Na Yi Nian De Xing Fu Shi Guang

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Okay, the reason why I was even watching this was because I was channel surfing on TV, intending to look for something different but stumbled upon this one. But I kept watching even after claiming that I only want to see the opening theme parts. Then James Wen Sheng Hao came onto the screen with Sonia that I sort of continue watching, thinking it wouldn’t matter to watch a bit more. But I became addicted to it–something I haven’t felt for a while–regardless of how I spread out my intervals of watching and telling myself to be patient. This one was different because it just kept me wanting more and more. Perhaps, it was because it didn’t have the whole ‘overrated’ feeling or the ‘hype’ often seen in other SETTV related dramas. Everything was so down to earth. There were serious elements in here, touching to the point of being worth a few tears. There were also the subtle comedic and lighthearted moments that accompanied the plot. Everything for once was so natural and down to earth. Maybe because I prefer this type of setting and plot more than the whole ‘richness’ or ‘royalty’ idea reeking in SETTV’s dramas.

I have to admit that I’m watching in the middle or at least it seems so since I do not understand how it began but it’s here. It’s the part where Sonia and James are joking about something and then he wears the ring for her, but only halfway. They are so cute and sweet–without trying. (Though I have seen different promotion events for P.S. Man yet I have a feeling I won’t enjoy the other as much since I’m hooked on James and Sonia’s chemistry.) Then the scene moves on to Amber talking to Leroy and finally making peace with him (I’m guessing after so long). Then comes James and Sonia’s wedding (after some more talk here and there). Though I only watched a few minutes of P.S. Man and was tired of seeing the ‘glamour’ element (so I put it aside), but I could see that Sonia is more comfortable in this drama versus P.S. Man. It’s like she’s more natural and not too ‘trying’ or so it seems. Again, it’s probably the whole ‘no hype’ feel that makes me enjoy it. The pace is just right, not too slow and not too fast either. You can feel the emotions without the exaggerated developments.

I was really blown away by several performances during the whole time watching though I did not expect much. I think this is one of the underrated dramas. First, I’m not familiar with Amber because I had skipped the whole Invincible Shan Bao Mei (mostly because I felt they were robbed and that some other overrated drama had used them to end their story). However, I was impressed with Amber in here. She did really well and I was convinced she’s a mature young lady (or it seems at that point), not blaming the other guy anymore, holding onto her child and relying on the baby’s strength (or so it seems). Her life revolves around her baby and nothing else matter (i.e. not holding grudges or living in the past anymore). She exudes a strong personality though she was crying while she was saying those things. But she let me believe that she’s strong and trying to be strong for everyone around her (especially her baby) and even herself.

Next in line are James and Sonia since their chemistry is so addicting to watch. Cute yet not overdone. Again, Sonia’s more natural and comfortable in here. I could feel that she’s drenched with happiness when she’s with James. They’re in a world of their own when they’re together. They do not care what others say about them. She could be crazy (or do crazy things) when she’s with him, and it’s perfectly all right. James’ charming and natural in every sense. He’s never too trying (or so it seems).

The supporting actors/actresses should not be forgotten either. I recognize some of the veteran stars and remember them from other dramas. They contribute a realistic touch to the story, worrisome parents and even to the point of overly worried. Yet it seems so natural. So like a regular family–though some of their behaviors said otherwise. (Though we could relate because we have a family member like one or another.)

The scenery is something else that makes it work. It’s so breathtaking in many sense. The whole nature surrounding them and paving a picture of a simplistic life is just so promising. The whole outdoor scenes and the freedom leaking all over the atmosphere.

Based on the above impression, I’m more than convinced that I would hunt down this drama in the future to watch it properly. (And I must say that SETTV should try out for these more than the other types since it’s overkilled with the exaggerated/ prince charming themes. But maybe because the audience enjoys the other type more so they have no choice but to create more of those types.)

Also, the music is sooo good and addicting. Or perhaps of how Peter sings it. Ring Hsu should also be credited since she’s the one singing the ending theme with Peter.

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3 thoughts on “Na Yi Nian De Xing Fu Shi Guang

  1. I first saw Sonia Sui in Prince Turned into Frog. I thought she had a real talent for comedy. She played an excellent mean, snobbish rich girl who gave the poor country girl, tomboy heroine a very hard time. I was impressed with Sonia’s performance Love Magician, in the more serious role as the long suffering gf of the two-timing Fei Nan Du, who later helped Richie shoulder his responsibilities.
    I’m glad to hear she is so good with James Wen and I look forward to catching up with this one.

  2. @vgag – I saw Sonia’s potential in AQMFS. For a model turned actress, I thought she handled it very well and I’m glad she’s getting recognized.

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