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Prayers for Selina and Yu Hao Ming

I usually do not do this since most people are spreading the words already but I’m got influenced by all the efforts on Weibo and much more. So pray for their well being until we wait for more news.

If you haven’t read the news regarding their accidents yet, go here. (The latest here.)

Selina is of course Selina Ren from S.H.E.
Yu Hao Ming is a famous singer from Mainland China. A talented one in fact. (Here’s a clip if you want to listen.)


0 thoughts on “Prayers for Selina and Yu Hao Ming”

  1. There have been some people whispering about conspiracy, but from everything I’ve read, it sounds like a terrible industrial accident. If the explosion was on a automatic timer, maybe it malfunctioned, or something like that.
    I heard on the grapevine that Selina and her fiance are going to try to go ahead with their April wedding. If she has third degree burns as widespread as some of the tabloids have claimed, being well enough might be a challenge…I wish them well and join in the prayers. For Yu Hao Ming, too.

  2. @vgag – I read something about them testing it several times before doing the actual scene. SO NOT sure. Not sure what to believe anymore. All I know is Hao Ming’s a brave person and hopes that he’s recovering. As for Selina, she has been coping and her family has been there for her, plus her fiance. Hope everything goes well with their wedding plan.


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