New Year Surprise: Mr. and Mrs. Chen


(image credit: Nylon Chen’s Facebook Page)

To be honest, I was half asleep when I saw Nylon’s post with a picture of him and Lene the other day. I thought it was a project they were involved in–again. Yet what caught my attention was the “Mrs. Chen” part so I scrolled back and read it more carefully. Sometimes it happens with just liking a picture but not reading messages entirely. So I did.


(image credit: Nylon Chen’s Facebook Page)

It actually took about an hour or so for the media to move right in, covering all incidents and dissecting about how their relationship began. It entertained me greatly. In fact, their proposal story was quite cute, lol! (Check here for the article.) When asked, Lene said they haven’t planned the wedding reception or honeymoon yet. However, they will definitely be taking wedding pictures. Hurray! Looking forward to that. And no, she’s not pregnant, in case anyone wants to link the two as it often happens when celeb couples rushed to get married of recent. She loves kids though (and wants two–according to the above article).

The two actually met on the set of Blissful Dandelion and have been dating for six years now.

So congrats to both Nylon and Lene! 2017 is going smoothly so far.