Momo Love: Episode 1

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Starting out with a 1.95 would not be surprising since most of the dramas directed by Director Winnie are quite slow paced but are supposed be building up with much depth–or was expected. However, that could not be said for this drama since it was quite fast pace, considering the introductions of each major character to the story.

So what happened in the first episode?

Chen Yu Yi (Huang Jing Lun) was just fretting about his unfortunate fate of never experiencing when he caught someone confessing to his sister, Chen Tao Hua (Cyndi Wang).

After a quick snapshot of the incidental moment on his camera, he sent it straight to his brother–Chen Qi (Ken Chu).

It appeared that Chen Qi was getting ready for his turn on TV with reporting the weather. However, he received a photo from his cell phone before going on. He rapidly and craftily rattled off the reports before leaving the set. We could see that he was racing down the street with much urgency. He definitely meant business and someone was in trouble.

The next scene zoomed to Chen Cheng (Lan Jun Tian)–who was overseeing an outdoor fashion show and was giving some directions to others. He was calm and collected as he directed others in the scene. However, his attitude changed completely upon receiving the same photograph that Chen Qi received earlier. Someone was in bigger trouble.

Next was the appearance of Chen Zhuan (Ding Chun Cheng). He was actually in class and was writing rapidly on the board with much focus on his face as the professor continued with the lecture. He was dubbed as the genius so he had to solve it correctly, right? Can’t lose the concentration. Then…just like the others, his attitude changed. Yes, that was it. The same ringtone. The same picture. The same hurried gestures followed as he abandoned the marker and ran out the door, not caring to stay and enjoy the applause. That was three. That someone had better run by now. If only that someone would know.

That was not all since the next one to come out was Chen He (Godfrey Gao). He was actually enjoying the attention from the crowd of screaming girls as he was skillfully doing his stunts on the water. Suddenly…his cell phone rang. Yes, same ringtone. Same picture. Once again. He did not care for the attention from his fangirls anymore. He abandoned his task just like the others and ran off. What was different about this brother was his temper. He was actually shouting out threats as he was riding on his motorcycle to his destination.

Okay, so that was all of them so that someone did not have to worry about the number increasing. But that was enough to bring him down, right?

What actually happened was when Yu Yi got out of class, he was heading home when he saw a red car zooming toward him. He tried to dodge but luckily that car stopped in front of him. Who else but his oldest brother? That was not all since the other three brothers were not far behind. They surrounded him and asked for that to be victim’s location. They did not take “Don’t know” for an answer because they soon found the guy in the incidental picture.

So someone did not do his research because he dared to show off in front of the Chen brothers. The result?

That would teach a lesson all right. And that was also the introduction of the crazy, protective brothers.

So after those entertaining scenes of the Chen brother getting rid of possible threats, we finally see our main couple meeting for the first time–where else but in the rain?

He just had some good intentions with handing her the umbrella. Let’s hope he won’t get run over by the Chen clan afterward. (After witnessing the previous scene, we all know he has some worrying to do if he dared to think otherwise but just help her in a time of need.)

Leave it up to Tao Hua for daydreaming at the most eventful moment. But it could not be helped, right? That was the nearest someone got to her without getting into trouble.

Apparently, not only were the Chen brothers crazy regarding driving out their sister’s suitors, but their impartiality for their sister was driven to the point that they treated their youngest brother no better than the guy next door. Understandable that they were protective of Tao Hua, but bullying their little brother? Luckily, Yu Yi still has Tao Hua to back him up on occasions. However, it would be hard to imagine what happened behind the scenes without Tao Hua around to keep the other four brothers in line.

Anyhow, was a bit interesting to see the Chen clan finally under the same roof after the long day.

I must admit that the flashbacks were nicely done with the clever touch of black and white films and its background music to recount of the Chen family in the earlier days when the siblings were all young.

Returning to its comedic side, how in the world did Qi not get fired with all his talks about ‘Tao Hua’ on TV? Honestly!

And poor Yu Yi had to resort to running away from home in order to get some peace from his brothers. But I could not help but felt a tad too funny that Yu Yi and Tao Hua made themselves at home at Shi Lang’s house just like that. Fortunately and coincidentally, Shi Lang and Tao Hua finally reunited after the previous day’s meeting.

How exaggerated could it get since the four brothers called for an emergency meeting just because they could not find Tao Hua? Still too funny. Poor Yu Yi got caught again.

Although that was so exaggerated and protective of the other four brothers of Tao Hua, but after seeing the flashback, it seemed reasonable that the others should favor Tao Hua over Yu Yi. They were saved with Tao Hua’s existence that they felt too strong a need to be protective of her. (Though Yu Yi did not deserve so much of bullying.)

Must also give credit to the four brothers for having such wild imaginations. Leave it up to them to imagine all the possible things that could happen to Tao Hua. (Tao Hua probably got the creative imagination from her brothers too–heavily influenced by them.)

The ending scene of this episode showed another encounter between Shi Lang and Tao Hua–but this time at school. However, was that her imagination at work again or was that Shi Lang for real?

Behind the scenes parts were really funny. Also, it showed everyone hard at work. Jia you, crew!

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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7 thoughts on “Momo Love: Episode 1

  1. Iyai says:

    Wow, that’s a really good review of episode 1. If I hadn’t watched it yet, this would’ve made me go right to youtube and typed in the drama’s name. Episode 1 was, indeed, a promising episode. I loved the rain scene.
    Thanks so much for sharing~

  2. DTLCT says:

    Thanks for commenting! I was surprised that it did not do as well in terms of ratings but great to know it received recognition and its own fanbase all the same.
    I loved the rain scene too.

  3. blm says:

    Wow, insightful. I mean there were things you realized that I just glossed on over 😀 glad you wrote this review. Looking forward to others if you’re continuing 😀 I get another pov. L-O-V-E-L-Y.

  4. DTLCT says:

    Thank you for reading and sharing your comment also. I hope to continue it since I’ll be watching till the end. However, can’t guarantee fast reviews since I am busy with school work as well.

    Glad to have another reader to share my views with though!

  5. vgag says:

    I haven’t seen it yet, but I definitely want to catch up with it. I am not troubled by the low ratings so far! It looks very amusing and I’m a great fan of Cyndi Wang. Great review.

  6. DTLCT says:

    Thanks for commenting (once again!) and yes, it seems promising thus far. It is funny in some sense but NOT exploding with ridiculous so I really enjoy it.


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