Princess Cyndi and Prince… – Part 2

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Back to this one! Looks familiar? Yeah, ’cause it’s connected to the previous post. I missed two people so I had to do a new one to put them in. Yeah, after receiving complaints, I guess I’ll have to be fair about it? (YEAH…RIGHT…)

So I added in 5, not just 2. Nice? Another difference is updating a few of their recent interactions on Weibo! Or any other things that I missed last time.

Wallace Huo Jian Hua (霍建華) – Still behind on my stuff. Since no news or links of them lately, I guess I’ll just have to rely on fanfic. Still too caught up with Jindi stuffs to write an appropriate one for them. I’m re-writing Desperate Moments in the future. So maybe there’s something?

Sam Wang Shao Wei (王少偉) – Recently he and Cyndi (and a bunch of other celebs) attended the event to help Japan. Anyway, they were spotted together and was also asked a bunch of questions. Possible? Sam’s always so boyish and shy so I don’t know. BUT we’ll see. (More hexing for Jindi fans?) Just kidding. It would be too weird for me though since they have the same last name.

Tony Sun Xie Zhi (孫協志) – No signs? But can’t really rule anything. He’s still around and they’re probably still keeping in touch. And no worries, I’m still working on a possible new Tony and Cyndi fanfic. (YES, he’s the only one within the so-called family that I would accept.)

Zax Wang Ren Fu (王仁甫) – No chance but just leaving him in as part of the list anyway.

Jason Hsu/ Xu Meng Zhe (許孟哲) – Still impossible? Just kidding…

JJ Lin (林俊傑) – One of the first guys she added on Weibo so…

Leon Jay Williams (立威廉) – Still impossible.

Matthew Lin Ming Dao (明道) – Cyndi added him (finally). That was a while back but was all right. Nothing much. Let’s keep it that way? LOL!

Jacky Chu/ Zhu Fan Gang (祝釩剛) – Why am I even putting him in when he was just the evil loan-shark person in Heaven’s Wedding Gown? Ummm…hey, he was tagging Cyndi on Weibo. They were once under J-Star together and had worked together so it made sense that he knows her. AND also follows her stuff. He calls her Wan Xin Ni (丸心妮). And he begs her to follow him. (Sort of…just kidding…) So how did she respond? NOPE, no response yet. She’s still too busy stalking others. (It took her a while to add his buddy Ming Dao SO why should he be any different?) What I found funnier was some of his fans jumped in and begged Cyndi to add him too. LOL! (I wasn’t one of them, that’s why I’m still laughing.) We’ll see when she does get around to adding him. (IF at all.)

Lee Wei (李威) – When in the world did the rumors start? Not sure but it came up again in the recent months. But interesting. They’re probably good friends.

Kenji Wu Ke Qun (吳克羣) – No connection on Weibo yet. But that doesn’t mean anything, right? Oh well. I said in last post’s comment that I’m not really into their interactions. But just putting him in here so fans could be happy that I do know about their interactions? LOL! Oh yeah, he was almost cast alongside her in Smile Pasta but that failed. It didn’t matter anyway since he was supposed to portray Nic’s brother aka no chance.

Nicholas Teo/ Zhang Dong Liang (張棟樑) – He’s still stalking her on Weibo–along with some others. But it’s good to see the consistency in their interactions. She doesn’t respond much lately, but it’s okay. Still, fun to stalk.

Gino from K-One (蔡尚甫) – Ah Zhe! LOL! He’s still in exile with Jacky aka haven’t added him yet but he had made an attempt to talk to her? Another J-Star family member. We’ll see when he’s out of exile status. LOL!

Joe Cheng/ Zheng Yuan Chang (鄭元暢) – Okay, so they are good friends and work together in the N + a ADs. Major cuteness! (But let’s not get too into it since some people might get on her case like some would do to Amber’s current collaboration in Channel X. We know why. Let’s not get there.) But I’m thinking of a possible story for them in the future? If it’s not a pairing, would still have some interactions.

Jiro Wang Dong Cheng (汪東城) – Still stalking Cyndi. Probably the only one she talks to a lot? (Aside from her brothers?) NOT sure, but Jindi fans would be happy.

Calvin Chen Yi Ru (辰亦儒) – He finally joined Weibo recently so there’s even more excitement going on. But they haven’t added each other yet? No, wait. He added her but she didn’t add him yet. (At least Qiao added him so he should be happy? LOL!)

Vic Chou/ Zhou Yu Min (周渝民) – No signs of anything after ADs. I miss that.

Show Luo Zhi Xiang (羅志祥) – Not much of interaction lately? Or did I miss something? They’re still under the same company so I guess there’s something to think about. (IF you want to…)

Mike He Jun Xiang (賀軍翔) – They were caught at the movies together! Well, it was with other friends too. But the press made it look like something. (Mike doesn’t want to get creamed by Jiro?)

Wilber Pan Wei Bo (潘瑋柏) – Still stalking her. And some other people. It’s still fun.

Any changes in my decision? I don’t know. Still too early to say anything.

AGAIN, NO  BASHING LIKE LAST TIME. I have my own favorites as I said before, but that doesn’t mean we have the license to bash other pairings.

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6 thoughts on “Princess Cyndi and Prince… – Part 2

  1. vgag says:

    What an interesting update. It’s good to hear all the juicy details from Weibo!
    I’ve heard rumours that Tony Sun recently proposed to his gf Angel Han at a movie theatre, via a message on the screen. Sun De Rong allegedly said they should both cease using contraception immediately. And Lee Wei–yes, I heard all that goss about his playing Mah Jong in a certain singer’s apartment–is tremendously convincing as the lead in the new drama Monga Yao Hui.

  2. DTLCT says:

    Interestingly, Ah Zhe is finally out of exile! LOL! YUP, Gino still calls her Xiao Shi! LOL!

  3. DTLCT says:

    @Di – Not sure? I only know that Joe and Mike are. And Ethan and Eddie Peng. NOT sure about the link between Ethan, Joe, and Mike. But they have quite a group of friends so I can’t really keep track.
    And yeah, I was bored so that was part of drawing up part 2 AND haven’t stalk these past days. So Calvin’s out of exile?

  4. Di says:

    wow part 2 <333
    Tony Sun posted her flowers on his blog last year and thanked her for helping him with the foreword of his book (she still calls him "ba ba") XD
    She added Calvin and also had a convo with her through Gaby lol
    I found an interesting thing XD she worked with Ethan (MV), Joe (ad) and Mike (drama). They're BBF, aren't them?

  5. DTLCT says:

    @Di – GREAT. (Sarcastic great…not the real ‘great’…)

    Regarding Xiao Gui, people could be random so could they, right?

  6. Di says:

    “So Calvin’s out of exile?”
    Yeah she added him 🙂 He said his support to her new album and she replied to him too.
    Xiao Gui posted a pic and his support to hers on his weibo but a funny thing is they both don’t add and follow each other yet lol


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