On The Set: Part XIV

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TF: Hey, why did you splash me again? I already heard the director say ‘Cut’.
QQ: Sorry. Anyway, guess what?
TF: What?
QQ: I found out what Zax was up to last night.
TF: What?
QQ: He was having some disagreements with his agency so he decided to gather the others up to have a karaoke night. Oh yeah, the others came after you left.
TF: You guys had karaoke night without me?

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QQ: That’s not the point!
TF: What then?

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QQ: It was all your fault!
TF: Hey, don’t go accusing me of things I’m not aware of. What happened?
QQ: We had to stay up all night last night just to sing with him. My throat is so dry right now it’s not even funny.
TF: You can still yell at me, can’t you?
QQ: Tang Feng!
TF: Hold on, I’m getting a call.

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TF: Hello? Chen Yi? Gather all the others up. We need to take care of some things.
CY (on the other side): What happened?
TF: I’ll tell you later.

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QQ (thinking): Don’t tell me he’s gathering everyone to beat Zax up.
TF (still on the phone): ….Okay. Do what you can. We’ll be there in a bit.

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QQ: What are you planning to do?
TF: He dares to bully you so he’ll have to face the consequences.
QQ: What?! You’re really sending people over to beat him up?
TF: What are you talking about? We’re going to challenge him to a karaoke showdown.
QQ: Oh…

*Caps by ShadowoftheNight

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