Next Station, Happiness?

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So news has it that Ming Dao has dropped out of the drama due to some schedule conflicts. (The real story: It was Sun De Rong.) If this keeps up any longer, Ming Dao might be dubbed as the ‘arrogant’ dude who is too good for some productions. Let’s hope that news is confirmed soon since it is believed that Van Ness Wu is taking over Ming Dao’s role as the male lead. (The reason why I have to say ‘wait for further confirmation’ is because there could possibly be some dramas going on behind-the-scenes again and everything won’t be for sure–just like last time.) If it is true, then it will be interesting to see the collaboration between Van Ness and Ady. (I suddenly have this evil thought of hoping that IF there’s a chance that Dylan would join Ady instead. But I’m all for new pairings too!)

It seems like there hasn’t been any luck surrounding this production so far. First, it was the female lead having communication problems with SETTV. Then they were back to searching for possible candidates as the female lead. Now that they finally found her, the male lead pulls a ‘disappearing’ act on them.

Is it because of the title that’s making it ironic all the same? When will the production team find their happiness? (Cliche, I know.)

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2 thoughts on “Next Station, Happiness?

  1. rinko says:

    Vanness did a great job in next stop, happiness too. I think he is more suitable as ming dao is kind of matured already, whereas vanness still have the bad street boys look…

  2. DTLCT says:

    rinko, thanks for commenting. I agree with you regarding Van Ness’ performance in the drama and the cast pulled it off with much success.


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