Several artists are trying to make their comeback this year. As debates are taking place at various sites in cyberspace, the questions are somewhat similar. When will they release an album? Will it affect their sales after so long? Will their style change? What songs will they choose this time? Will they compose their own music? What about dramas? Are they planning to participate in any?

To get to the the point, who are those making their way back into the public eye?

Angelas pose for Ang 5.0 Album
Angela’s pose for Ang 5.0 Album

Angela Chang was out of the radar for much of last year after filming Romantic Princess and releasing her 5th album, Ang 5.0, to take care of her health problems. Now she is back to give us more great music (although anti-fans might disagree). Those who are anticipating another drama will have to wait even longer since she is focused on her singing career for the time being. (Though she haven’t give up acting yet. Sorry, anti-fans.)

Cyndi posed for Heavens Wedding OST
Cyndi posed for Heaven’s Wedding OST

Cyndi Wang turned down Invincible Shan Bao Mei to pursue her education futher in New York. She has been back for quite a while and has been actively attending functions and doing ADs. She has also been working on her next album while looking into another talent agency and finally settling on DayStar Music. Just as she was ready for the upcoming release of her new album, reporters are crowding her and asking questions all over again, stirring up more troubles. While many anti-fans scolded her straightforward answers, calling her various sort of names. It was only while I was discussing this with V that she brought something to my attention. She said, “What if it is not Cyndi who wants to talk about her relationship and it is those reporters who are asking those questions?” (Thank you, V!) But we all know anti-fans would ask the next question to discredit others again, like “Why can’t she just not answer those questions?” (I got an answer ready for that one too. If she would not cooperate with the press, she would end up being called snobby or arrogant, like she was accused of on past occurrences.)

So to dive away from the negativity, more good news for fans since she will be starring alongside Jiro Wang of Fahrenheit in the upcoming GTV drama, Momo Love.

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Next Station, Happiness?

So news has it that Ming Dao has dropped out of the drama due to some schedule conflicts. (The real story: It was Sun De Rong.) If this keeps up any longer, Ming Dao might be dubbed as the ‘arrogant’ dude who is too good for some productions. Let’s hope that news are confirmed soon since it is believed that Van Ness Wu is taking over Ming Dao’s role as the male lead. (The reason why I have to say ‘wait for further confirmation’ is because there could possibly be some dramas going on behind-the-scenes again and everything won’t be for sure–just like last time.) If it is true, then it will be interesting to see the collaboration between Van Ness and Ady. (I suddenly have this evil thought of hoping that IF there’s a chance that Dylan would join Ady instead. But I’m all for new pairings too!)

It seems like there hasn’t been any luck surrounding this production so far. First, it was the female lead having communication problems with SETTV. Then they were back to searching for possible candidates as the female lead. Now that they finally found her, the male lead pulls a ‘disappearing’ act on them.

Is it because of the title that’s making it ironic all the same? When will the production team find their happiness? (Cliche, I know.)

Chinese Paladin III: The Wait Is Over

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After the confirmation that part III was in the making, fans anxiously waited and searched for news and pictures to understand more about the production. The wait was quite nerve-wrecking and kept everyone on the edge as to whether the production would succeed or if it would live up to the previous one. It was only awhile ago that filming wrapped up.

So what is exactly in it for part III?

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More action/ magical scenes: Most people are against the whole CQI effects but does anyone ever consider those suits for the magic purpose of the storyline? (I must admit that it doesn’t go well with those martial arts dramas though.)

More of Hu Ge: Yes, he’s back as the lead for this drama. Who else but Hu Ge to continue the Chinese Paladin sagas, right?

Wallace Huo joined the production: What was his latest ancient series again? Exactly. Fans will be happy.

Another Hu Ge and Yang Mi pairing: So before the ‘bashing team’ comes on with the whole whatever else ‘Hu Ge pairings’ that are out there, Yang Mi starred with Hu Ge in one of the stories of Strange Tales of Liao Zhai (aka Liao Zhai 1). This is another collaboration between them, but this time, her character is more lively and will be a bickering couple with him instead of the tragic romance scenes from last time. (Or let’s hope that the story won’t turn out with a tragic ending but let’s not hold our breaths too much.) Another consideration would be, Hu Ge is the one coming back to portray another character, so it is NOT Xiao Yao anymore so no need to attack Yang Mi just because the other cast aren’t back. This is a prequel to part I.

Jerry Huang as the bad guy: Okay, so this might get interesting and we’ll see if he’s really up for the part.

Official Website:

More about the game version:

Other than that, you can pre-order the DVD set here or wait for upcoming versions.

Your Home Is My Home: Let’s try this again

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So the cast is back (at least some of them) for another round of a family drama. However, this time, on a different theme and storyline. What was the flop last time? Sun De Rong ruined it for everyone by turning down the invitation of having Sam and Joyce go for the rest of the drama. It was until about 40+ episodes (and that was not an exaggeration since it was long) before things are worked out to get both back on track. There was also the whole thing with trying to wing it through with the ‘extra’ cast and how the storyline drifted into the nonsense that became too unendurable. I admitted  that I was hooked from the start. I would have been fine if Huang Xiao Lei (Xiao Qiao) ended up with Jacky (Chen De Lie) since his charater grew on me (and possibly some of the other viewers who weren’t too into Shao Wei and Xiao Qiao pairing) and how his dorkiness was so cute toward the end. Ending it at episode 35 wasn’t in their grand plan though. However, what was done is over. So, what is the next plan? A new drama called Mo Nu 18 Hao with the added ‘magical’ element. With this cast reuniting, there will be a lot of hilarious behind-the-scenes to look forward to since they’ve already gotten along so well. Let’s hope that it will work out this time around with the plot also.

Sweety, where are you?

Fans far and near might wonder what has happened to this Taiwanese girls band that established their reputation through 3 albums with their noticeable improvements from one album to the next. Not to mention their appearances in several dramas–together and separate. Though successful seemed to be the appropriate term for the band’s achievements through the amount of recognition received, but it was a more effective measure when fans streamed forums and other networking sites, asking questions as to what happened to them after their 3rd album, Sweet Talk Vol. 3: Hua Yan Qiao Yu.

Yan Yan participated in a Mainland production, Liao Zhao 2, before heading to France to pursue her education in Fashion Design.

Yan Yan

After her extended disappearance from the public eye, Yan Yan made a comeback with The Concerto, which she reunited with her two times on-screen lover, Eddie Peng. Though casted in another typical klutzy role as often associated with in a female lead in idol dramas, Yan Yan managed to deliver and convince others that she was the clueless and foolish Gao Ling.

Qiao Qiao
Qiao Qiao

Qiao Qiao carried on without Yan Yan for a while, appearing in several dramas. Although fans loved her in different types of roles, but the ratings hinted a totally different story.  She also focused on modeling and attended different events as well as talk shows and game shows for the past year. It was until recently that she appeared on radar again at GTV‘s press conference to confirm her presence in the upcoming drama, Love Buffet, starring alongside Fahrenheit members Calvin Chen and Aaron Yan.

With Qiao Qiao busy filming Love Buffet, and Yan Yan working diligently on earning her degree, when will Sweety reunite? Anyone ready for a new album?

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