Momo Love: Episode 8

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

As Yu Yi was pondering about the reason for Tao Hua and Zhi Qiang’s summon, we were brought back to Qi talking to this one old man. Were the events tied somehow? Probably, considering how the previews had indicated another set of dramas to unfold.

As Yu Yi and Hui Qi were snooping through the glass door, Qi explained to Tao Hua the reason for her being called to the office. Zhi Qiang, on the other hand, walked to the old man as if he knew him. That was revealed immediately, causing some shock spreading all around. Indeed that was a shocker all right. Was someone mixing personal and business?

WHAT?! Engaged? What in the world? And I thought the four Chen brothers were crazy. What was this old man saying? And why was Zhi Qiang looking like he was pissed off at this old man’s actions? Wasn’t that going to put him in the most beneficial position?

After the initial shock, Qi pulled Tao Hua aside for a talk as Hui Qi was feeling happy about the whole situation, thinking it would benefit her in the end. Tao Hua finally took it into her hands to leave the scene after excusing herself. Qi ran after her as Hui Qi ran off also. Possibly cooking up a new scheme. Yu Yi had no time to pursue that matter as he also chased after Tao Hua and Qi. (And I must give kudos to Yu Yi once again for staying strong with his support toward Tao Hua instead of hesitating like Qi–who was usually supposed to be the fierce leader. It didn’t matter if he was explaining himself or the situation or declaring his loyalty and dedication to his family. The thing was he hesitated at the beginning, casting doubts from Yu Yi and Tao Hua.)

So the truth was revealed why Zhi Qiang was so against the idea. I would’ve been mad too. Seriously. Okay, his tricks were a bit underhand but at least he used his own strength to do it.

It looked like Zhi Qiang was not the only one outraged about the whole matter. Yu Yi was only the first one to react toward the situation. The other three brothers did not take it as light (aka not just walking away and ignoring Qi) but He actually took it into his hand to give Qi a good beating–even if the guy was their oldest brother. And then I could slightly forgive the other three for the previous attempt to break Shi Lang and Tao Hua apart and falling for Zhi Qiang’s trick. Qi was unforgivable despite his own hardship. It was not like he was some soft/ gentle person who was not able to fight against anyone. He was their mastermind from the start with all the bizarre schemes. But now…where was his bravery? This was also one of those times when the other three and Yu Yi were on the same side regarding matters.

Though they fought, they would always be family, right? It finally showed a deeper bond among the siblings with the silent understanding aside from those bizarre moments that they were doing in the past episodes. What was really going on that Qi only drink and not talk? Was it that serious or was Qi just blowing things up and making the problem bigger than it really was?

So the truth finally came out after the others persisted the matter some more and persuading Qi to tell them. All those years of work going down the drain? No problem. Qi was willing to sacrifice it all and let it go since it was not as important as Tao Hua’s happiness, right? So the others were jumping to conclusion after all. But can’t blame them totally since Qi kept so quiet that others were anxious. It could be because Qi was going through some major conflicts inside and how he would never predict his job to end like that.

As the others were discussing matters inside, Tao Hua finally found her way to the secret headquarter. So she never knew. Of course, she never knew. Yu Yi was not that brave enough to disclose it to her anyway. What was Tao Hua going to do? Act on instinct to save her brother’s job? Or… Oh why did it have to become so complicated? Yes, that was a good cue of a reality check with obstacles in life and how they could come upon such despicable people at work, especially the higher management. But why that? I knew I was pondering the whole time when they were out doing their missions that how come the others never run into trouble at work because of all the wandering around they did, but did it have to be this to tell us?

After reminding us of their promise made years ago when they were little, Qi commanded the others to listen to Cheng from now on. A touching moment unfolded itself as Qi continued, causing even silent tears from Tao Hua as she was listening from outside. Qi continued on with telling Zhuan, He, and Yu Yi of their duties in the future and some caring pieces of advice.

Qi had to suffer through the consequences of opposing the old man. Days and nights of running around but he still did not give up. He was still taking care of Tao Hua with the little time that he had left when he arrived home. Still buying her stuff like normal. A little flashback added to the caring and bond they had. It was always Qi who took care of her daily needs. It really showed that Qi was not afraid of anything and his little sister was really the center of his life. It was about time that Tao Hua did something, right? Considering how much Qi had suffered already. Though she was not with him, witnessing every single hardship but she was able to sense it all the same.

How could a supposedly good date be so sad? It was a decision Tao Hua made. However, it felt like everything they did was sad since Tao Hua will never be able to accompany Shi Lang to do all those activities anymore. If only Shi Lang knew.

Another family meeting commenced as the others were shocked with Tao Hua’s sudden declaration to marry Zhi Qiang. This time around, everyone was present and their moods were equally heavy. Not to mention irritated. Everyone present knew what was going on. Only Tao Hua was still brushing off their accusations and suspicions. Fending off all the words from her brothers, Tao Hua finally escaped to her room and finally cried away. Was there not another solution?

Having no luck with prying information out of Tao Hua, the others headed back to their secret headquarter to discuss their next move. They all agreed to investigate Tao Hua’s strange behaviors and abrupt change of minds. However, they couldn’t spy on her like that, could they? Who was the best candidate? Yu Yi of course.

It seemed that Hui Qi was the bearer of bad news. Always like that. Since every time she appeared, something was up. This time, it was not any different. Waiting for her opportunity, what else? Tao Hua did not have to worry about how to approach Shi Lang with her explanation since he was just around the corner waiting for her. Devastated was an understatement for his current mood.

More touching scenes between Qi and Tao Hua when they were little. Nice to have such a caring brother. Maybe the sacrifice will be worth it. But it was still sad…

Yu Yi once again discovered the truth and proved himself to be the smartest one among them all. Too bad he wasn’t able to convince Tao Hua otherwise.

Once again, the three Chen brothers were up to something. What was it? How come they had to meet Hui Qi again? Whatever it was, it was also He’s chance to get back at Zhuan also. Since he just dropped a bomb on them all, disclosing the fact that the person who really liked Hui Qi was actually Zhuan. But if that was so, how come He had to come up with most of the reasons why Zhuan liked Hui Qi? If she bought that one, then she must be easy to deceive. But these guys were talented, right? They could work their charms away with no problems.

It seemed like Qi was back at the station with his usual weather reporting. However, he was not so hype with his Tao Hua talks like before. And the episode exited on Qi smiling about a flashback but was sad again because of the current events.

Honestly, just when things were picking up with the last episode rising, it fell again to .67 for this week. Was this the effects of the other two?

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2 thoughts on “Momo Love: Episode 8

  1. I hadn’t seen Ken Chu in anything since Meteor Garden, though a friend of mine saw him in a feature film he did in the Philippines. I think Ken played the role of a Taiwanese fisherman whose boat sinks or he is swept overboard and washed up on a beach in the Philippines, LOL.
    He’s really good in Momo Love as the big brother.

  2. overall… sad. that’s it… sad. =/ I love watching the scenes when Qi and Tao Hua were younger 😀 soo cute… hahah like Qi buying her a bra and all… lol… he would go through anything if Tao Hua needed.
    That date would have been awesome if we didn’t know about the situation and if Tao Hua would stop looking at Shi Lang with those sad eyes all the time… geez…. I was like… nooooooooooo.

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