Meng Xiang by Zhao Jun Ya

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This was, of course, one of Rookies’ Diary soundtrack. My favorite song of all the songs from the soundtrack–as I mentioned previously in the review post.

A very inspirational song with Zhao Jun Ya’s powerful voice. I wonder if he sounded the same live BUT anyway, I liked his voice since listening to the song. He has a powerful voice when talking too. But there’s always a difference between talking and singing, so…yeah… Though I found a live version of the song and it’s consistent enough, the feedback’s kind of strong. It’s good enough for me.

Anyway, I liked how the MV’s shot also. Maybe because I’m a fan of seeing some sort of story–even if just subtle. And the nice night scenes as well. So placid, soothing. Yet sometimes could bring upon feelings of loneliness.

But then again, since it looked so bright, it gave off a very lively feeling as well?

I guess the MV achieved its effect for the theme of the song then. Random post here, but that’s me. (Go here for lyrics translation.)

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