Momo Love: Episode 4

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

What was with these men and their bribes? Food and the usual? What else, right? I’m beginning to think that they’re not that talented liked it was led on from the beginning since they kept using the same tactics to cheer Tao Hua up. And Qi, that was the ‘DO NOT Disturb’ sign that you just ignored and barged in.

So their princess was upset once again, showing her long face. Look at them being so clueless! I wonder if I should pity them for having no idea or feel amused by it. Oh…handing over messages. They’ve been given the silent treatment. Good luck with breaking the ice!

And she’s not a kid anymore! Bribing her with food and movies? Great…same old tactic. Not working. More messages! The same ones actually. Good to know that they were able to read though. Or that would be a big problem! A bit, Qi? More like WAY overboard. Tao Hua had the right to be mad after all. They’ve gone back on their words!

Didn’t realize that Yu Yi likes to watch those dramatic soaps. Was he able to watch all those? Or was he just picking it up randomly while talking? And Tao Hua inherited the evilness from her maniac brothers? She knew how to bully Yu Yi as well?

So the conspiracy between Tao Hua and Yu Yi failed but luckily they arrived on time to save their princess once again. But then, Tao Hua was very brave to face off with the ice queen. Must give Tao Hua kudos also for defending her brothers although they’ve been in the wrong for bullying Shi Lang previously.

The ice queen was trying to discredit the guys but somehow helped Tao Hua unknowingly since Shi Lang heard Tao Hua’s confession! This is what I call ‘wanting to harm someone yet help them instead’. However, that was cut short since it wasn’t the right time after all. A sad moment. (And I was getting excited because what was shown in the previews in the last episode.)

Awww….so that was just part of someone’s imagination! That was soooo teasing us with the previews! No wonder! But that would’ve made more sense since it was not in Shi Lang’s nature to be so quick and rash. (But that was funny how Shi Lang was answering to the questions on TV.)

Back to headquarter once again, the guys were still figuring out matters. What? That was their conclusion? If Shi Lang did not like Tao Hua, then he was gay? Okay…nice going, guys. Better think up of another one.

We were finally brought back to reality since Qi was seen back to work at the TV station doing his job. Though a tad disturbed, at least we know now that he needed to go to work and it wasn’t like he own the station. And also how Tao Hua was seen as being late so it still meant that she needed to get to classes. Thank you, Director, for a reality check. But then again, that was just another way of leading into another conspiracy cooked up by the four maniacs! Clever move.

Not to mention, The Addams Family music playing in the background was random but crucial for their little scheme. And they were back again with more ‘blame game’ since they needed to divert Tao Hua’s attention away from themselves. The suspense is killing me by now since they usually aren’t this secretive. At least they’ve talked about it in their headquarter already. But this time, it was a lot of sign languages and nothing more. They were definitely up to something since the high five after Tao Hua left them said a lot.

Yu Yi gave in again since he was not able to turn Tao Hua down. What was that with him mumbling about “What is love?”, lol. Old phrase but still funny to hear it. Yes, Yu Yi agreed to help Tao Hua once again but it was only to deliver something to Shi Lang and not used himself as diversion like last time. It should be safe, right? It was also a great opportunity to have a guy talk between them and get it out of the way once and for all. Or was it?

Clever trick, Tao Hua. I thought it was only a replacement with the mp3 but it was a message. That was cute. On the other hand, was that really love? Honestly, Shi Lang just ate pepper and didn’t even realize it! Ahhhh… (Was that really pepper? How in the world did Jiro do it? Well, if he was able to endure spicy stuff, it would be easy but still. To keep such passive expression.)

Love the double screen since it allowed us to see their actions/reactions at the same time. Another neat trick brought into this. That was really funny how they weren’t able to get through or someone called the wrong number. So much for it.

And it seemed like Shi Lang got affected by the Chen clan’s vivid imagination as well. Or was he just suffering from severe illusion disorders? Snap out of it and call her already! Tao Hua was suffering from the same disorder though so she might not pick up if he did call. (She might have thought that was just another part of her imagination at work.) These two are killing me with their slow rate. Can’t blame them but still…

Shi Lang, still confused about his feelings, decided to seek help from his father. What did his father do in such circumstances? It was a major issue, right? So what was useful in a time like that than to tell old time stories with the silent film mood and some more classic hits to accompany the scene? Great to see more father and son bonding between Shi Lang and his father.

At least that talk helped. They were finally moving forward at last with a conspiracy of their own–with Yu Yi as their messenger. And Qi seemed to catch on already but of course, he can’t be fierce about it, right? They just managed to get Tao Hua to talk to them and eat with them again. Can’t risk it. It seemed though that Shi Lang was becoming even more lively with this whole scheme.

Nice comeback, Yu Yi. They were always weird, lol. That was really good actually. I must admit those four were always up to something, not just recently. But what was going on? Come on now! Everyone was up to something yet this time around, the four crazy guys’ motive was not clear. They were acting suspicious. Too suspicious even for them. Stalking? Was that it? Was that why they did not care to investigate any further? Yup, always like that. Nothing new.

So while they were out stalking Shi Lang and Tao Hua, the ice queen was doing the same thing.

Yet it was so cute seeing Shi Lang and Tao Hua sneaking around like that! Awww…finally some scenes worth watching. (Not that it wasn’t before but seeing them carrying out their conspiracy, at last, was very funny.)

After another run-in with the ice queen and the Chen brothers, we were brought back to Shi Lang and Tao Hua flying–literally. That was cool. Didn’t expect such scene since thought it would be them sneaking off to some place and have some ice cream or hang around somewhere to catch a movie or something.

More sweet scenes between them afterward. Like each one of them equally. Also, “Little Star” was playing in the background again. Nice moment. It was indeed an unforgettable day.

Must compliment those crazy people for having the patience to wait for Shi Lang and Tao Hua all day. And that ice queen was one crazy person all right! Even crazier than the four maniacs combined.

That push was definitely not Qi’s fault since she was attacking him. Eek! Poor Cheng! (Or not?) What was that? Umm…yes, Cheng was right. She was the one on top! What was she talking about? Who was taking advantage of whom there?

So after a last face off, they separated and headed home. They were outraged. They had the right to be since she insulted all of them.

But why was Cheng quiet all of a sudden? He even separated himself from the rest of them. Don’t tell me he has fallen for the enemy! How could he? Yup, Qi was always the fast one to catch on first.

While they were battling it out among themselves, Tao Hua had another plot going on. Yup, Shi Lang was shocked all right but it was for the best, right? So funny! And the ice queen fell for that one too! I guess no one would turn down some praises, right? How lame was that? Beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl? Hahahhahaha…honestly….who came up with that one? So old… (But it actually worked on the ice queen so that was something.) Errr…or was the pick up line for Cheng the lamest? They honestly deserved to be deceived though! They totally fell for it! (Cheng managed to boost his ego also! She really had taste? What was that? Stop bragging, man!)

Finally, it was the moment where Tao Hua could strike and pull Cheng to her side as well. Too bad He’s sharp eyes caught them. Luckily Tao Hua managed to dive from the questions. Besides, Cheng was backing her up so it might work this time around? (After all, he already fell into the pit! Can’t think clear anymore of other matters! He had no idea!)

Cheng’s brain was at work again since he managed to save himself from being attacked by the other three. He just disarmed their dagger looks by attacking their weaknesses whereas he was the expert, right? It was great to have some talent to back it up with. He was so convincing. Though it was not a guarantee he would be able to deceive them.

And yes, why was he sneaking around like a thief? It was almost funny seeing them on the same side while the other three were probably having their eyes on them at that exact moment. And so they met.

As its two competitors continue to battle it out to gain first place, its rating continued to drop (to 1.10)–despite promotional efforts. People are definitely losing interest. But I thought it was somewhat to a point where viewers were waiting for aka the whole interaction with Shi Lang and Tao Hua. Definitely some cute scenes there. Not to mention their attempt to match make too! That was so random but got to give them credit for it.

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4 thoughts on “Momo Love: Episode 4

  1. haha when it comes about fending off suitors they’re good but when it comes to Tao Hua… it’s like o.o She probably knows their little tricks to make her feel better oh too well. lololo The food looks yummy… i would probably take the food and shooe them out of the room *dies* You have to remember that they don’t treat her like a big girl hahaha… she will always be their little baby sister they have to protect and spoil all the time hahaha I love it when they all deny ever trying to hook SL&TH… mannn that was soooo messed up hahaha totally… they don’t keep their promise at all. XD you know he likes watching those romantic movies don’t you? those classic old movies 🙂 yuyi. Tao Hua can always weasel something out from Yuyi :S you know he loves her <3 more willing to do for her sake then the brothers lol… at least she doesn't whoop him like the brothers o.o (although I bet she could because she is so sporty). ICE QUEEN lol… she is just too funny… I love her vs. brothers. They're in the same boat.. they just refuse to acknowledge that *dies* You know when someone talks bad about your family… it just grrrrrrr. They are you loved ones after all even if you don't like them all the time XD Insult to them is like an indirect insult to you hahaha oooo and yeah, if it wasn't for her, Tao Hua wouldn't have confessed so loudly 😛 Can't have Shi Lang just suddenly being sure of his feelings just yet.. or it would be a little too fast where his personality is concerned… If you easily fall in love… possibly easy for you to fall out of it. When Shi Lang starts to love someone, I think its a keeper 🙂 TV and his hallucination? hahaha *dies* you know he is starting to feel something… lol whatever it is… towards Tao Hua. About the brothers thinking Shi Lang is gay… remember… they think their sister is the best no matter what… that is how much they love and dolt her hahahah if some guy doesn't like her… that is like impossible in their head. bwahahaha no no.. he must be gay XD lovely conclusion hehehehe oh oh oh yes… the next move… it is a group effort… usually always a group effort hahahahah maniacs maniacs love them… ^^ Just can't wait to see what is cooking (their plan) lol YAY Shi Lang got the MP3 and it was soooo funny… cute. He was thinking about her too much… she put a lot of effort in this 🙂 and guts to send him a message… sweetness and her favorite songs.. ooo now Shi Lang knows her taste in music 😀 he was listening to it all day awwwwwww You know it could have just been the none chili type haha there is always those ^^ I seriously thought Shi Lang got through to her when she answered her phone… I was like wow… not Shi Lang but an weird wrong number XD Shi Lang has a crazy imagination… Tao Hua was in his room wandering around… getting close to his face, leaning on his back lolololo wow… vivid indeed… i wonder if it could be tangible too lolololo oh nooo.. don't give up on them for being so naiive… <3 ahhh… they can't stop the two getting together 😛 lol the stalker group…. SL&TH in their cute little uniforms to blend in hehehehe oh yeah… every scene moment of that day with SL&TH was sweet <3 In the bus at night <3 awwwwwwwwww cuties fell asleep together. ^^ Waiting all day? You can't expect less from the crazy bunch, can you? lololololo woot! I say she was taking advantage of Cheng XD bwahahahaha Cheng has got a little something something with her after all… yeah he was oddly quiet lolololo Tao Hua could see that and so that is why she was thinking of hooking them up… make peace with the two families lol "(Cheng managed to boost up his ego also! She really had taste? What was that? Stop bragging, man!)" Oh man… I laughed like crazy when i read this lolooloolo Cheng is so ridiculous sneaking around like that… he is totally giving himself away and of course the brothers are watching… they are ALWAYS watching… *dies*

  2. syko – Hey! Love your long comment! Your ‘they are ALWAYS watching’ reminds me of some scene from a horror movie! JUST KIDDING, lol. Then it reminds me of that Adam’s Family music. They could qualify for the roles, lol.

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