Moonlight by Yang Pei An

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Song Title: Moonlight (月光)

Music & Lyrics by: Chen Guo Hua (陳國華)

Bold = Chinese
Grayish Blue = Pin Yin
Indigo  = English

yue er wan wan jing jing gua zai tian kong shang
The arched calm moon hanging high in the sky
wei guang zhong shi jie chong man zhe xi wang
Glimmering in the center of the world, overflowing with hope
滿天星 星滿天 像母親的光輝
man tian xing   xing man tian  xiang mu qin de guang hui
Sky full of stars, stars all over the sky, resembling a mother’s radiance
nuan nuan de shou hu zhe ren jian
Warmly protecting this world

ye xu ming lian chang chang kao yan zhe ni wo
Perhaps fate often test you and me
hui hui shou hui chen jiu neng gou bai tuo
Waving off the dust could enable an escape route
這一段 坎坷路 讓我來陪你走
zhe yi duan   kan ke lu   rang wo lai pei ni zou
This one, even path had allowed me to accompany you
wen rou yue guang hui zhao liang zhe yi lu
The benevolent moonlight illuminated brightly on this path

不要怕不要慌 有我在你身旁
bu yao pa bu yao huang   you wo zai ni shen pang
Don’t be afraid, don’t be nervous, I’m right here by your side
shou qian shou jiu neng di dang zhe feng lang
Holding hands will allow us to push off this obstacle
別擔心別徬徨 有信心一定強
bie dan xin bie pang huang   you xin xin yi ding qiang
Don’t worry, don’t hesitate, having confidence will make you strong
you wei xiao jiu neng ju ji zhe neng liang
Having a smile will gather this energy

chang chang ting shuo bu ru yi shi you ba jiu
Oftentimes having heard unfavorable things are 8,9 out of 10
xue xue feng jiu neng qing ying you zi you
Learn to be just like the wind, graceful and liberating
悲與恨 都放手 用真愛來歌頌
bei yu hen   dou fang shou   yong zhen ai lai ge song
Letting go of grief and hate, using true love to honor
yuan ni wo dou neng ping an de du guo
Hoping that you and I will go through safely

*All translations were done by DTLCT.

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