Princess Agents: Zhao Li Ying

I’ve been following this drama while it was filming last year but didn’t post about it. Now that I’m a little bit more assured, I think I could post about it. It’s mostly because I’m scared to dive into her dramas since it’s either too dramatic, too tragic, or too frustrating. But finally something I would want to check into.

Anyway, I really like her image in here–regardless of costumes. The hairstyles are nice also–wherever possible. (This is a sticky ground since I swear ancient dramas nowadays just make me cringe at times with hairstyles.)

I know stills are deceiving since those only show us glimpses of the drama, but I feel like she’s Supergirl in here, acquiring various talents.

Oh yeah, this series is also adapted from a novel. Not quite sure of the length, but found a source that mentioned 68 episodes. Still positive (for now, lol).

*Images source: Weibo