On The Set: Part VI

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TF: New tactic, let’s go watch all the movies in here so you can catch on to some helpful tips.

QQ: HUH?! You mean all 20 of them?!

QQ: What are you doing here? I thought we have today off.
TF: The better. You’ll have more time to brush up on your acting. Don’t you feel lucky that I came over just to spend the day helping you?
QQ: Uh…

TF: Well, what do you think? We don’t have time to waste.
QQ: Can we just take a little stroll around the block first?

TF: No. You’re always wandering around places. That’s why you can’t focus.
QQ (thinking): When will he leave me alone?

TF (thinking): What is that guy doing here?
RF: Hey, Qiao Qiao. Are you ready for our karaoke session?
QQ: Apparently not.

TF: Wait a minute. I’m helping her with her acting today.
RF: Says who? Get in line. I promised to help her with her singing yesterday.
TF: Did not. I saw you talking to Yan Yan the whole time yesterday when we were done filming.
RF: I talked to her on the phone last night, okay?
TF: Did not.
RF: Did too.
QQ: Uh…guys…

*Caps by ShadowoftheNight

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