Momo Love: Episode 9

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

After the Chen brothers had a little nonsense fight to ease the mood off, they sent Yu Yi to the park to confide with Tao Hua. Tao Hua finally admitted to Yu Yi of her speedy decision of marrying Zhi Qiang. Yu Yi was once again made to not tell the others yet he really wanted to. Then Tao Hua received some text messages from her brother with their well-wishing and last words of hoping that she had made the right decision and that it was for her happiness. It was indeed another touching moment of their siblings’ bonding.

Apparently, Yu Yi had rescued Tao Hua’s treasure box from the bottom of the lake and brought it to Shi Lang’s house. He tried to explain and how Tao Hua was very sad regarding the matter as well. Shi Lang made a comeback by pointing out that he was not feeling so good himself either. Yu Yi understood so he did not say any more except to turn the treasure box over to Shi Lang. Shi Lang opened the box and saw its contents, realizing how important he was to Tao Hua. However, he was not able to change the situation anyway.

Shi Lang’s father witnessed the whole scene and realized how much his son was going through. They had a heartfelt talk and it was also revealed how Shi Lang’s mother left. Shi Lang’s father also gave him some advice, hinting subtly at the current situation. Still, it said a lot about their father and son relationship–unlike some previous random comedic moments from earlier episodes.

The big day finally came. However, only Qi and Yu Yi accompanied Tao Hua since Cheng and the others claimed they were in no shape to come. The reason? They could not guarantee they would be able to control their temper if they were present.

Qi was not able to stand it anymore since it was already an unsaid thing that none of the Chen clan was happy about the whole matter. He once again confronted Tao Hua, knowing she was lying since he was her brother, after all, right? How could he not spot her lying? Yu Yi jumped in to tell Qi, at last, telling Tao Hua that he (Yu Yi) was also her brother so it was only right that he cared as much as the others.

Learning the truth behind Tao Hua’s agreement to the wedding, Qi rushed into the main hall to call off the arrangements and walked off after his speech about the importance of family and happiness. It was really Qi’s moment all right since he really proved his brotherly love toward Tao Hua but also the others as well and he was proud of it.

Zhi Qiang was as surprised as the others about Qi’s outburst (well except for his father who planned the whole thing so it was obvious the old man knew) but was glad Qi called it off. After all, he would rather use his own capabilities to win over a girl than this tactic.

While that was going on, Shi Lang was thinking over some last minute thoughts before leaving with Hui Qi. However, Hui Qi sensed his current mood and did not want to force him into going with her at last. It was only ten more minutes before they had to board the train. It was up to him really to come or not.

As Shi Lang was thinking things over, Yu Yi finally spoke up about Shi Lang and Hui Qi’s plan. He earned some scolding from Qi but they did not have much time to argue over. Qi grabbed Tao Hua and ran out the door as Yu Yi was retrieving Tao Hua’s wedding dress. On the road, they were experiencing bad luck since they kept running into red lights. However, they did not give up since they were the Chen clan after all. It seemed like Tao Hua was always the one doing the chasing. But it was appropriate this time since she was the one who severed the tie this time around–though it was not her fault totally.

They arrived at the train station at last. Qi used his speed to get them to the correct area but was too late because the train had taken off. Devastated, Tao Hua broke down. (Not really but it seemed hopeless.) They continued to stay at the station since it was too late and mourned over the lost chance.

Qi was back to himself again after restoring his breath with some water. He immediately told Tao Hua that they would buy some train tickets so they could follow Shi Lang. Yu Yi volunteered readily to do the task. Qi also walked away to take care of the necessities as Tao Hua continued to sit at the chair.

A miracle of all miracles happened and unknown to others, but Shi Lang appeared right behind Tao Hua as she was still lost in thoughts. The funniest thing was that Shi Lang was tapping on her shoulder from behind. How cute was that? Was Shi Lang learning to loosen up despite the situation? Or he already knew that he had won? Awww…

And things went back to normal as if it had never happened. Yu Yi was still on standby to watch over Tao Hua but at a safe distance this time around. Even Mr. Tough Guy Chen He was preparing a specialty for Shi Lang. Things were getting even better.

Maybe Hui Qi was not as bad as she seemed after all. Perhaps it was all those times spent with Shi Lang when they were little that she did not want to let go of. Childhood memories were best, weren’t they? After all, she did make clear that she wanted to pursue her happiness. It wasn’t the best ways, but she tried. Seeing her smiled when Yu Yi sang for her made her seemed like any normal girl once again. Maybe this would be a start for them also. (JL has a nice voice indeed!)

Then the Chen household was back to normal again as they resumed their duties around the house. Not to mention goofing off. The atmosphere had gone up a few notches with everyone in high spirits for various reasons. Everyone was present during meal time–unlike other occasions where they did not care to come to the table. Even Yu Yi was included when Chef He rang his bell and called for attention. What more could they ask for, right?

Well…maybe even more good news since Qi was seen on TV once again. It seemed like his luck turned for the better–not like what they had dreaded. Everyone was drowned in happiness with so much good news around them, but what about Yu Yi? He had to go back to his old days of being their slave since he was sent out to dispose of trash once again. But fate was not too cruel to him because he managed to run into Hui Qi and had a chat–though not a really nice one since she was back to her old mean self again. (It couldn’t be helped.) But she was not the meanest because Mr. Director was the one who tossed his trash bag right smack into Yu Yi! Director Winnie, how could you? (Still funny to see him portray another role in here.)

Another day and another date. Tao Hua was getting ready to look her best, but Yu Yi was not any help. Yu Yi, you need to concentrate! You’re not helping. But that was really funny how he said that she was just going over to Shi Lang for dinner, not like she was going on “One Million Stars”–good one all right.

As for Shi Lang’s side, Shi Lang was still clueless of what to wear when he dropped all things in hand because he saw his father walking in all dressed up. That was a bit over all right. They might as well be going to his wedding.

Errr…stop being a Drama King, Shi Ba Ba! But that was a really good one too. How could Shi Lang, right? Had to straighten Shi Lang out with his priorities there.

Okay, he was getting overly friendly. But still, that was really cute. Shi Lang and Tao Hua were matching! Wow!

I thought Xiao Xue was already warming up to Tao Hua. Why was she ignoring Tao Hua? Was it because of Cheng’s mishaps then? Still nice to see her back into the scenes since I rather see her fierce attitude than Hui Qi’s schemes.

Lucky Shi Ba Ba came to the rescue with his overly friendliness again. He was just so lovable with his attempts to disarm all of Xiao Xue’s attacks.

Xiao Mi was with them once again as they were riding on the bus. She was chatting on and on regarding matters. Probably affected by their good moods. Xiao Mi excitedly declared to them that she would succeed in pursuing He. Somehow, the topic of Hui Qi came up and Tao Hua told them about how she got along fine with Hui Qi at the beginning and expressed that she wanted to mend their problems. Hui Qi was after all Shi Lang’s childhood friend so it made sense to make peace with her, right?

Before Tao Hua was able to make her move, Yu Yi already made his. He was once again trying to pursue Hui Qi. But this time, it was more like helping her out of concern and not really wanting to move in on her so fast just like that. But he just made a mistake, just like how Zhuan did once upon a time in regard to Tao Hua. How could he mention those words? People who go through those times do not want to be reminded of it.

When all else seemed to fit right back into its place, Zhi Qiang was seen lurking around once again. It seemed like trouble would also stir up some more like last time. One cannot be too happy about the current state. What was Zhi Qiang up to then? But was he just bluffing? Or he was just going insane? Even his imagination was quite bizarre.

What was Tao Hua up to this time? Oh…she was just trying to sharpen up her culinary skills after that embarrassing moment at Shi Lang’s house last time. Though Shi Ba Ba and Shi Lang didn’t mind, it was still something to think about. Before she was able to get her brothers to sample ’em, Yu Yi walked in. And before she was able to persuade him to be her lab rat, Cheng and Zhuan already tasted it. Their reaction was positive! Did Tao Hua have a knack for it then? Or was she just lucky? Nah…that was not the point! Tao Hua was trying to carry out her plan! What culinary skills? She needed to figure out more important matters!

So Cheng, Zhuan, and He were forced to help Qi with some activities while Yu Yi was relief of it since he had to maintain his duty of watching over Tao Hua. That created an opportunity for them since they sneaked off to go on a trip of their own. As they were settling in, Yu Yi went outside for some fresh air and discovered a lurker. However, Shi Lang dispelled of his suspicion and called him back in. It looked like Zhi Qiang! So he was following them? Was that what he meant by ‘protecting Tao Hua’? Crazy dude! Just because he has those thoughts did not mean Shi Lang was like that.

As fate would have it, the consequence was brought upon them when they were out for a walk along the train tracks. Well, at least for Yu Yi since it was their crazy brothers spotting them. Yu Yi was really psychic! He was able to summon them just by thinking of them! (Although Yu Yi Ge didn’t sound so bad! LOL! Love He for that!)

Exactly, why were they there again? Weren’t they supposed to help Qi with his tasks? Zhuan tongue-tied moment. Gotta love that! Eh…Xiao Mi was also there? It was getting interesting by the minute. In fact, by the second.

It kept getting more and more interesting…so Cheng and Xiao Xue were meeting! Yu Yi was always the one discovering interesting things. Perhaps they should capture that incidental moment and use it for the future to their advantage!

Zhuan had a better idea than just capturing that moment. He decided to sabotage them! Love Zhuan! It was their once in a lifetime chance! Of course, they had to tease Cheng all the way! Not to mention the ice queen!

So everyone was coming out with their secrets! Poor Zhuan though! But he looked awesome with the glasses! How could Xiao Xue shot him down like that?

Their happiness as one big family was ruined by strange occurrences though. It seemed like someone wanted to fool around with them. Or more specifically, Tao Hua. She was the only person who was able to see the so-called “ghost” while Yu Yi was the only one who was aware of someone spying on them from afar. Yu Yi finally convinced Zhuan and He to go check it out. It was the only way to get rid of the suspicion. And their investigation wasn’t in vain since they managed to uncover the hand behind those strange occurrences. But was he the only one or were there any accomplices?

Went up by .02 points but not much of a help since it was only .69 for this episode.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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3 thoughts on “Momo Love: Episode 9

  1. syko says:

    It was the big chase hehehe loved it and it involved a car just like the other one that ended up with kiss and hug… it has become a motif. bwahahah kiss hug… hug kiss… yadda yadda… wow… why didn’t I notice they were matching?!?! *faints* very nice matching clothes indeed. Tao Hua was all worried about what to wear too… lol Yu Yi was like a sister she asked advice from. lololololo

  2. DTLCT says:

    Hey, thanks for commenting once again. It was one interesting episode all right. And I think it might be my favorite with them hanging out together near the end.


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