Momo Love: Episode 7

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Apparently, Zhi Qiang was still keeping up that scheme. Qi wasn’t all heart then since he did not call the operation off even if he knew that Shi Lang and Tao Hua had gone through so much to purchase a gift for him. What was Zhi Qiang doing then? Pretending to be pitiful once again. It seemed to work on other girls. Wonder if it will work on Tao Hua though.

Wasn’t that a bit over? Maybe WAY over. Honestly, who in the world would fall for that one? (Still funny though! I think only Calvin could pull that one off and get away with it.) Honestly, that was so OVER. But it was too funny.

I wonder what in the world Zhi Qiang meant by that? So he wasn’t into Yu Yi but was just deceiving them so he could get to Tao Hua? What? Have to wait and see. That just means that he’s cunning though. I always knew those idiots would end up stepping on their own traps one day.

Wow! Shi Lang mad for the first time? At least that triggered something. It will motivate him to push forward. Come on, Shi Lang!

The doom day finally came as Tao Hua set out with Zhi Qiang to fulfill Zhi Qiang’s wish. However, she soon caught on to her four brothers’ strange behaviors. Why weren’t they opposed to the date? What was that about their smiling and waving routine? But then He rushed to cover it up as he rattled off some threats to Zhi Qiang while the others followed suit with their deliverance of hostile words.

Habits were hard to break after all since they rushed inside to spy on Zhi Qiang and Tao Hua as the two were getting into Zhi Qiang’s car. Only Yu Yi was smart enough to see through Zhi Qiang’s schemes but Zhuan brushed it off as Yu Yi’s little jealous rant? Great… it seemed that Yu Yi was actually the one with brains.

Zhi Qiang proceeded with his own plan as the crazy brothers and Hui Qi watched nearby. What was that? He finally reacted but Cheng and Zhuan stopped him in time. Too bad.

After a round of swimming, Yu Yi finally confessed to Shi Lang about his brothers’ crazy schemes with Zhi Qiang. Shi Lang reacted and pulled Yu Yi out of the water. He was anxious to go save his precious Tao Hua all right. Finally some movements!

Once again, the so-called ‘date’ proceeded with Cheng, Zhuan, He, and Hui Qi following closely. Though Zhi Qiang was cunning, they still managed to cut through the chase. However, Shi Lang and Yu Yi need to hurry!

Shi Lang finally arrived after one incidental event that Hui Qi persuaded some kids to make it happen. Will Shi Lang prevent the inevitable in time and break through their schemes? He was badly outnumbered. And I was right! I will never forgive them for this!

And the inevitable happened because some dumb guys did not care to listen to Shi Lang. Hui Qi liked Shi Lang so of course, she did not care to stop it. Quite a traumatizing moment for Tao Hua yet she still managed to fight off Zhi Qiang. However, the look on Shi Lang’s face and the events afterward was quite tragic.

What was the point in beating Zhi Qiang up now? Since no one wanted to listen to Yu Yi or Shi Lang before. It was too late. I suddenly am disappointed in Zhuan’s investigative skills since he was able to rattle off all sort of information regarding their previous victims. How come he never caught on? Or was it because Zhi Qiang put up such a good show that they failed to investigate any further?

Beggars can’t be choosers. Why were they still scolding Yu Yi when they should be finding ways to comfort Tao Hua? Useless! But they finally learned their lessons and agreed to let it be. (Or so they said. Hopefully, they won’t back out on their words this time around, considering how they already helped Zhi Qiang and hurt their sister–even if it was not on purpose.)

The worst feeling ever–or possibly one of the top ones–was being ignored. Tao Hua was just going through such. The song “Little Star” wasn’t helping the mood either since it made the scene even more heartbreaking.

And what were Zhuan and He up to this time? Double trouble? Why were they dressed in such weird attires? Trying to conceal themselves? Hahahaha! That was so uncalled for! Their car got tolled! (I thought it wouldn’t happen since dramas usually cover their bases pretty well with that regarding how the major characters never have troubles like that. But that little incident made it more real.) Okay, so Zhuan finally got his brain back. That was a good scheme. Using the old trick? Hopefully, they succeed this time.

Meanwhile, Shi Lang was giving in to his thoughts and decided to call Tao Hua. However, Zhi Qiang made a go for it once again, using Hui Qi’s cell phone to send the incidental picture to Shi Lang. Upon seeing that photo, Shi Lang changed his mind and walked off although Tao Hua was right there when she received the call. Tao Hua was not putting up with that ignorance game anymore but decided to pursue the matter. How to undo this matter now?

Though Tao Hua was unsuccessful in trying to explain herself, the twins were more successful in diverting Hui Qi’s attention from Shi Lang. It was time for He to work his charm. Zhuan, of course, managed to persuade He to be the candidate for the operation. It was not that hard to persuade anyway since they needed to undo matters since they were partially blamed for the matter anyway. Wow! He was really working off his charm. Never knew he was that capable of using those words. He just regained his title once again.

The scheme was getting big. So Xiao Mi was also in it? Let’s hope they won’t get exposed as fast. Since they were finally steering toward the right direction. Yu Yi was more than glad to help them because they finally used their minds for good instead of the bizarre ways they were proceeding toward earlier.

It was too late, however, since Shi Lang hate being deceived and/or lied to the most. How was he supposed to know she had nothing to do with the schemes? Sometimes being too helpful wasn’t helping at all. It was too late also because of their past records of mishaps. Can’t blamed Shi Lang for being mad but it was still sad seeing Tao Hua like that.

A chase to their house was fruitful since Shi Lang finally agreed to talk with Tao Hua. (Though it was more thanks to Zhuan’s GPS chip from earlier.) As Zhuan, Yu Yi, and Xiao Mi headed back to the Chen resident for some rest, they bumped into He, not realizing that Hui Qi was also around. Zhuan and He tried to stop Hui Qi from sabotaging their plan but Yu Yi ended up being the victim once again. Poor Yu Yi! (All the girls in here can really hit for some reason!) The Chen clan finally reunited as they ran to tend to Yu Yi. Even Hui Qi was not as urgent to head out any more, allowing more time for Shi Lang and Tao Hua to talk.

Back outside, Shi Lang and Tao Hua were just having a staring contest, not knowing where to begin. Tao Hua quickly spoke up anyway, not wanting to lose this one and only chance as Shi Lang listened on half-heartedly. It seemed hopeless but at last, Shi Lang softened and the scene ended in felicity as the rest of the Chen clan and Hui Qi witnessed the heartwarming scene. (The same could not be said for Yu Yi though since he was once again abandoned and forgotten by the others.)

And they were back again as a trio with Tao Hua being more than happy. She seemed to be on Cloud 9 and oblivious to all things around her.

Yet the atmosphere was broken again because of an announcement calling out for Tao Hua and Zhi Qiang. What would bring for them this time around? Another set of dramas? However, the image of Yu Yi looking so happy upon seeing Hui Qi was just too funny since she was more than pissed off at the turn of events.

Ratings rose again to .94 but not that much. Oh well, I might just give up on the ratings since it didn’t matter anymore.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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  1. I call this the … finally it happened episode… so Shi Lang finally shows some jealousy, Zhi Qiang finally got a chance with Tao Hua, Tao Hua finally gets to express all her feelings to him, Shi Lang finally accepts Tao Hua, they are finally together… then… the inevitable happens hahahah… dummies -.- oooo and you might want to look up ignorance. kk

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