Only You: Episode 1

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After watching the first episode, I must say I’m impressed. It might be too early to say anything regardless because I’ve read some spoilers but I’m willing to stay positive – for once (at least recently). This series is of course about weddings or more like the preparations for weddings. Well, it could be counted as everything surrounding weddings, such as preparations – as mentioned above – and the hardships they’ve gone through for it. The reasons for such a fancy and glamorous preparations could be for the the sake of saving face – as in this case, but actually turns out into a different reason and could account for a whole different reason in the end. I must admit I was thinking along the line of dragging formula as the wall crumbles when Mandy (Yoyo Mung) exclaims out her frustration and spills the beans about her recent job lost. But the whole event turns around all right in the end. It seems that this series would be a case per case thing instead of dragging it out with the whole jumble of stories like in the past series. Then they would save it for everything to resolve in the end or near the end. But it’s not. I like this approach better when it comes to theme related ones. I must say I’m not much of a fan of some of the cast members but watch anyway since I at least like some of the cast. Glad I carry on anyway because I like the development thus far and how the characters are – even if they seem annoying at one point or another. It is more on a serious level than some of the recent nonsense ones. However, you shouldn’t dive in if you just can’t stand the main cast because you wouldn’t enjoy it anyway. I’m willing to continue because the plot has convinced me somewhat and how the characters promise some sense of variety. There is of course the overall plot that ties the main cast together but most of the couples in here are probably appearing as guests for each case the wedding planners do. Can’t wait to see what else would happen.
So anyone wants spoilers? Well, the first story started with Mandy’s family preparing for Dee (Eddie Lee) and Rainbow (Leanne Li)’s wedding. Dee and Rainbow only wants a simple get together party among family and friends, but it has turned into a whole catastrophe because Mandy wants to show off to her other relatives and save face for the family. Then there’s also the whole thing with their mother (Suet Nei) wanting to do a traditional wedding after witnessing a professional match-maker/wedding planner going through the ceremony with a relative’s wedding. This professional match-maker is of course portrayed by Louise Lee. She is pestered by all family members before and after Mandy’s job lost, causing quite a nuisance for her. However, upon hearing the mother’s confession of how important it is to her to witness a traditional wedding and bringing luck towards her son and future daughter-in-law, the match-maker is touched and proceeds to do her best directing the mother throughout the preparations. On the other hand, Mandy is very frustrated with her job lost that she finally takes it out on her brother after finding out about the huge bill from the wedding pictures. So all parties are on the out that night, shutting themselves in their rooms – except for the mother. Their mother is worried and wants to cancel all arrangements with the match-maker the next day because of Dee’s rude behavior and hostility. However after some encouragements and persuasions, she proceeds with the planning. That night, Dee returns home to see his mother in the kitchen – more like just a glimpse of her in the kitchen – and mumbles about the nuisance of preparations in his drunk state. Yet the next day Dee finally understands his mother’s feelings towards the whole thing. Even Rainbow is touched by what her mother-in-law has done for her – and cooperates with the arrangements throughout, no longer complaining about the unfairness of not being able to plan out her own wedding, etc. Another touching moment occur when Mandy produces two watches as the wedding gift for her brother, which Dee remembers the promise Mandy has made to him since they were still young. After that flashback, Dee tearfully says that Mandy has remembered and Mandy returns by reminding him that she would never forget what she promised to him. See what I mean with a touching episode? Well, who knows what else could happen in the future but that moment really brings meaning into the whole theme. It brings forth more hope for weddings and/or marriages. (I’m a sucker for it.)


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  1. Thanks for the detailed episode summary. I will admit that I wasn’t too keen on this series and so didn’t really pay a whole lot of attention throughout (even though I did manage to finish the series) — so the recap was definitely helpful (I would not have been able to glean as much as you did from the first episode though — primarily because I wasn’t paying attention — but I applaud you nonetheless!).
    Interestingly enough, practically the only part I remember about this episode is the part at the end with the wedding and the watches — that definitely was a touching moment!

  2. @llwy12 – LOL! I don’t know. I need a space holder for some of the posts! LOL! NICE or what? But yeah, agree about the touching scene with the watches. Other stuffs didn’t matter, well, kind of. But it reminds us how there are lots of arguments within the family or how they don’t see an eye-for-eye but would still remember the most important things. I try to look past the unbearable parts as long as the end message was meaningful enough.


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