Priceless Moments On The Set: Part I

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This scene was considered one of their cutest scenes together from Sound of Colors. Yet there was an interesting story behind it. Years ago, I read this article (which the link is already lost), but I’ll try my best. Anyway, it was about this scene. When they filmed that scene, Wallace thought that Ruby was crazy, because of her actions during the filming. However, it was later revealed by Ruby that she was afraid of heights and some of the rides they went on for the date in the scenes were sure wild. She tried her best to make it joyous and fun for the sake of the scenes. But, still scared, she clung onto Wallace’s hand so hard that he thought she was out of her mind. When Ruby finally revealed that little detail regarding her fear, it made Wallace understood more about Ruby and disregarded the psycho theory. (Or so I hope, lol.) Anyhow, this made me respect Ruby even more for her professionalism.

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