Mi Hun Ji

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If I did not know better, I would’ve thought that this song was written for Jacky. Honestly, there are a lot of similarities. Usually when I listen to this song, I would think of that more than actually associating it to the drama since I learned of this song first as a 183 Club fan and not the drama’s fan. (I won’t say much about the drama because of its irrelevancy to the topic I’m going to discuss.) The lyrics of the song are just too familiar and if the words are altered a bit, then it’s just perfect for him. Parties? Enticing trick? And let’s see, couldn’t care less if the world were to fall? (Sounds rebellious enough. Not to mention I think he does have this power to lure you in and like him without knowing why. He’s that evil! Okay, more like it is his voice and presence.) Those who followed his news or know of what happened would agree to some degree–if you would get what I mean first, lol.

After so much support and encouragement from family, friends, and possibly fans, I think he finally found the courage to strive on again. This is just a random post I want to share just to fill the day because it is his birthday after all. Hopefully, we will witness a continuance of positive changes throughout this year coming from Young Master Chu.

Happy birthday, Jake!

*Forgive me for using the layout from two years ago with a slight difference with the updated date and text–for relevancy purpose.

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2 thoughts on “Mi Hun Ji

  1. I have to admit “Jake” has really not put a foot wrong. He has stayed completely away from marijuana, he has come up with a new image that is still very cool but not ‘evil’ as you said, DTLCT, and he has done some volunteer work even before he helped with the Morakot clean-up.
    He’s singing very well on variety shows but I wish he would record something soon. His loyal fans have been waiting for a long time.

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