Momo Love: Episode 6

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

So Hui Qi was moving in near them. Across the street actually. What was going on? Did she need to stalk Tao Hua like that? Or was that just another coincidence of all coincidences? It did not matter since Yu Yi was in Heaven. He did not even care about his freedom or his scary brothers anymore.

And another incidental moment occurred. Shi Lang with another girl? Last time that happened, Tao Hua went to the temple and almost became a nun. Was history about to repeat itself? It was just a big misunderstanding last time. But it seemed more than that this time.

What was amusing about the whole matter was, only Yu Yi was happy about Hui Qi’s presence while the others were either oblivious or somewhat disturbed. Cheng seemed to catch on to Tao Hua’s mood faster this time around. Was that just a friendly handshake or a start of an investigation?

After hearing the news of Hui Qi being already attached to Shi Lang, the Chen clan went home. All were present for a secret meeting, excluding Yu Yi and Tao Hua. Those two were heavily affected by the news anyway. While Cheng was threatening Shi Lang, the others continued to eat. Can’t go to war with hungry soldiers, right? Gotta build their strengths up–again.

When Cheng finally took time to eat, Qi spoke up saying how good it was. What?! How dare Qi? Was he crazy to say that it was good that Shi Lang had deceived their precious sister? Then Qi clarified himself and spared himself from the other three’s threatening glares. Now I believe they’re crazy. Honestly, they were still able to celebrate? Twisted minds all right.

As Tao Hua was pondering about Hui Qi’s words in bed, Yu Yi was also suffering from a heartache. He was only able to suffer through the black and white movie he was watching. (I wonder how many times they have to re-take it since it’s just too funny and dramatic at the same time with Yu Yi and the tissues.) That was just too much with Yu Yi’s imagination though. You still have me? LOL!

And that was lame! How could Hui Qi do that? But I guess she was capable, considering how cunning she was before. She seemed like a psycho though. How could Shi Lang fall for it? However, that was a chance for some clarifications also.

Tao Hua showed off her athletic side to the crowd as Zhi Qiang passed on some praises for her. Hui Qi thought she was all that but failed miserably. Serves her right for being ungrateful of Yu Yi and Tao Hua’s help. Yeah, she was celebrating about gaining the upper hand but so what?

That was so funny! How did Shi Lang become so cunning? He tricked Hui Qi! She found her way into Judo anyway. But no matter how she tried, she would fail.

More jealousy scenes from Shi Lang though. It was very subtle but was noticeable since every time Zhi Qiang was near Tao Hua or talked to her, Shi Lang was staring at them! Zhi Qiang might be the force to finally let Shi Lang know about his feelings toward Tao Hua.

Back at home, the others were once again picking on Yu Yi for not being able to protect Tao Hua. However, Yu Yi was not in any better shape himself. Poor Yu Yi. Smart move from Tao Hua! Making a dive out of there in time. Why were they pulling the “parents” card on her? Lucky she escaped quickly.

Still trying to think of a way to get Tao Hua to forget about Shi Lang. These guys were getting quite hopeless since they can’t seem to come up with a better plan. They were happy too early last time, thinking that Shi Lang was already attached. They had to go back and rely on themselves once again.

And how could they? OMG! I don’t want to hate them BUT honestly, conspiring with outsiders to make Tao Hua suffer like that? Arrrggg… That was frustrating all right. And that was definitely an “Et tu, Brutus?” moment. If only Tao Hua knew about it.

The cat fights continued the next day with both girls trying to outdo each other in the culinary area. Shi Lang looked quite happy seeing Tao Hua’s preparation. (How cute!) One could tell right away that his expression changed to an uncomfortable one as soon as Hui Qi was trying to impress him once again.

Wow! How romantic! Zhi Qiang prepared a surprise for Tao Hua. If only that Hui Qi wasn’t around and smiling like some psycho, the scene wouldn’t be ruined. Honestly… It was already bad enough that she was around Shi Lang all the time. Now she had to ruin it for Zhi Qiang as well.

Yay for Tao Hua for being brave enough to turn him down also. Though I like Zhi Qiang, but I wouldn’t want Hui Qi to have the satisfaction of it all.

Finally, a face-off between the guys since it had been the cat fights all the while. Could get boring in two shakes. And kudos to Zhi Qiang for shoving Shi Lang a bit more. I know Shi Lang was afraid of the four crazy brothers and was not sure about his feelings yet. But he needed some major pushing all right. Maybe this will do it.

Zhi Qiang was really too much! Luckily Tao Hua hid in time. For the first time, I have to say thanks to the script-writers for NOT making the main girl all wishy-washy or being so nice about it that makes the other party misunderstand. Tao Hua was really clear on what she wanted and she did not show mercy or pity toward those who she was not interested in. Also, she was not a doormat to back down in regard to Hui Qi either. Zhi Qiang was more likable than Hui Qi but I would rather Tao Hua put a distance from him so it would not be her fault in the future if there were misunderstandings.

Luck was really on Tao Hua’s side since she spotted Shi Lang outside when she was hiding from Zhi Qiang! How funny! Was he hiding from Hui Qi also? But then again, Hui Qi loved to exaggerate so her words were never to be trusted. So Hui Qi miscalculated! Huh! Nice!

What was that? Was Shi Lang making his move already? Aww….yay, this was getting exciting. Perhaps Hui Qi’s sabotage attempts and Zhi Qiang’s persistent moves had driven Shi Lang and Tao Hua together after all. How ironic was that?

Zhi Qiang and Hui Qi had no idea that Shi Lang and Tao Hua had a date to look forward to. They still smiled, eh? But Calvin’s smile is so cute that it was hard to hate! Still, he was in for a major disappointment. Meanwhile, Yu Yi jumped in to sabotage Zhi Qiang’s moves again. Why was Zhi Qiang telling Yu Yi to move? Yu Yi was her older brother after all. Did he not know how to score points with the older brother?

The day finally came when Zhi Qiang became the victim of the four crazy brothers. But contrary to Yu Yi’s prediction, they were actually in tune with Zhi Qiang and only wanting to get rid of Shi Lang. Were they that crazy? Yes, Zhi Qiang was charming but was Shi Lang that bad? He might be a bit slow but he was super cute too. I guess we can’t reason with these crazy guys.

What? Zhi Qiang was changing his tactics? Those brothers were too much! How could they conspire with Zhi Qiang also? But that was a shocker with Zhi Qiang though! Poor Yu Yi got taken advantage of! Rui Sha appeared once again as Yu Yi’s dream girl to comfort him! So funny! Too bad he was not able to erase the image from his mind. cute was that? Shi Lang was so protective of Tao Hua! A nice change! Since Tao Hua had always been protected by her brothers and not others.

Yup, Zhi Qiang changed his tactics! Acting all sincere and pretending to be kind and caring toward his elders. (Thanks to the information provided by those Brutus brothers.) If you look carefully though, Zhi Qiang was looking at Yu Yi instead of Tao Hua.

What tactic was this? Um…dramatic soul. Or Drama King. Either way, Tao Hua wasn’t falling for it. Too bad, Brutus brothers! (And fake rain! How funny!)

And then Qi was struggling with his conscience as he realized how Tao Hua actually had a surprise for his birthday. What was that? Shi Lang was actually out with Tao Hua to buy him a birthday present?

Ratings finally dropped below 1.00 to .91. I guess it’s understandable since Hui Qi was super annoying but honestly, the others were still entertaining to watch.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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3 thoughts on “Momo Love: Episode 6

  1. Thanx for posting these plot summaries. I'[m still watching the series without English subs, but my Chinese is still very limited!
    These are a lifeline, because I’m really enjoying the drama. I never thought much of Ken Chu, but he’s really funny in this as the big brother weather-person, LOL.

  2. I’m glad it had helped you with the drama.
    I agree about his character and I think he really fits the leader type so it was a good choice to cast him as their oldest brother.

  3. cat fights and dog fights lol… oh yeah… Tao Hua is no push over… good good… too bad she kind of feels story for Zhi Qiang later… well I mean… who wouldn’t… he is pretty convincing except for that fake rain part… soooooo fake lololo mann… Yep I like how SL&TH got a change to know each other a little more because of Zhi Qiang and Hui Qi 😀 nice thought.

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