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Love You More

I think among all the songs in the album The Moment of Silence, this song stands out the most for me. Nicholas put so much emotions into the song. (Not that he do not with other songs.) This song contains both nice tunes and touching lyrics.

A sad MV to go along with it also.

I haven’t paid much attention to him since after watching Smile Pasta although I did pay attention to his other album releases but still slow to buy it. However, I really like his style and his warm voice. It’s always so full of emotions. If it’s not too much, I want to see him in another drama. (Hopefully this time it won’t be surrounding a certain station so that others would not blame him or other casts for one thing or another.)

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Shuang Ren Wu by Will Pan

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I’m beginning to get quite addicted of this song that it’s not even funny. Maybe it’s because of the addicting tune. (Go Will!) The MV gets a bit addicting to watch too since you get to see this mysterious story unfolding itself, which you have to do a lot of guessing but it’s all right. There’s also the dark hallway and the constant flashing of the light adding to the mystery.

There are also these dance steps that Will does for the MV, surrounding by a group of female dancers. Oh yeah, I think he’s one of those rare guys who could wear pink and pull it off.

And did I mention he looks super good in black suit? (Okay, maybe it’s just me being obsessed.)

Enough said.

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Dare to Love

I became a fan of Hu Ge after watching Strange Tales of Liao Zhai and surprisingly not Chinese Paladin I since I dropped it after its dragginess in the middle. However, I wanted to try again after reading some reviews regarding different types of relationship in Chinese Paladin I, especially the friendships between the guys in there. (Not to mention the story between Xiao Yao and Yue Ru.)

Anyway, I think that he’s one of those that could actually act and sing–and be good at it. Maybe it is because he puts in all his efforts and feelings to it.

Here’s a song that I really like although it’s really sad.

(Uploaded by: nhuocy)

And I just realize that the girl in the MV is Liu Shi Shi. Maybe it’s because I never really watched anything of hers before until Chinese Paladin III.

Okay, this is going to be a short one since my last long post. Maybe more on Hu Ge next time.

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Xing Yun

Ethan was a stuntman and Alice was a flight attendant. They had an argument because Ethan’s misunderstanding not to mention his attitude. She left after burning his lucky sock. He finally realized her importance and how he should not hide anymore from his responsibilities. He ran from the scene (where he was supposed to shoot this one part) and managed to catch up with her at the airport. They finally made up and was all right again.

So how was it? Short and lame. I got the messages in here but I didn’t see the purpose of the story at all. Didn’t like the plotline. Liked the directing though. Maybe if it was a bit longer, just a bit or a different story then it would’ve been better.

*Note*: This was the third story and part of the movie L-O-V-E.

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Yong Yuan Shi Ni by Deric Wan

(Uploaded by: Kzhid)

Having been a Deric Wan fan for so long, I found myself missing out on a lot of his songs and serials also. Maybe it was because I was not into modern series much when I was little since I was too engrossed in the whole ‘wuxia’ world that was paved out in different novels and ancient series.

To talk more about music, I can’t believe I didn’t even discover this song yet. (Although I do know of the Vietnamese version and knew it was from a Chinese song from the sound of it. But never knew it was Deric’s.) It’s so awesome and really like Deric’s voice in here (like any other that he sang).

Anyway, I’v been hunting down his old TVB series to watch, such as Conscience and The Blood of Good and Evil but can’t seem to find the latter since I prefer it more after reading a review of the first one mentioned. Maybe it’s because I’m a Maggie fan so it’s hard to accept such a plot that doesn’t plan on letting Deric and Maggie end up together. I was only watching the first few episodes but I was really disappointed of the plot and where it was heading, not to mention the many flaws that was so apparent. (I must admit that recent TVB modern series are better since it managed to cover all bases or try to do research to not make a fool of themselves too much.)

As of Deric’s recent series, I haven’t been catching up on it but hope he comes back with an awesome role soon. (Not that I mind that he portrays any role since he’s capable but would still want to see some surprises.)