Mei Ren Long Tang: Episode 4 – Persistence

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Long Tai returned home already from the way it was shown. Though he was still recovering from the last fit, someone was already knocking on his door so early in the morning. It was none other than our cute protagonist bringing food for him. Not only that but she acted so caring that led him to ponder about matters. She was just making up for her past ‘mischief’, lol.

And they were back at it again, lol. She didn’t realize she had placed the chair at a a careless angle so he had to balance it out. She had no idea so he resorted to his mean words again. It was so funny and cute at the same time that he was trying so hard to hang on until she left before scolding her.

OMG, I couldn’t stop laughing for five straight minutes. Okay, that was exaggerating BUT that was so funny that we found out Ren Mei’s scared of rats and thinking that Long Tai will come to the rescue (aka hero saving beauty scene) YET he was also scared of rats. (And then I got carried away with thinking if it would be a twins thing.)

The comedy had to subside to make way for the little explanation behind Ren Mei and Ren Hu’s parents’ deaths. It explained a lot more into why Ren Hu hated his sister so much thus far. (It still didn’t make it right for him to blame her though, but it shed some light onto his attitude toward her.) Also, possibly why Ren Mei’s self-esteem was dropping so much and eventually having the only outlet of indulging herself with food.

So Long Tai accidentally got locked in the storage room because the wind blew the door shut, locking it in the process. As Ah Pan Jie was reporting of her unsuccessful process of finding Tian He, she then went into pondering about Tian He’s strange behavior and how he wasn’t himself since he returned from Japan. Even Lao Tu was having a say, causing their boss to get all panicky. (Nice?) But then Ah Pan Jie’s ghost theory reassured Long Shou Cheng once again, lol. Those were indeed wild theories.

Long Tai was finally freed after Ren Mei came to the rescue! Well, she didn’t know since she was just transferring supplies to the room. Funny that they had to bicker again. At least he was kind of snarky with his response to her.

I spoke too soon about freedom since they have to waste time and lost the chance of escaping, lol. He was too late so couldn’t stop the door from swinging shut once more. (Thanks to the wind.) He had no choice but to help her rearrange the items, lol. While she tried her luck on the door–that was. Or just sit there and wait for the next person to come by. IF only when.

Still locked in. Ren Mei apparently gave up on trying to breakdown the door. And didn’t bother to yell anymore. Not after how Long Tai had scolded her for being noisy. (Long Tai to Ren Mei: “Since when did you exude such confidence? You’re not even the slightest bit small.” OUCH! But yeah…) She didn’t mean it literally! Anyway, awww…her self-esteem. But it was hard to blame after all that had happened to her. AND that was so off! She forgot she brought her cell phone with her. Too bad no signal, lol. Well, he have to try OR they’ll be locked in for a loooonnnngggg time.

And exaggerating much? I thought Lao Tu isn’t afraid of ghosts! OR he was claiming it was nonsense! But they misunderstood big time! (After they came to realize there was no ghost present.)

After recovering from one of his most traumatizing moments of his life (and possibly most embarrassing too), Long Tai overheard Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie’s conversation hence knowing about the hot spring’s financial situation. They definitely have to cut back and save money.

Which led to Lao Tu going to the spring to catch some fishes and ended up running into some bullies. They were unfruitful with extracting money from him. Yet Long Tai soon taught them a lesson after Lao Tu was out of sight. Of course he had to sneak fight or he would be found out of his identity, considering how it was already a push that Tian He was able to exert so much energy since his return (and supposedly just recovering right now). It would be too suspicious if he was such a good fighter too. After the fight, he went back to the spring and caught some fishes himself. (It was almost too easy, considering his previous occupation.)

Long Tai brought home his catch of the day yet he wasn’t able to brag about it because he had to protect his identity once again. His excuse was saying how someone had given it to him. But then the conversation scurried its way toward the income situation and how it had nothing to do with Ren Mei’s appetite–though both Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie might as well be talking about her, lol. Well, they ended up exposing one another but yeah…

Having to temporarily forget their current financial problems, they had to attend one of the Zhao family’s events. Mostly because the town’s head had personally invited them. Wouldn’t want to outright disregard him. Not to mention Ren Mei sort of persuaded them to help support her family’s event. Zhao Ren Hu’s bluff didn’t come out well since the guest he invited to attend the event had been in a car accident so the man was at the hospital at the moment. It was interesting how things turned out. I have a guess who the guest is, but won’t say it until later. Surely, Ren Hu would’ve been prepared than that? He should waited until the man was there to even announce or arrange such a gathering.

DARN, misunderstanding. I take back the bit of sympathy I have for Grandma Zhao. She didn’t let Ren Mei explain, just went with her assumptions. Okay, so Ren Mei have that dream of becoming a dancer, that was true. But she was assuming the whole situation away for this case, thinking the reason Ren Mei wasn’t around at the event was because of her daydream.

And Ren Hu so brought this one on himself. So he couldn’t blame others for mocking him. And it just have to be up to Long Tai to save the day. Perhaps, he was feeling bad for the Zhao family or because of Ren Mei that he helped them. Yet, of course, Ren Hu won’t thank him for it. Far from it. He probably thought Long Tai was just trying to show off and up him one.

And they celebrated at home. Or more like Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie were trying to worship Long Tai at the moment. YUP, they were thinking how their place would improve with more business pouring in after Long Tai’s extraordinary performance at the event.

Seriously? After you practically begged him to stay, you’re going to protect your reputation and try to drive him away again? OMG, I was so deceived. I thought the father was so regretful of the past that he was trying hard to convince Long Tai to stay, etc. YET he has other hidden agenda, wanting Long Tai to act as Tian He while Tian He was away. And wanting Long Tai to leave afterward? Nice, disposing of him after usage. (AND I finally discovered why Mike’s voice is kind of weird when he’s Long Tai because it was supposedly that way. Because as Tian He, his voice perceived a different feeling. A nice touch.)

Dinner came as one hectic meal. Long Tai’s outburst and departure was already a mystery to Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie. Though they had opted for Long Tai being tired from the day’s events. Yet what about Ren Mei? They had no idea. Looking at Long Shou Cheng made me even more frustrated and couldn’t even sympathize with his logic at all. So he’s going to have to work really hard to earn Long Tai’s trust or care in the future.

The most reassuring part about the whole thing was Ren Mei got her answer as to whether her mother’s friend had remembered her. She received a letter from the lady and really wanted to meet up. Yet what troubled Ren Mei at that moment was her current state and how she was going to face the auntie she really wanted to meet up with again, knowing the chance was going to even more rare in the future if she didn’t take it now.

So after the talk with Long Shou Cheng, Ren Mei was determined to go forward with her diet plan. She was indeed determined all right because she had written all the mantra and posted ’em up around her room.

After all that fuss, they were still able to sit down and eat together? I meant the others could, but had Long Tai calmed down and not care anymore? I guess he have to eat and all. But poor Ren Mei had to stick to her mantra. It was funny how Long Tai thought she was staring at him and not the food, lol. OR he looked like it, lol. BUT that was kind of messed up though, Long Tai took Ren Mei’s drumsticks after she left? Well, he wouldn’t want to waste food but it was still kind of sad.

The next day, Ren Mei’s exercise was short-lived though she was still serious about losing weight. She worked so hard that Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie were so worried, especially when she hadn’t eaten at all for a day now. Because she was so determined, they couldn’t stop her from overworking herself.

The result? Yup, it wasn’t about eating or not. She needs a better program than just starving herself like that. She had fainted after overworking herself thus Long Tai had to get help. He collapsed, just like that one time. Yet I was wondering why he didn’t run for help aka calling it in first before trying to carry her himself. (OY…)

And another misunderstanding as Ren Mei wasn’t able to explain. Honestly, when would Grandma Zhao stop jumping into people’s mouth? That was the end of the episode so have to wait and see.

Rating went up slightly for this episode but still a shame that it couldn’t go up faster. Still enjoyable and at the right pace.

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