My Heavy Heart by Jamie Salazar

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1. Beautiful Silence – The lyrics are nice but I don’t really like this background music much.

2. Unforgotten – Nice song and soft background music. Soothing. I really like how this song is being mixed.

3. Green With Green – Really like how the sound is being mixed in here. It’s all soft at the beginning then it rises up a bit during the song. The lyrics in this song are just straight to the point. I like that.

4. Rose – Nice song. Like the guitar used to emphasize everything, there’s a point being made.

5. Loss of Breath – Starts out upbeat yet not too loud–right tone. I really like this song. It’s sending quite a message.

6. Betray – Interesting, like the background music also. Don’t want to spoil it too much.

7. Of Rhyme & Reason – Very well written. When you read the lyrics, it sounds like nothing special, but when listening to it, you can feel it.

8. City Bells – This song is a lot longer on the CD than on the preview that some of you might have to listen on MySpace. It’s 15 mins and 8 secs. That’s why there’s only like 8 songs on this CD rather than 10 or 12. I think this is the best song on the whole CD. Not like others aren’t good. But this one is very inspirational and you could feel safer, knowing there’s hope for the future. The background music changes every time the theme changes slightly. Very interesting arrangement.

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