said he won’t let her down.

Then they were finally able to witness the tree blossoming! Yay! Long Tai was silently telling his mother of their current situation again, saying that he finally fulfilled her wish. Every one of their family was present and united once again. It was also a good time for Lao Tu to snap a picture to record the event.

That night as Long Tai was packing, Tian He entered to ask him what time he had to be at the airport tomorrow. Long Tai reminded Tian He he didn’t want anyone to send him off–or he would end up crying at the airport. He even said that it wasn’t like he wasn’t coming back. Then he took his necklace off, stating that it was the Long family’s remnant so it belonged to Tian He. (On the necklace was also a ring, Long Tai probably meant the ring being the remnant.) Tian He stated that Long Tang was theirs so Long Tai should keep it. Yet Long Tai said that Tian He should keep it safe and wait for his return. It was then that they shared a brotherly hug before Tian He took the necklace for safe-keeping.

At the Zhao resident, Ren Mei was seen in her room packing also, getting ready for the upcoming trip. She was ruptured out of her thoughts because someone knocked on her door. It was her brother coming in to give her some spending money. Ren Mei, surprised, pushed the packet back to him, stating she didn’t need it. Yet he insisted, stating that she should be prepared when she was living away from home. He even promised to send her more if it wasn’t enough. She realized how sincere her brother was so she finally took it, thanking him. He went on to tell her to be careful since she was by herself for the upcoming trip. She nodded. Ren Hu then turned to leave, but he soon spoke up again. He confessed to Ren Mei that he was the one who had caused their parents’ deaths. (What? They squeezed this in at the last minute? Like seriously?) Anyway, Ren Hu said that after that spat with their father, he decided to go up in the mountains to investigate the location of Long Tang and its landscape. Coincidentally, Ren Mei said she wanted to go pick some flowers so he went with that. So that day he claimed that it was Ren Mei’s fault with wanting to go pick flowers but it was his fault because he wanted to go check out the place, and their father was actually looking for him hence encountering the accident. He didn’t know how to face his guilt all these years hence blaming it on Ren Mei. After the recounts, he apologized to Ren Mei again for having caused her grief all these years. It was also then that Grandma Zhao entered the room, having heard the story already. She blamed herself for all the incidents that had occurred in the past leading up to all the tragedies of the present as well. Anyway, she was saying how she had thought it was because Ren Mei and Ren Hu’s father was picking their mother up from the ballet dancing place that he ended up in the accident hence hating ballet even more and didn’t allow Ren Mei to pursue that dream. Upon realizing it was because of her that the siblings lost their parents, Grandma Zhao apologized to them both. Yet Ren Mei hugged her, telling her not to say it anymore. She said if her parents were to know, they wouldn’t want them to be like that, so she suggested they start over anew. Ren Hu soon stepped over to hug the other two as well.

As Ren Hu sent his sister off to the airport, they were stopped by sets of motorcycles. It was none other than the people from Long Tang. They wanted to say goodbye to Ren Mei. Lao Tu gave Ren Mei a letter from Long Tai before the others disclosing about Long Tai’s departure already. When she was at the airport, she quickly opened Long Tai’s letter.

And it seemed like Ren Hu was really turning a new leaf, promising a new start. Because he was able to work hard yet wasn’t competing so fiercely with Long Tang anymore. He was also willing to help Lao Zhang with transporting guests’ luggage and all. Grandma Zhao was more reassured at that point, showing her proud expression. Her true proud expression, that was.

As for Tian He, he was also quite hardworking. He wrote to Long Tai from time to time, asking when Long Tai would be returning since the place felt empty without Long Tai. He also informed Long Tai of the various happenings around Long Tang. Tian He finally revealed his wish that night he made when they witnessed the shooting star. He had wished that Long Tai and Ren Mei would always be immersed in happiness.

What about Long Tai? He was back in Japan and eased right into the fish market’s environment just like before. What was interesting was how someone had brought over a magazine for him to see. It was a book with ballet dancing coverage of some sort. And of course, Ren Mei was seen inside. Perhaps that was why the little girl brought the magazine over for him to see? Then he was seen at a tree, hanging up a blessing for Ren Mei. As he stood back after hanging the paper up, his sharp ears were able to pick up on a certain someone approaching. He turned to see…

Who else but Ren Mei? He asked her why she was there, considering how a year hadn’t passed yet. She said the performance ended early, and she wanted to see him so she came. He wondered if he was dreaming. She told him that she wasn’t going to return home. Shocked, he asked her why. She said that previously he’d helped her complete her ballet dancing dream, now her current dream was to always stay by his side. After saying that, she tossed something toward him. It was her necklace with the pair of ballet shoes.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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