Penny’s Return

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Well, she wasn’t gone, but it was more like she’d been busy in the mainland from one production to another. She finally returned to Taiwan in the currently airing daily soap called Shi Jian Qing (世間情). Penny’s character this time was Ye Jian Ying (葉劍英), nicknamed Ye Zi (葉子).

So far, she seemed to have the most interactions with the main lead, Angus Xie–to which he posted pictures of them together on the set.

To be honest, I haven’t even started watching this. YES, I know it was daily soap so it was long. Yet I was curious because of Athena Lee and Sunny Lee being in it. (I followed them since after watching the parody of Madame White Snake.) Now that Penny’s in it too, another reason to watch, aside from having Angus as the main lead. I just need to make time for it, lol. Or maybe abandon the other episodes and just plain start at episode 191.

On the other hand, Penny set up a Facebook page for fans earlier this month so stalk here:

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