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Xing Yun

Ethan was a stuntman and Alice was a flight attendant. They had an argument because Ethan’s misunderstanding not to mention his attitude. She left after burning his lucky sock. He finally realized her importance and how he should not hide anymore from his responsibilities. He ran from the scene (where he was supposed to shoot this one part) and managed to catch up with her at the airport. They finally made up and was all right again.

So how was it? Short and lame. I got the messages in here but I didn’t see the purpose of the story at all. Didn’t like the plotline. Liked the directing though. Maybe if it was a bit longer, just a bit or a different story then it would’ve been better.

*Note*: This was the third story and part of the movie L-O-V-E.

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Yong Yuan Shi Ni by Deric Wan

(Uploaded by: Kzhid)

Having been a Deric Wan fan for so long, I found myself missing out on a lot of his songs and serials also. Maybe it was because I was not into modern series much when I was little since I was too engrossed in the whole ‘wuxia’ world that was paved out in different novels and ancient series.

To talk more about music, I can’t believe I didn’t even discover this song yet. (Although I do know of the Vietnamese version and knew it was from a Chinese song from the sound of it. But never knew it was Deric’s.) It’s so awesome and really like Deric’s voice in here (like any other that he sang).

Anyway, I’v been hunting down his old TVB series to watch, such as Conscience and The Blood of Good and Evil but can’t seem to find the latter since I prefer it more after reading a review of the first one mentioned. Maybe it’s because I’m a Maggie fan so it’s hard to accept such a plot that doesn’t plan on letting Deric and Maggie end up together. I was only watching the first few episodes but I was really disappointed of the plot and where it was heading, not to mention the many flaws that was so apparent. (I must admit that recent TVB modern series are better since it managed to cover all bases or try to do research to not make a fool of themselves too much.)

As of Deric’s recent series, I haven’t been catching up on it but hope he comes back with an awesome role soon. (Not that I mind that he portrays any role since he’s capable but would still want to see some surprises.)

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Love Story

(Uploaded by: Legend Channel)

I first time I watched Eric Suen was in an ancient series called Dynasty Doctor (or Rogue Doctor) because I purchased a set of DVDs and they sent me the wrong one, which I get to keep. However, I was glad all the same that I have a chance to watch Eric. His performance was hilarious and the plot-line of a decent one with a mixture of comedic moments as well as serious times. There was also the martial arts (of course) involved complementing the Chinese medicine theme. As I was searching for more information on him, I found out that he’s also a singer. Based on my past records of being obsessed with actors slash singers, I had to hunt down his songs to check if he’s any good. My first choice of clicking a sample song was a good one hence my continued support of him until now. Yes, it was “Love Story” (愛的故事). It was an old song but was really good. His voice has matured over the years now, bringing a different feeling to the song when he sing it again in recent concerts and events, but it is still good as always.

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Wallace Huo: Six at Once

I  recently stumbled upon this article about Wallace that I never knew the truth behind before since my very first series of Wallace was Tian Xia Di Yi (World’s Finest) and I had to double back to watch his earlier Taiwanese dramas. My admiration for him grew stronger after reading the article since I think he’s very brave and determined–although he claimed to be not good in certain things. Through that same article, I found out that he actually filmed all six of the Taiwanese idol dramas just in one year. I was like, “Whoa! Seriously? Is that even possible?” But then I thought it would be since some of them he could be guest stars. (That would explain a lot why he had the same or almost the same hairstyle in each.) He even revealed that he got confused and/or lost with all the roles since it was all at once. (I must admit I was getting confused which one he’s supposed to be at times too although I thought he had potential. Though I still think Xing Wang from Westside Story was the best character among them all–even if the plot sucked so bad it was not even funny.)

I think the thing with most production company is they try too hard and we get so overdosed with that certain actor/actress that we became sick of him/her. However, I think Wallace’s a different case since they see the opportunity to turn him into another typical hunk in a drama, bringing in more money by luring fangirls in with lame plots and exaggerated characters. However, I’m glad that Wallace escaped from that trends and braved himself by leaving all that and starting over with more serious roles. I think it’s easy to get so tempted since it was all there for him after so much exposure for just that one year. But he looked past all that and knew that he did not want to be looked upon as an idol. I think this holds true for all the artists who are serious about their passion for acting, singing, or whatever else–and not just about the ‘fame’ factor.

Although he said that he tried and was satisfied or at least satisfied with his exploration journey of it, but I really want a new album out someday. (He’s not the best singer but he does have a unique voice.)

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Hear Me

After some troubles with the previous management agency and having to sort out all the mess that it created, Eddie Peng is back with another movie. (Actually, he probably filmed it around the same time while he was still sorting out matters.)

Anyway, it is something to look out for with Eddie fans. It is probably some inspirational and meaningful movie judging from the trailer. Hopefully it will do well on its release and that Eddie will have more work for the upcoming days slash months.

Hear Me Official Blog: http://arclight.pixnet.net/blog

Eddie Peng’s Blog: http://eddiepeng0324.pixnet.net/blog

Are you looking forward to it?