Miss Hong Kong 1993: Part II

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Okay, here’s the list of the top 12 once again:

#13.  Kenix Kwok Ho Ying (郭可盈)
#11. Teresa Mak Ka Kei (麥家琪)
#6. Marianne Chan Miu Ying (陳妙瑛)
#1. May Lam Lai Mei (林麗薇)
#9. Middy Yu Siu Po (余少寶)
#18. Claudia Chan Ho Yin (陳皓妍)
#7. Divina Lau Hoi Ling (劉海靈)
#20. Christina Lau Fei-Fei (劉飛飛)
#8. Rachel Tang Lai Man (鄧麗文)
#15. Mickie Ng Miu Yee (吳)
#17. Cicely Ma Man Yee (馬敏怡)
#14.  Mok Hoi Yan (莫可欣)

Each year they have a theme so what was 1993’s theme? Those ancient times when the gods were still roaming the world, lol. They made it that way. All twelve contestants were posing as princesses while Sandra Ng was their mother aka the Queen. The opening scene was where they introduced–or more like re-introduced–the contestants to the audience and let each asked Eric a question. I guess it was trying to show their clever side based upon the questions they were asking. The following are the questions, Eric’s answers, and the actual answers:

#1. May Lam Lai Mei (林麗薇)
Question: Why do short people have the most advantages?
Sandra jumped in: It wouldn’t hurt as much if you fall down.
Eric’s Answer: If you see gold on the ground, you would pick it up a lot faster.
Actual Answer: Because when other people talk to you, they have to bow their heads down, indicating that they respect you.

#6. Marianne Chan Miu Ying (陳妙瑛)
Question: What’s the difference between wife and girlfriend?
Eric’s Answer: You only have to give your wife money once a month versus having to give your girlfriend money each time you go out.
Actual Answer: The wife is always the same but the girlfriend doesn’t have to be the same one.

#7. Divina Lau Hoi Ling (劉海靈)
Question: Who in this world has not become a father yet but have to be the grandfather already?
Eric’s Answer: Actors.
Actual Answer: Eunuch.

#8. Rachel Tang Lai Man (鄧麗文)
Question: Why do dead people have to close their eyes?
Eric’s Answer: So other people would know that that person is already dead.
Actual Answer:  If not, it would scare other people to death as well.

#9. Middy Yu Siu Po (余少寶)
Question: Why do people have to get married?
Eric’s Answer: Because they… (can’t hear his answer clearly)
Actual Answer: Because people will go through times when they’re not that right in the mind. (.i.e. being blind/dumb)

#11. Teresa Mak Ka Kei (麥家琪)
Question: Why is it that people are born with two eyes, two ears, etc but are only born with one mouth?
Eric’s Answer: Because it’s already decided by the creator or it would look too weird if someone has two mouths.
Actual Answer: Because the creator hates nosy people so he only allows for one mouth.

#13.  Kenix Kwok Ho Ying (郭可盈)
Question: What is a woman called if she doesn’t know how to cook?
Eric’s Answer: Contestant #13 of Miss Hong Kong.
Actual Answer: She would still be a woman.

#14.  Mok Hoi Yan (莫可欣)
Question: What’s the first thing Philip does when he wakes up?
Eric’s Answer: Oh, he would tell the person next to him that, “I forgot your name already. Could you please leave your phone number and I’ll get back to you later?”
Actual Answer: I’m not Philip, how would I know?
(Me: What? I don’t get it! If she’s not Philip, how would she know it’s wrong?)

#15. Mickie Ng Miu Yee (吳)
Question: One day, Philip saw a piece of gold lying on the ground, but he just ignored it and left. Why?
Eric’s Answer: Because he wasn’t paying attention to the piece of gold lying on the ground, but only saw the group of gathering women up ahead.
Actual Answer: Because he’s a dog.
(Me: That was uncalled for! What the heck? Either she got arrogant after the last round OR Philip had offended her somehow.)

#17. Cicely Ma Man Yee (馬敏怡)
Question: Watersnake, regular snake, and cobra–which one is longer?
Eric’s Answer: Watersnake.
Actual Answer: Cobra because it has three words.
(Me: Only works in Chinese and Vietnamese.)

#18. Claudia Chan Ho Yin (陳皓妍)
Question: Why is it that someone is able to separate red beans and green beans that were mixed together just in seconds?
Eric’s Answer: Put the labels ‘red beans’ and ‘green beans’ on there so it’s easy to separate.
Actual Answer: Because there was only one bean each.

#20. Christina Lau Fei-Fei (劉飛飛)
Question: In what situation can’t you come to the door and open it up when someone kept knocking?
Eric’s Answer: When you’re in the restroom.
Actual Answer: When you’re in prison.

Out of all the questions, I liked Teresa and Cicely’s the most. They were witty.

The next part was probably my favorite of the night since they were introducing the seven gods that they invited to teach the princesses different talents. Since that was the appearance of Jacky, Aaron, Sally, Sandy, Hacken, and the others. After they were introduced, they performed their hit songs and the princesses got to show off their talents. This was just a short performance each to get us into the mood. They will get longer performances later. It was funny how they had to give feedback and it looked like they were struggling to find compliments for all the ‘princesses’, lol. Poor all of them! Sally and Sandy were handling it better than the guys, lol. Possibly they were afraid of rumors. Except for Mr. Kwok who thought it was funny (or it seemed) to call the princesses his #7 and 8. OKAY! That was funny still.

Individual performances? Jacky and Aaron were up first and it was funny how Aaron kept wanting to talk but Sandra directed the microphone to Jacky first. AND Jacky was really polite and let Aaron talk first. (These two are my favorites so it was funny seeing them at it like that, lol.) Then the next set was Hacken and this one band (which I can’t seem to remember) but it was equally funny since they were at odds. And they stopped the entertainment part for a bit to get to the questioning parts once more. I sometimes ponder why Teresa didn’t get in because her answers were really clever. (Or was that TVB’s attempt to lure in those with potential in the acting department? Since Kenix didn’t get in either. She was in the top 5 but still…) They resumed the entertainment part with Sally and Sandy (of course).

Another favorite part was the part where they were having the thank you festival aka the queen was throwing a party to thank all the gods for teaching her daughters. Since all the singers joined together to sing, etc. The funniest part was having the giant peach out and the gods were fighting over it. Jacky was taking Aaron’s side while Sally was rooting for Sandy. Hacken was rooting for Sandy also. It was funny that Hacken and the other band started it! YET they had to go for help to stop the other four’s battle. Aaron versus Sandy! They were singing that one song from The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1983. The main theme for the third part to be exact. That was funny how Jacky was defending Aaron to death! He had to challenge the others and Sally took it.

So after that whole excitement, the twelve contestants were dressed in normal clothes again (aka modern attires). Traditional long dresses to be exact. It was time to announce the top 5. But they had to announce Miss Friendship (aka Miss Congeniality) first. #20 and I totally agreed. She was really sweet and her aura projected that of someone friendly.

Top 5 as announced: #6, #14, #13, #1, and #9

I thought Teresa should’ve been in instead of #9. BUT oh well. What was that with #9 guessing that white and red were not human skin colors? OKAY…

I am starting to believe the conspiracy theory more than ever–with not letting the more talented ones win. Not that I don’t agree with the winner but they didn’t pick the best ones at times for the top 5. I especially liked #1 in this round and thought that May was brilliant and have a good memory. #14 was also quite knowledgeable.

After the last round of questioning, the hosts decided to prank the contestants. NOT really but the top 5 were asked to write down who they think would get the three spots. May Lam wrote down Kenix for second place while Marianne would get third. She put herself as #1–which was an honest answer. Marianne wrote herself as third, 9 as the second, and May as first. #9 wrote herself as second while May and Marianne were first and third respectively. Eric commented that May probably took them out for late-night meals, LOL! Kenix wrote #14 as first, May as second and herself as third. Then #14 wrote Kenix first, #9 second, and herself third. Kenix was right for the most part!

Anyway, although there were some questions about #9, I guess the rest seemed to make sense. I was actually satisfied with the result and thought it was one entertaining year–at least they tried to make the best of it.

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4 thoughts on “Miss Hong Kong 1993: Part II

  1. I know I took forever to post it up but was looking for some other posts as cushions so it wouldn’t be repetitive on some topics, LOL.
    Anyway, yup, it was really worth watching the parts were the 7 of them are fighting over the giant peach.
    I looked both bands up while I was watching and nope, it wasn’t them. I think I had some old songs of them somewhere on tape too but don’t want to dig it out to see the actual Chinese characters. But there were only 2 of them.
    Agreed 200% that the MHK criteria and goal have definitely changed over the years. The upcoming parts will tell you how interested I am in watching, LOL. Which of course would be more waiting for you since I need cushion posts again. But no worries. You’ll live, LOL.

  2. Yay!!! Thanks for part 2 (I was really looking forward to it).
    First of all, thanks for recapping the Top 12, as I had pretty much forgotten already from the previous post (my bad memory again…lol). That first question and answer segment was absolutely hilarious — especially Eric’s answers, which were pretty much done for comic relief..the ‘real’ answers were still pretty clever though (btw, Philip is a horse, not a dog…lol).
    In terms of the performances: ok, I’ve DEFINITELY got to dig my MHK tapes back up and re-watch this particular year, especially with Jacky as guest — plus I like Sally, Sandy, Hacken, and Aaron as well, so I am sure it will be quite entertaining for me (btw..could the ‘band’ you mentioned possibly be Beyond? or perhaps 太極? — there weren’t that many popular bands back then, so I’m assuming it’s one of those…how many people were in the band?…curious now).
    And the ‘fighting over the peach’ part? Awww, I can just see Jacky doing just as you described and how cute he must look…he has done alot of collaborations with both Sally and Sandy (those were two of my favorite female singers from the 80s/90s) so I’m sure there was alot of great chemistry during that segment!
    As for the pageant itself and the winners — I think it was starting in the year 1993 that I started believing in the conspiracy theory because if you look at the winners that year as well as all the subsequent years, they definitely did not live up to the standards of those who came before them — and I agree that TVB stopped picking the ‘best ones’ to win. In my opinion (for what it’s worth), the last winner they had who was also a success on the acting side was Amy Kwok in 1992 (or was it 1991? — I could have gotten the dates mixed up..but it was definitely before 1993). I think that perhaps TVB was starting to get desperate because the quality of the contestants in the later years was severely lacking and since they rely largely on the MHK pageants to recruit new actresses, they probably wanted to keep the best ones out of the top 3 so they could get started in acting right away….
    Anyway, it’s really a shame how the MHK pageant has changed — it used to be such a classy thing and a huge honor to get the top spots in the MHK pageant — but now, it’s turned into some sleazy pageant that no one really cares about anymore. I, for one, don’t care to watch the current MHK ceremonies anymore….ah well, I guess I will just have to settle for re-watching the old ones from the 80s/early 90s….

  3. Hahahaha…ok — I’ll be on the lookout for more MHK related posts…I’m actually more interested in the guest stars and the judges than in the contestants (especially since I know you will be watching the ones after 2000 and you know how I feel about those ones)….

  4. The last one I watched was actually 2001 AND I thought that was enough already…*phew*…
    Of course I’m always more interested in the guests and how they came up with different themes. Since it was creative enough for the show BUT the contestants were the boring parts, LOL. If that even make sense. Watching the pageants to see the entertainment parts, get it? *mwuhahahaha*

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