On The Set: Part XVIII

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TF: Qiao Qiao, what are you doing out here in the middle of the night? Aren’t you afraid of a certain type of people cruising around here?
QQ: I don’t want to go home.
TF: Why not?

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QQ: I can’t stand it anymore! Too much pressures from the public and not to mention you both kept trying to help me. I know I should be grateful for it, but…
TF: Is that Zax bugging you again? I thought we taught him a lesson.
QQ: It’s not that. It’s just me.

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TF: If you don’t want me to help you anymore, then I won’t. Come on. It’s late already. I’ll take you home.

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TF: Come on. Don’t walk like you’re walking to your funeral.
QQ: Why are you jinxing me?
TF: I’m not. You do look like that though.

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TF: Why are you still standing here? It’s cold outside.
QQ: Do you think I should quit?
TF: Are you crazy? You’ve gone so far.
QQ: But…
TF: No buts…

*Caps by ShadowoftheNight

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