Moment of Silence

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The most interesting thing about this album was that it was so sudden when it released. Well, not really. But for those who weren’t keeping up with the news about him, it was so sudden. Which was also a big surprise when it was #1 on the charts when it was just released for several days.

I really like this album like his other hits. Maybe it might be too boring for some people’s taste but I really enjoy its subtleness since it did not try too hard to stand out or over-dramatize the situation too much. Not to mention that these songs bring out Nicholas’ warm, sad voice really well.

The majority of the songs are very nice, giving you a soothing feeling to it. Although some can be sad but not too much either.

I got the Commemorate Edition, which consisted of 11 tracks (like any other versions) and 4 MVs along with the behind the scene parts. There is also the booklet (with pictures and lyrics) and 10 small, Polaroid pictures. Not a bad deal at all.

*All images were scanned by DTLCT

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