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Peter Pan’s Dreamer

Having listened to him several times on Bai Wan Da Ge Xing (The Million Star), I have a good impression of him since I guess live performances always say something about a singer. The fact that he could actually danced and still kept his voice stable while singing made it even more impressive. So the album was not a disappointment at all.

Since he already passed the One Million Star radar and made his name known, I guess it would be safe to say that he really deserves it and probably even more in the future. Hope that his road will be a smooth one.

To get back to this album, it was actually worth it. I bought this version and it contians a notebook with pictures of him in it and there’s also the typical lyrics book included. However, I thought they did a nice job of the cover illustrating his dream coming true. It was very creative with the glass cover.

In regard to the song selection, good choices since it seemed to prove that he could sing a variety of songs, just like he had been doing on different shows.

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Lucky Day: Not So Lucky?

According to the latest news on Sina, Wallace has already left the production of Lucky Day because of the change in director. It is also the reason why filming has not proceeded according to plan. This also caused Tammy to have to wait since last month, turning down projects and losing out on various opportunities.

Though I might understand Wallace’s reason for withdrawing since he did not sign up to find out that they’re changing the director, but I was really looking forward for a Wallace and Tammy collaboration–and possibly some quality drama. I also feel bad for Tammy who has to wait for this long. Hopefully, it will be worth it in the end.

SETTV has been having trouble with cast change in various dramas lately. Last time, it was a success when they found and formed a new collaboration. Let’s hope they could find a leading guy for Tammy this time and soon too.

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The 5th Season

After the long wait of about 2 years, Angela’s 6th album–The 5th Season–is finally released. Though with some roughness revolving around some matters, but it was still welcomed and received by fans near and far (or so I hope).

Personally, I must admit that I was a bit doubtful or maybe was a bit afraid after hearing a vast amount of people praising it. I was afraid it was becoming over-rated because of the long period of time that people spent waiting. It was like a ‘finally’ than just the whole idea behind a real good album. However, I actually got it anyway (through YesAsia of course) and waited until I have the album in my hands before listening to it–instead of listening to samples on different media provided. It was not exaggerated at all since it was surprisingly good with a new style different from all her previous albums, surpassing the last one, which was Ang 5.0–and was missing something although there were memorable tracks as well.

The whole album was just amazing with the arrangement among other things. It could be seen that LinFair put a lot of effort into the album to get it to this point. Although some songs were written for commercial purposes as stated but it really suited with her style and brought out her many sides–though some might doubt of it lacking in one area or another.

The MVs were quite fascinating as well with “White” (白白的) being all mystical and breath taking while “The Place We See The Furthest” (看得最遠的地方) was subtle yet full of emotions and innocence, and “Shaking Head” (搖擺頭) was lively and energetic, showing her active and playful side.

The lyrics booklet along with the photo album booklet were very nicely done also and worth it as for the goodies included for this album.

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How To Post Comment On Winglin

First, you go to: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/

Then click on the story of your choice. (I picked The Dating Game 2: A Whole New Game – http://winglin.net/fanfic/dtlct11/)

You can skip the last two steps if you know the url of the story you want to comment on or you’ve already bookmarked it. Just go to the story page.

You should see the main menu page with the word ‘Contents’ on the top (below the story title, the author, and the poster – if that story has a poster) with chapters listed after it.


On the main menu page, there will always be buttons at the bottom with options of going to ‘Comments’, ‘Main Index’, and ‘(Un)Subscribe’ – which is easily spotted. It gets tricky when you start to read stories and switch around. When you go into the chapters, the buttons at the bottoms will change to: ‘Previous’, ‘Main Index’, ‘Contents’, ‘Next’ (or if you’re at the last chapter of the story or the last chapter available, you will not see the ‘Next’ button).

Menu with ‘Next’ button: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v144/lamtieuyen/tut/fanfic_comment/image2.png

Menu without ‘Next’ button: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v144/lamtieuyen/tut/fanfic_comment/image3.png

You will no longer be able to access the ‘Comments’ page from there. So if you want to leave a comment after you read all the chapters (available), you will have to click on the ‘Contents’ button to take you back to the main menu of the story before clicking on ‘Comments’ to go to the ‘Comments’ page, which will read ‘Feedbacks and Comments’ on top once you’re there.


You scroll down to the bottom to where there are boxes and options for you to select.



You should be able to fill in the information and then press ‘Submit’ to add your comment.

After you press ‘Submit’, you should be taken to a page that will confirm that your comment has been added.


You can check if your comment has been added by clicking on the ‘Comments’ button to go back to the Comments page – like indicated on the ‘Confirmation’ page.


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Chivalry at its Extinction

Since Love Buffet started filming, there have been more rumors circulating around Aaron Yan of Fahrenheit and Joanne Zeng of Sweety than the supposed leading guy, Calvin Chen–the other member of Fahrenheit that is involved in this production. However, fans who wish to read more about rumors of Calvin and Joanne will be in for a good one this time around because recent reports (which could have pushed forth for the gossip columns instead) has it that Calvin and Joanne have been dating recently with the supposed pictures captured with them in the rain while Calvin was playing the knight in shining armor, protecting Joanne from getting wet. Another piece of evident brought in for support of the statement also mentioned their spending time together during Chinese Valentine’s Day. What was the response from the parties involved? Calvin recently posted up an entry, clarifying of the matter. Calvin’s manager also pointed out that they were living in the same area so of course they would meet up for meals. (Which was also the same response held true for Aaron Yan–who was spotted with Joanne several months back.) Interestingly, Joanne’s manager was surprised of the news yet expressed support toward the couple–IF it was true.

Which version should we believe in? Honestly, for what it’s worth, people need to leave them alone. Yes, everyone’s getting excited about the upcoming drama, Love Buffet, but no need to slap around accusations just because two people are seen together for meals. (Seems suspicious because the media is good at paving the picture for all of us.) Even if it’s true and they’re trying to keep a secret or whatever, I do not think it’s any of our business.

For those who thinks that it is part of some show to promote Love Buffet, it could be possible but not probable in Calvin’s case. Though I’m not that familiar with Fahrenheit, but more avid fans have claimed of Calvin’s sincerity and great attitude towards those around him. I would rather take his word for it that he’s doing what he has been taught and taking good care of a female friend is just normal. Or is the media suggesting everyone should act cold towards one another? And not show manners? After that, the media is probably reporting about disagreements among the cast, etc. Is doing some chivalry act a crime now?

Calvin has been busy with running back and forth between the Love Buffet and Momo Love sets so he has not been around as much for the media to attack. Now that he’s back and spending time with a cast member (and making new friends), he’s being attacked?

Last of all, I’m so looking forward to Love Buffet even more now since the cast seems to be getting along really well so the chemistry should be great also between all parties.