Momo Love: Episode 3

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Episode 3 picked up at Cheng’s little speech about how good it was that they were together again with Tao Hua not leaving after all AND about being one family–loving and caring for one another. Um…a bit too trying since no one seemed to care? Or were they still sore about the previous disagreements at the airport? Cheng’s charm did not work. Or were they just thinking about the next move? Qi was not their leader anymore? Why was he so quiet and was just pointing at Cheng in agreement instead of speaking up? Strange but might be he was conjuring up some new schemes to get rid of Shi Lang.

And the truth unfolded as soon as Tao Hua stepped away from the scene, claiming that she was going back to her room. Here we go again with the arguments. I knew it! It wasn’t just that. No wonder Qi was all quiet and Zhuan was just chipping in some talks. So it was Cheng’s fault? Okay. So much for ‘getting along like one happy family’ and ‘loving and caring for one another’. (And that was smart of Yu Yi to walk away while they were still arguing OR they might turn their frustration to him instead.)

And I spoke up to early since Yu Yi just have to speak up while the other ‘elders’ were talking among themselves. Did he not know that he did not have a place to voice his opinions around them?

Moving on…(lol)…after another round of bullying Yu Yi, Qi and He decided to work their charm with luring Tao Hua out for a meal. However, Tao Hua seemed oblivious of their presence. Perhaps they should go check up on their charm level since Cheng had failed in the previous scene and now Qi and He. Maybe they need to go sharpen up on their skills again? Their persuasion skills seemed to be lacking.

Feeling down after Tao Hua’s confession of being overly protected by her brothers, Qi and He returned to the living room pondering about matters. The latest talk was actually about a suspicious picture having to do with Shi Lang. Questioning of Zhuan’s abilities, they began to dig deeper in regard to Shi Lang’s ‘girlfriend’ or so it seemed from that suspicious picture. Yu Yi carried in a tray full of drinks at that time and heard about it. (Yes, he was being their servant again, nothing new.) Attempting to make a clean exit, he was once again caught by Qi’s sharp eyes. (Thanks to He’s impatience nature, Yu Yi was saved for the time being.)

Sometimes, I don’t feel like I need to defend or feel pity for Yu Yi since he just managed to dive out of harm’s way but decided to press his luck again with his words–drawing unnecessary attention to himself once more. However, I guess it was not in vain either since Qi finally realized that Yu Yi was right regarding the whole matter. (Phew! Saved for the first time.) Could this be a breakthrough moment or just a delay of events until the crazy brothers could come up with another scheme?

Now, this was the only time where one wouldn’t want to be standing in front since it was not like they were worshiping him or anything hence the lining up in front of him. But it was to deliver some threats his way to make sure he remembered his job. (They were back at it once again but in a subtle way.) But it was not all that scary after all since Qi did send his well-wishing, which almost sounded sincere for the first time toward Yu Yi.

So while Yu Yi and Tao Hua were on their way to their new destination, Qi and the others were following behind in Qi’s car. Couldn’t blame them too much since that was a big decision and a big leap. It would eventually happen and Tao Hua was right since she would never grow up for real if she kept being sheltered by her brothers. However, I couldn’t help thinking about Yu Yi’s words of it having to do with Shi Lang.

Just when they were debating of Tao Hua’s new habitat, Tao Hua spotted Shi Lang in the arms of another girl. Did Yu Yi’s poor photo-shopping skills pay off after all since now they were able to see the real person instead of the fake one? What a scene to witness!

Sometimes, I feel that it was too easy to guess but at the same time, it was equally funny since Tao Hua changed her mind again about the move, just like the scene at the airport. But can’t blame her. Just too funny how the others were spying on Shi Lang and the mysterious girl as well–almost forgetting to hide. Lucky He told Qi to back up in time or they would’ve been caught. (Like Tao Hua was paying any attention to her surroundings aside from Shi Lang and the other girl.) Poor Mr. Driver, had to drive all the way back. (Still, can’t get enough of the scenes where they’re all gathered in one room.)

And we once again got to witness He’s temper at work. Yes, how could he stand it? It was just too frustrating sitting around and pondering about matters or worse, seeing their precious Tao Hua so sad. Luckily, there were so many of them since they managed to restrain He in time before anything incidental took place.

Thanks, Qi, you’re a true ‘Lao Da’ after all. He managed to steer them back to their main purpose, tending to their Tao Hua and NOT go off to start unnecessary fights with others. It was one of those rare times also to see them so united and so cute together as one family! Not to mention they even included Yu Yi. I could almost forgive them for bullying Yu Yi all those times, especially how Cheng placed his hand on Yu Yi’s shoulder. It could almost convince us that they were really harmless after all.

Just when I was preparing myself for some smart lines from Zhuan, Zhuan had to make an oops. Was that more in the league of He since he seemed more about actions than brains? (Though I’m sure he’s super smart too, he’s usually impatient about matters and has a higher chance of making mistakes.) You were not supposed to mention those two words, Zhuan! For once, we also see all dagger looks on Zhuan instead of Yu Yi.

They were once again looking for Tao Hua with the exception of Yu Yi in the dark just like the rest of them this time around. Wonder how wild and/or vivid their imaginations would get once they ran out of people on their lists to call.

They were definitely channeling He on that reaction with almost going insane after all the calls they made. Of course, she wasn’t Tao Hua! Still, funny moment. And Qi! That was mean! How could you? Taking Yu Yi’s money just like that. Was that convenient? By trying to do good, you just defeated the purpose of it. Poor Yu Yi! No more money! That was not all since Qi just had to pocket it when it wasn’t his, to begin with! But then that wasn’t just another random scene to take up time since she had news to deliver. And that news was equally earth-shattering as the part where they known of Tao Hua’s feelings for Shi Lang. Ahhhhhh!

I prepared myself to feel sorry for the temple already since such a placid place would turn chaotic as soon as those maniacs present themselves in a bit. So as the rules were explained to Tao Hua and the last of the confirmation from her became irreversible, the peaceful atmosphere was ruined upon the arrival of the so-called brothers.

Cheng’s title was once again secured as he was using his skills to persuade Tao Hua otherwise. Honestly, I hate the idea and the association with those who kept insisting on using this method when they’ve fallen into a pit due to lost love. But this wasn’t as bad since it was only a brief moment. However, I’m getting a bit disappointed with Tao Hua’s rash actions. Maybe it was due to some influences from her brothers but she was just jumping all in to do something and the next minute, she jumped right back out. It was for the purposes of the humor but still a bit disturbing. Hope it won’t keep repeating the pattern too much in the future.

Although Cheng was very convincing, I guess I gave him credit too fast since it was Qi’s method that worked since he managed to use reverse psychology on her. It was too funny with how everyone was kneeling and determined to make it happen by joining Tao Hua to become a monk while Cheng and Yu Yi were still standing around. I guess it’s funny to see that in a way, they’re brothers after all. Come on now. Cheng loves his stylish life too much. How could he give it all up for it? Not to mention he has to shave his head. Very funny how he was shoving Yu Yi to go first. As if just to delay the inevitable. Love Cheng! He was so reluctant yet he had to answer to Qi’s dagger look. Yu Yi was like, “Me too” but he looked so morbid that it was so pitiful.

But before they were able to convince Tao Hua, Qi received an emergency call and all ran back home to face it. (Well, all except for Tao Hua that was.) They all looked so pitiful I could almost forgive them for past bizarre behaviors. It was as if they just borrowed some bravery from a cat. That was WAY too funny with them pointing in different directions and then Cheng pushing Zhuan forward to explain. Lucky that He was strong enough to not get pushed forward. They were all in a panic until they found Yu Yi–the usual target. It was so funny with how they were so out of control and not as cool as they were seen in the previous episodes.

Cheng was right after all. How could Tao Hua part with her hair? Too bad he was not able to be there to gloat over his correct hypothesis. Too occupied at that moment to worry about such matters as that of boosting his ego.

Anyway, as people always say, “Never send out a man to do a woman’s job” since only Tao Hua’s mother was able to persuade her. And I swear I could see hints of Yu Yi being evil since he looked like he enjoyed the moment when his brothers were being beaten up by their mother. Can’t blame him since he had suffered enough from them. It was not too wrong to laugh at them if just for a bit.

Not a very proud sight to see since they were made to kneel down and be punished like little kids again. Then I silently wonder if Yu Yi had snapped a picture to keep for future purposes. It was like a one in a millionth time of seeing such a scene. Wait a minute. So they were not forced to kneel but they did it anyway? Showed how much they were afraid of their mother. (But then it was just that they rather kneel than receive worse punishments.)

Just as Yu Yi was enjoying the current events unfolding, He entered to tell him the change of events. What else happened? Yes, they were forced to give Yu Yi more room than his current beyond comfortable habitat. It was really compensating for Yu Yi time. But how long was that going to last? Will they find ways around it? Can’t, right? Since their parents were back now.

After a heartfelt mother to daughter talk–with Tao Hua and their mother, of course, the four brothers were seen sitting around at the steps, feeling sore about the turn of events. Their powers suddenly stripped and their status not so secured, they had the right to be miserable. (Why was Cheng holding the dog? He borrowed it from Tao Hua so he could cry with it? Poor doggie had to be stuck with one of the monsters.)

It was at last Yu Yi’s moment to shine. That was as short-lived as his mood since he was still trying to find ways to prolong the enjoyment he was going through but was once again shattered with the bad news of their parents leaving so soon. (I really like the effects of the shattering part since it was like literally shattered with Yu Yi’s hopeful thoughts.) Though I feel sorry for Yu Yi at times with being bullied by his brothers, I feel too out of place seeing how Qi and the others were. It was just how things were. It seemed more fun with seeing the events as they were before–not when the table was turned. So funny how the others looked all threatening at Yu Yi and then the parents spotted that and they scattered apart again, claiming it was nothing.

So after that tearful goodbye… (Okay, was just exaggerating. It wasn’t so tearful.) So after that little goodbye, Qi finally decided to let Tao Hua pursue her happiness. The others were reluctant but were supportive of Tao Hua all the same. After all, it was better than seeing their precious Tao Hua all sad, right? Or was that empty talks from Qi and the others once again? We’ll see.

Come on now! Was Yu Yi that clueless to not know the inevitable? Or was he just pretending to be clueless? From Qi’s expression, it was definitely a hint to move out. After all, their parents were gone, right? Qi was not crazy to stay in such a small room. He needed to claim his territory back! (Yu Yi, of course, got it after the initial excitement of describing the previous night’s enjoyment.)

I didn’t realize by letting Tao Hua pursue her happiness, it included them. Since they were now gathered in Tao Hua’s room to discuss their next move. That was a good question that Cheng could answer? Nice going, Qi! Love these guys! Look at Cheng being put on the spot! Luckily he recovered quickly and launched into a session of sharing his expertise. However, I greatly pity Zhuan and He having to be test subjects. Cheng finally concluded his presentation with statistic lessons. Phew! Poor Zhuan and He made it through.

Were they a bit overly friendly? Gee whiz! That was hilarious with them inviting Shi Lang over and treating him like some royalty. Not to mention their reactions were quite contradicting to their previous threatening looks toward Shi Lang. I don’t know whether to feel good for Shi Lang and Tao Hua finally having their blessing or feel sorry for Shi Lang having to interact with these psychos. (Still, they were just too cute with trying too hard to impress Shi Lang!)

I just love Qi’s overly friendly exaggerated laugh though. It makes me laugh along as well. Ken’s so awesome with it! Not to mention the other guys were too trying in it! Loved their expressions! Who in the world would go and do it right away? Of course, Shi Lang was feeling weird about it too. And what was that Qi? Shi Lang loved to joke? Worth a million of laughter again.

Okay, so Rome wasn’t built in a day so how were they able to change their behaviors completely, right? Can’t blame them for eavesdropping. And that was really funny of Shi Lang and Tao Hua with their fake laugh as well. Tao Hua probably got that from her brothers but what about Shi Lang? Must have been trying to ease off the awkwardness of the situation.

If anyone was wondering where Yu Yi was all this time when the guys were trying to be friendly with Shi Lang–like I was pondering all along, the answer came out later. Wow, so no wonder Qi persuaded the others to leave the two alone in the room. Yu Yi was under the bed spying for them anyway, right? So it was not like those two were left in there together just like that.

More funny black and white flashback scenes. Also, memorable black and white classic techniques were forever ruined with these guys since how in the world were they able to look so threatening in that scene? That was a classic moment all right, but not like how we thought it was supposed to be with mellow scenes like those.

That was so funny–again! They had a camera in her room so they were able to monitor her through it at their headquarter. And they were exposed! Nice…how in the world did they know what the two were saying anyway? LOL! Thanks for He’s fast thinking that he turned it right around to blaming Shi Lang. It was all a misunderstanding after all since Yu Yi was at fault for creating such a picture! But wasn’t that their fault too for pressuring Yu Yi before? Can’t reason with these guys anyway since they were looking for a target to take it out on. (Still, very funny scenes between the major characters.) Though that was a major failure with trying to warm up with Shi Lang, somehow it turned out quite successful since Shi Lang gave Tao Hua his phone number. That was something to celebrate! Can’t say the same for Yu Yi though since he was up for another round of good beating. (If beating meant good in the first place.)

That continued on as Yu Yi was receiving some good news in the mail. He was cornered once again and literally too. So much for wanting to leave that dreadful place. Regardless of the situation, their evil laugh just sent chills all around, especially Qi’s. And I thought that they had hung their evil hats up already after agreeing to help Tao Hua. That was a close one since they were willing to let Yu Yi off but not without some terms. After all, they were the evil four, right? There was always a catch.

Eh…someone was willing to stand up and defend Yu Yi in harsh times? That was like non-existence before. Well, unless for his parents and Tao Hua, no one would help him like that. Not to mention wasting her breath to argue with the salesperson. Hahahahaha, Charlie Chaplin daydreaming style! That was priceless! Silent film movie mixed in with modernized music. Great…

Shi Lang spying on Tao Hua? That was a first! So cute! It was usually the other way around. Nice little moment though they did not have any interaction, just silent observation on Shi Lang’s side and how hard working Tao Hua was with all those books laid out in front of her.

Yu Yi’s little dream was short lived once again as the ringtone of “This Old Man” (or it sounded like it) came on to alert him of Cheng’s existence. (Yu Yi dared to forget?) But then again, Yu Yi’s little dream was already smashed after the ‘beauty’ launched into her weird series of questions.

Wow! It was too interesting that it was always Cheng who discovered many of the incidental moments. It was only a trip to seek out Yu Yi but he ended up finding Shi Lang and Tao Hua together! That was another cute interaction between Shi Lang and Tao Hua though. (I know it wasn’t much but just want to see more of their interactions.)

Okay, now I could believe that the ‘beauty’ was crazy all right. Yes, she was a beauty but still crazy. Perhaps Yu Yi shouldn’t build his hopes up too much. What was with her and her notebook! Kept jotting and mumbling nonsense. She needed to seek some professional help more than Tao Hua’s brothers.

Just as Yu Yi was pondering about matters though, he spotted the most terrifying sight ever! What else? The four monsters were back with their threatening looks and their killer poses. (What happened to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony? I miss that! That was their classic introduction theme. They honestly need to get that back.) Nice going, Yu Yi. You could only hide temporarily. Besides, Cheng already saw you from earlier when he was standing outside. He just needed to take care of more important matters first. That was funny how He had to take out his wallet photo to reassure everyone that they were not a bunch of scary gang members! (They could pass off as one. Honestly…)

So all those maniacs combined could not amount to that beauty? Okay…I guess these guys were all talks after all. It was the girls who were more threatening and capable. What to do now since they had lost their opportunity to bully Shi Lang? The usual. Take it out on Yu Yi! A nice and routine exit as always since they needed to close their scene by showing their capabilities, right? Even if it was just to bully their little brother–yet again.

This episode has dropped to 1.26 and also back down to third place because Hai Pai Tian Xin (海派甜心) had started airing. Or was it because some viewers had lost interest? It was not too bad. More craziness with the Chen clan. That was all. The previews showed more craziness but from the beauty’s side and not of the Chen brothers’ craziness. Strange… They had to take a step down because of a girl? We’ll see.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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4 thoughts on “Momo Love: Episode 3

  1. lolololo you’re right about Yu Yi escaping… good call XD mann.. where is the peace 😛 yeah… little bro doesn’t have a say in anything. 😀 I think it was an accident that he peeped lol
    Where did all the good charm skills go XD i’m guessing Tao Hua has lived with them long enough not to be affected lolololo woot! immunity.
    lol… you think it is a breakthrough for Yu Yi…? I’m guessing he still has a long way to go… what is the fun in breaking them this early? 😛
    Yeah… I love how Tao Hua can spot everything and anything Shi Lang related hehe it must be a gift… or a curse.
    Oh yeah.. that is her alright, changing her mind about decisions that would drastically change her future lolololololo
    He is always the hot tempered one… I like watching him jump up in anger everytime something ewww comes up lol very consistent this guy heheeh and woot! he didn’t lose his touch as leader, our dear eldest brother, Qi. 😛
    But like in his eyes, Yu Yi doesn’t matterrrrr lololololo so it isn’t bad to him XD he can take all da muny he wants from little bro :S
    Hehehe Cheng not wanting to be a Monk… it’s not like they’re gonna be… XD still funny. I’m telling you… once the bros see their mama… all their manhood goes out the door lolololololo they’re cute when they kneel all in a line 😀 like bad little kids hehe
    😮 how dare he take little rain drops from Tao Hua~~! o.o
    I’m kinda surprised that Shi Lang accepted the invitation… i mean… it is the brothers… you know they’re up to something XD but yeah.. them faking that niceness lolololo
    Can’t forget that Tao Hua is their little sister… I mean.. all the craziness must have rubbed off lolololo
    Ahhh…. I don’t care if it was their evil plan… it worked for the benefit of SL&TH. I’m happy hahah
    I Love that SL&TH scene even if they didn’t interact… Shi Lang smiled and that was because he saw Tao Hua… all is good. weeeeee

  2. Thanks for commenting! I know! The brothers are so crazy and they rubbed it off on Tao Hua too.
    I was surprised as well when Shi Lang agreed to the invitation (of course we didn’t see that part except for Shi Lang coming over) but it was crazy all right. Oh yeah, I guess because he has this little defense mechanism built up when he was with his cousin too so he was sort of used to it? She’s crazier than the brothers! (She actually could beat them up! They were all talks!)

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you, DTLCT! While I was in Taipei recently, I bought a box set of Momo Love without English subs. I watched the first ep with a friend who translated from time to time, but not very enthusiastically. I sent the box set back to0 Melbourne by sea mail, so it will be a few weeks before I can watch the rest of it. At least now I’ll have an idea of what happens and I’ll be able to enjoy it more. I am learning Chinese, but I’m not great with languages and it is very slow!!

  4. Hey, glad I could help! And yes, it’s kind of slow at times and not as hype up as other dramas currently airing or was airing before during its same time slot but I really enjoyed it, mostly for how the directing was done and arranged. I’m actually almost done with it and will post the summaries up in the future when I have time to edit.
    Thanks once again for reading and commenting!

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