Momo Love: Episode 5

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

The match making process continued as Shi Lang and Tao Hua tried to do more of pushing and tugging to bring Cheng and Xiao Xue together. Cheng and Xiao Xue gave Tao Hua and Shi Lang dagger looks and questioned their motives? That was just hilarious. Come on now. Why were they still denying it? Guess they have to maintain their cool front. Jia you, Shi Lang and Tao Hua! Almost there!

Why was Yu Yi spying on them? Yu Yi, shame on you! Spying was supposed to be those other four crazy brothers’ specialty, not yours. Stop being paranoid! Still couldn’t believe that Yu Yi was stalking them though. What was that outburst with the photographer? She was just doing her job! And kind of funny seeing him almost getting caught with someone else in the picture.

The funniest part must be those two taking pictures but looking like they wanted to murder the other party on the spot. Still cute!

Finally the confrontation. It would come out sooner or later anyway. What flower? What wine? Exactly. Cheng caught on faster than that, knowing his sister. However, Xiao Xue probably did not care enough to bother investigating. And we were able to see Tao Hua trying to work her charms and dispel of Cheng’s suspicion. (She learned well from her brothers after all! The familiar pattern was there from just watching her brothers trying to work off their charms earlier.) Shi Lang was also trying to work his charm trying to dissolve some hostility also. He was a great teammate for Tao Hua all right.

Failing to persuade Xiao Xue, Shi Lang backed off for the time being while Cheng used the cows as an attack toward Xiao Xue. How childish are you to play such games, Cheng? Er….spoke too soon again. Since Xiao Xue was not that mature either, considering how she used the hippos as a counter-attack toward Cheng. They were a match all right.

So much for Yu Yi’s spying scheme since the others already found out! They installed a tracking app in his cell phone? Nice…Poor Yu Yi has no freedom.

More interrogation from Cheng and Xiao Xue. Shi Lang and Tao Hua must be careful. Looks like they’ve switched tactics since asking their sibling/cousin was not as effective. Asking the other party might be better. What better way than to do it in the restroom, right? (NOT) Ekk! Tao Hua can’t lie! Shi Lang is better at this! Or was Xiao Xue more cunning and/or threatening than Cheng? Hold on now, how did the Cheng and Xiao Xue talk turn into a Shi Lang and Tao Hua talk? Great…leave it up to Cheng to do it. But can’t blame him for being fierce since he was just worrying for his precious sister. But then Cheng was not as fierce as Xiao Xue after all. She was as crazy as all four brothers combined or maybe worse.

Leaving Cheng and Xiao Xue to another face-off, Shi Lang and Tao Hua sneaked off to have some fun of their own! How sweet! But they have to pray that the others did not find them too early. But Cheng seemed more lenient of the situation since he managed to pull Xiao Xue back so Shi Lang and Tao Hua would have more time together. Gotta love Cheng for that.

How did the double date turn into bazillions of others going together? How funny that Qi was threatening Yu Yi to tell of the others’ location while Zhuan and He appeared with their drinks too.

After everything was exposed, aside from Yu Yi, probably the others who were most happy about it were Qi, Zhuan, and He, right? Considering how their expressions were that of amusement and/or enjoyment. Were they that petty to be mad at Cheng and Tao Hua for not including them during the day trip? Or were they just glad that Xiao Xue was not going to be a part of their family?

While the four crazy Chen brothers were scheming up another plan, it was getting quite repetitive–with the exception that they were at the bar this time around and not in their headquarter. Perhaps they needed a change of atmosphere so they could clear up their minds? We’ll see if things will work for them this time around. These guys were getting more and more about all talks than actions. What happened to their cool attitudes? Have they lost it already? (But it was surprisingly funny that Yu Yi was surrounded by the girls instead of the four brothers.)

Xiao Xue’s little talk with Shi Lang was more worth mentioning though since it showed the bond between them. Like she admitted to Cheng earlier at the park, she had always looked after him so it was not her fault that she had built up a strong exterior. In a way, it was like Cheng said that she was not only Shi Lang’s cousin, but was also his mother, sister, teacher, and senior/classmate. She was a protector in one package. So it was nice to see that she and Shi Lang had a serious talk instead of the usual getting mad at him or scolding others unreasonably–or what it seemed to be–from various encounters. (And I just had to type the previous lines before seeing the actual part of where Xiao Xue was thinking back to what Cheng said! LOL! Nice! Will this become a breakthrough moment that she might reconsider giving Shi Lang and Tao Hua a chance to be together?)

That was a funny run-in with Tao Hua and her teacher. (The previews once again deceived us into thinking otherwise.) Nice to see a little bonding between Tao Hua and Cheng though. Sometimes seeing them all together with the others was a bit too overwhelming. Possibly they were starting with the individual character developments instead? Seeing Tao Hua and Yu Yi together most of the time was inevitable since the other four wanted Yu Yi to protect her but seeing her with Cheng was cool since it made way for Cheng’s story as himself instead of just the crazy brother.

What was that? How cute! They were finally getting together! At least a chance! (And cute of Shi Lang, sitting at the side like that and eating the sandwich while witnessing the other two’s scene.) Yup, Shi Lang was right. Xiao Xue should smile more since she looked beautiful like that. Cheng, of course, was better while he smiled and worked off his charm than act like the crazy brother character.

There he was! Qi was talking about Tao Hua on TV again! He practically snatched every chance he could to talk about her. While that was going on, Tao Hua was stressed out again, pulling Zhuan to her rescue. (It was Zhuan’s fault for bragging about his capabilities. But he didn’t forget to take his plate of foods with him!)

Yu Yi spoke up again! He never learned. But was that too exaggerated with sealing off all escape routes? So that was it! They were going back on their words. I knew it was too good to be true with them promising to let Yu Yi go. Confiscating his wallet and severing his ties to everything he needed to live comfortably? Overboard!

While Yu Yi’s suffering his unfortunate fate, Shi Lang and Tao Hua were going through better times now since it seemed that Shi Lang’s obstacle has been solved. Never seemed Shi Lang so lively, so full of energy before! Must be really glad to get acceptance from Xiao Xue.

Back at home, He was up to no good again since he was sneaking up on Tao Hua while she was looking over some cute pictures. He should become a spy instead of his current specialties in sports. Tao Hua was too busy daydreaming to care about his sneaky actions though. Poor Little Raindrop! Tao Hua was too picture crazy to care! Or was she just Shi Lang crazy?

After regaining his freedom, Yu Yi had another encounter with a female–who was not his sister or the ice queen Xiao Xue. This time around, it was not him who needed help, but her. Desperately trying to get her attention so he could return a certain item to her, he suddenly became dumbfounded by her presence instead.

Woohoo! More Charlie Chaplin daydreaming moments! No more silent films but confessions in various languages! How funny! Priceless stuff here. Can’t seem to get enough of it. Longer scenes of it this time around–unlike last time. Perhaps it was meant to be and not wishful thinking on his part like last time? (Since this girl, Gong Hui Qi, was smiling back at him too. Or was she just being friendly?) No wait, might still be wishful thinking since she found him too weird with his strange behaviors and how he was unwilling to part with her possession.

Still, she was not as turned off by his behaviors since she was still around when he woke up from that traumatic experience. Yu Yi, you need to get yourself together! Stop scaring that poor girl. She only wanted to thank you, Yu Yi. Nothing more! Stop thinking too much!

And then again, Yu Yi and this Gong Hui Qi might not be as bad of a match since she was not so normal herself! (Though we all know she was just helping Tao Hua to relax.) Ekk… I was afraid that Tao Hua would lose her card but it was the picture. However, it might affect her for the worse! Don’t be so superstitious! It’s only a picture! (Okay, it was a lucky picture but so what? Concentrate!) Eh….so it was a small world after all! She was also after Shi Lang? How could Shi Lang give her a picture too?!

Cool, so it wasn’t just one new character appearing but two. Possibly another weirdo? (Yay! Calvin finally came into the scene!) And yes, Tao Hua, that was the guy’s restroom! Wrong place! And you, liar, you! How could you?! You’re stepping on it and lying through your teeth! (Can’t blame him since it was super awkward! But still…this would drive the misunderstanding between Tao Hua and Hui Qi up another notch.)

More crazy brothers protective scenes? Another hilarious scene though. Five minutes? All right… Did they have to take turns staring Shi Lang down as they were making their way inside? And I thought Cheng was more supportive after having already started with Xiao Xue. Or was he just giving Shi Lang a supportive clap on the shoulder? (The background music was funny though–both humorous and threatening at the same time.)

And that was more than five minutes. No wonder the others were giving Shi Lang the long face. But Tao Hua got them back by giving them her famous glare. It was so cute to see them trying to muster up an innocent smile. Honestly, she wasn’t going to fall for that! Still cute. (Actually, if anyone was timing it, it was under 5 minutes, only 3 minutes even–guess the brothers were operating by their own clock.)

Back to the same old routine of trying to lure Tao Hua out for food. But all of that time, it was very funny to see He so hot-tempered but he was responsible for their daily meals? What a combination all right. Considering how cooking required a lot of patience and precision.

Hahahahaha, they forgot Yu Yi again! It wasn’t surprising but still! How could they? Qi had to make a head count before anyone realized that Yu Yi was missing?

A rare occasion where all of them were gathered at the same spot. Not to mention they included Yu Yi. What were they waiting for? The results of the entrance exam of course! It was also another rare occasion where they were proud of Yu Yi! I guess because it affected their Chen clan’s reputation after all. Have to keep that intact!

Tao Hua passed already, why were they so gloomy? And who in the world would drink beer out of wine glasses? Leave it up to those weirdos. (There was actually a wine bottle but too many beer cans around to see it until Zhuan picked it up from behind him.) Oh…almost forgot. Of course…Shi Lang will be with her during the upcoming years. They really had to worry.

Yu Yi’s dream shattered once again as the brothers took on the next step to tear up his future plans. Yes, a very familiar scene. But still…when will these guys get it? So much for sand and surf, Yu Yi. The nightmare continued just like any other day. They decided not to resort to violence after all? Back to using their persuasion method? Okay, it was still Yu Yi’s life.

What was that, Zhuan? Old? You gotta be kidding me, right? Yu Yi didn’t buy it either. And Zhuan, He has always worn a beard! What are you talking about?

I actually have to side with Yu Yi this time since it was getting way out of hand. Not that it wasn’t before. How could they force him to go down this path? It was his future after all. How can they hold him back like that? What was next on their schedule to persuade Yu Yi? Money, cars, and girls? Great. Lucky he resisted it in time or he would regret it later with the temporary pleasure.

I guess the pitiful look won over all of those materialistic stuff. Why were they making Yu Yi feel guilty when they should be feeling guilty themselves for restricting Yu Yi’s life?

And I guess all those things did not amount to anything either but a certain girl. So much for freedom, Yu Yi. You just sacrificed your freedom for someone who might or might not be worth it. You can wave (or maybe kiss) all those freedom speeches goodbye too.

The rating dropped down to a new low of 1.04 for this episode. However, impatient people are missing out big time!

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  1. yeah… they’re both suppose to be cool. It is expected. XD It is not Yu Yi’s fault… he is just to weak lol Yu Yi was hurt that he didn’t have a special someone… rather sensitive dude. One too many charms at work… lol it is confusing me. Cows and Hippos… umm… they’re both fat 😀 and wow.. GPS in his phone… that is just violating lololo Xiao Xue makes up for four brothers… she can take them all on at the same time.. i’m not saying physically… it is all that mental power lolololo i bet you she can move things with her mind. haha Brothers have to tag a long if the can lol hahah same scheming but change of scenery… nice lol the four brothers need a break from fiddling ladies… it is a nice change, right? lolololo Her thinking about what Cheng said is also a break through for her and Cheng 😛 After smiling… the two of them are more human than monsters now 😀 ahhh the crazies *faints* Xiao Xue would freak me out… of course it is a good thing to have a yes from her lol Tao Hua was Shi Lang crazy… it doesn’t look like Little raindrop cared lol but whatever (note: not dtlct whatever, it is the normal whatever.) Yu Yi just like any girl. >.> sheesh Yu Yi would freak me out too… like the odd version not the Xiao Xue scary version. “(Okay, it was a lucky picture but so what? Concentrate!)” < Hahahaha what you mean possibly… it is most definitely another weirdo hahahaha According to the brothers… one second is already too much hahaha… that clock comment reminds me of the movie law abidding citizen. warden when by his own clock lol. Yu Yi behind bars *pat pat*