Placebo Cure

I must give the script-writers credit for wrapping it up quite well without feeling awkward. I also love it that they kept Joyce’s character, San, persistent throughout and sticks with her principles. Yes, she did like Joe since little because he played with with her and didn’t make fun of her like other kids. However, he broke her heart that one time by using her to get back at his ex-gf so she didn’t blindly ignore it afterward. It’s good that she try to maintain friendship with both guys but finally choosing Wallace later since she realizes how he takes everything slowly and doesn’t rush into relationships, plus always help her no matter what. Moreover, he makes her feel comfortable and safe when she’s around him. It’s good that she ignores the whole “horoscope” thing and go with Wallace instead of choosing Joe when Joe finally takes her serious. Joe doesn’t deserve a second chance ’cause although he’s a good person and a great friend, he’s always such a player in love. No one could guarantee when one day his facade falls, what else he will do. The series wraps up not too wrapped and gets you thinking. But still nice.
One of my fav. scenes must be at San’s birthday where everyone made her dance with one of the guys (since it’s her special day and she must lead them all) and she ends up choosing her junior! That was way too funny. Thought she would pick Joe ’cause she still feels somewhat awkward with Wallace’s confession but she pick her junior so no one would feel bad (lol) and she doesn’t want to give the wrong impression.
And maybe the reason why I like this series so much is that it wasn’t too wrapped since Joe (Kevin) didn’t end up with anyone. It was a funny scene at the end that everyone has a dance partner, except him. But then he sees Wallace’s sister so they just end up being dance partners! That was funny! (And sort of remember how they were sis and bro in Life Art!)
All three of the main cast did well actually, mostly Sunny and Joyce since Kevin seems a bit lagging–maybe ’cause of the character. But I think he really improved in his recent series. I’m mostly impressed with Joyce since she seemed so natural compared to her first series–which was a pain to watch ’cause of her exaggeration. Now, it seems like she got the hang of it. I’m glad to say that she pulled the majority of this series with Sunny throughout. The cases with Sunny as the psychologist are a mix of good and bad ones but I must say my most favorite one would be of Liu Kai Chi and his daughter. It was so touching that I managed a few tears to see the story unfold.
It’s interesting to see Gilbert Lam keep popping up here and there within cases but still fun. I’m sorry to say that TVB rarely gives Gilbert good roles although he’s a decent actor. Oh well. His role is all right in here but not the best. My fav. must be the one in HK Criminal Files and then Crossborder Daddy.
Talking about Gilbert, I especially like the whole family. It’s a nice family and good casting of them. Nice to see that Natalie get a little story of her own too.
Posted (on Xanga): December 2, 2008
Re-posted: Monday, April 19th, 2010


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