Princess Cyndi and Prince…

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Another Cyndi update since she’s at 21 already (on the poll). In fact, she deserves her own category by now! (Oh, look! It’s there now!)

What game are we playing today? Choosing a prince for our princess! Fun, eh?

Wallace Huo Jian Hua (霍建華) – No, I’m not listing him first because he’s my #1 (LOL), but because he paired with Cyndi first. I was so obsessed with them in Westside Story and swore they got robbed. Well, I’m still obsessed with them hence the many stories I tried to re-create AND FAILED MISERABLY. It’s like a really, really slim chance that they would work together one day. But who knows? Never say never, eh? I can still hope and write some more fanfics. Not ranting about them much here because I’m saving it for my future updates regarding Westside Story. (Surely someone remembers about those entries?)

Sam Wang Shao Wei (王少偉) – I just remember that Sam was technical first–according to the events of the story and NOT Wallace, BUT NO, I’m not switching it. (LOL) I don’t know about their interactions off-screen, except that they work together in “Love You” (愛你) MV and some other times too. But they were all right in Westside Story. Kind of tragic, but I felt it was one of those one-sided things and how it was more pitying for him than love so I didn’t buy it as much. Still, I liked their characters in there though, but not as a couple. Off-screen? Probably no chance? (Mean, I know. But haven’t heard anything lately.)

Tony Sun Xie Zhi (孫協志) – I was so tempted to list Tony first. I’m so serious here. They are seriously cute together but didn’t have a solid story in Westside Story. I remember saying that I would’ve preferred it if they focused the story on the ‘Tony-Cyndi-Wallace’ triangle. (NOT because I dislike Yan Yan since I really like her too but not her character in there.) It was really intense at first between them but it was really cute and funny how she was tossed in the trash dump area and he was helping her clean up. Then he was carrying her on his back, trying to take her home. I loved that scene! AND loved how Wallace was being so jealous. It was a riot! Off-screen, they still maintain a very good friendship. She calls him “Xie Zhi Ba Ba”, LOL. But it reinforces the whole idea with what Tony was saying on this one game show when they were promoting Westside Story. Tony said that reason he, Cyndi, and Sam won was because they were a family. It was really sweet. Hey, they not only rule in that area, BUT they were really awesome in “Tormented” (煎熬). I still put it on repeat on my mp3 player. Almost forgot, but another instance of their interaction I remember was behind the scenes for this one concert. They were getting ready to go onstage and Tony was fixing his hair? NOT sure but they were just making sure they were good to go. But Cyndi was in the way and Tony pushed her out and then she kept jumping in front of him, blocking his way. It was really funny though. I think they seemed the most playful among Cyndi’s co-stars (though having no romantic relationship in the drama–like said before) aside from Zax that is. And then maybe it’s like what Tony said with them being like family so she’s more comfortable with him?

Zax Wang Ren Fu (王仁甫) – Okay, I didn’t even want to put him in because of the memory I have with how his character was in Westside Story, but just to be fair so I did. However, it doesn’t really matter if I put him in or not, considering how he’s happily married already. Though I really like their friendship off-screen. It’s really funny how he teases her at times. Then I remember the part where she was on his show to promote her album and she was calling him “Ren Fu Ge” and he was really happy, saying how usually she would call him “Ren Fu Ba Ba”. It was always good to be referred to as a youthful person, right?

Jason Hsu/ Xu Meng Zhe (許孟哲) – Hey, he was in her “When You” (當你) MV and I’m sure they interacted in the past, considering how they were under J-Star for a period of time. Not bad actually since they were so cute in the MV. I would buy it. Not sure about now, but one could ponder.

JJ Lin (林俊傑) – I saw them in some short story, not sure for what, once and thought they were cute together. It was the one where she was outside (in the park or street?) and he was carrying some water bottle. (He was making a delivery, I think.) Another thing is JJ calls her “Smart Little Princess” (聪明小公主). They interact from time to time so they must be good friends.

Leon Jay Williams (立威廉) – I think the majority is against them, considering how much Leon was bashed in HWG. (Not only because of his lack of acting talent either.) But I found them addicting to watch because of the story. Not to mention how I was so into watching them that I was delusional for a while with HWG. I wasn’t into Zi Hao at first when I was watching and not really understanding. I got the dubbed version and watched, I was hooked. Then later watched the Mandarin version with subs, it was really something, considering how some stuff was cut off in the dubbed version that did not make sense at all. The fact that I made a lot of wallpaper/Xanga skins for them at one time showed my obsession. Off-screen? They’re okay. I guess it’s safe to keep a distance since they do not want to attract rumors. Leon’s taken so wouldn’t want any misunderstandings. Oh yeah, almost forgot that they reunited briefly in Wei Xiao Pasta and she even took pictures with both guys, LOL. (Nic and Leon that is.)

Matthew Lin Ming Dao (明道) – I used to find them fun to watch, but not anymore. After I analyze the story to death, it was hard to say, “It was a hard choice between Zi Hao and Hai Nuo” because it honestly was NOT hard. I felt pity for Hai Nuo at first and thought, “What a great guy.” But I soon found out something and it wasn’t Ming Dao’s fault. (MARK THESE PLEASE SINCE I SAID IT’S NOT MING DAO’S FAULT SO FANS DO NOT HAVE TO REACT SO STRONG.) The scriptwriters had sacrificed Ai Qing’s spunky nature for Hai Nuo to shine. I’m so serious here! Because from the beginning, she was really strong and capable of taking care of herself, not backing down to obstacles, except with the moments she had with caring for her pets’ well-being and worrying for grandpa, etc. YET she was reduced to a complete weakling as the story progressed, making it seemed like she needed to be protected 24/7. It was all because the scriptwriters DIDN’T know how to work Hai Nuo’s storyline better SO they needed to make him the ‘hero in shining armor’ in Ai Qing’s life. PUH-LEASE. But get back to off-screen, I thought I like the idea of them together, especially with watching various ADs and all. I wouldn’t mind another collaboration, BUT HWG was a disaster because of the reason I listed above. Ming Dao mentioned that Cyndi’s kind of distance from him, etc but I think it made sense since she was afraid of rumors. But IF it’s real life, ummm…I have second thoughts. More like I fear for Cyndi’s well-being IF such rumors were to fly around, not to mention IF it was real. Other Ming Dao pairings’ fans will have a field day. I shouldn’t even put plural with ‘pairing’ since I know only one of his other pairing’s fans are extreme, NOT the rest. Strange.

Nicholas Teo/ Zhang Dong Liang (張棟樑) – OMG, they have such awesome chemistry in Wei Xiao Pasta. It was really fun and enjoyable though how ridiculous the plot seemed at times. (NOT talking about the love thing, BUT like the reality thing with how the students’ lives revolved around the celebs too much rather than studying, LOL!) It was so funny watching the NGs scenes as well. Hilarious how they kept messing up. Heard that Cyndi kept a distance from Nic again while they were filming? Well, more like both of them were. Probably shy or nervous! Still funny. BUT the way they’re interacting on Weibo lately, it’s really fun to see. (If Nic doesn’t use his other times to stalk Cynthia Wang, LOL! Just kidding, he stalks other people too!)

Jiro Wang Dong Cheng (汪東城) – Shi Lang and Tao Hua! Who could forget? NOT those who have been visiting my blog for the past months or so. It’s hard to miss, really! I meant it’s really fun to watch because the impression I have on them was from the light comedy so no strong feelings. Just really fun to watch and analyze. It would drive us fans crazy trying to see their interactions on Weibo as well. It’s really funny how much other fans could detect them and their similarities. I’m working on two fanfics right now AND can’t seem to get the titles going at all. But hey, it’s a start. I think Jiro’s kind of protective/defensive towards Cyndi though. (Watch him jump in when Show was interacting with Cyndi! It was really funny! At least I thought it was funny.) He calls her “Tao Hua” still and calls the four crazy protective brothers “brother-in-law” (and the others returned the favor, LOL). Acknowledgment on both sides. Don’t you just love that? Cyndi used to call him “Shi Lang” but now she reverted to calling him “Wang Dong Dong”. (His mother calls him that! Coincidence?)

Calvin Chen Yi Ru (辰亦儒) – I honestly felt it was funny and they were sort of cute in Momo Love–IF only it wasn’t for the fact that we were supposed to root for Shi Lang (lol). It was really funny watching Zhi Qiang trying too hard. (YES, Calvin was really funny! He’s the type who could exaggerate without making it overboard. Gotta give him that!) But off-screen, I’m rooting for QiaoRu so it’s okay. Interesting collaboration. That’s it.

Vic Chou/ Zhou Yu Min (周渝民) – I would never get an idea until I saw their various ADs. Okay, that reminds me I abandoned my fanfic again! Darn! I was just stuck. I haven’t dropped it yet. Don’t worry, everyone! Anyway, I think it would be really cute with them. It would be awesome to have a drama in the future. But it’s all right with the ADs. At least it’s refreshing.

Show Luo Zhi Xiang (羅志祥) – Saw some pictures and clips of them with concerts and all. YET I think Jiro’s jealous so let’s not even think about it. (JUST KIDDING…) Fun to see various concert collaborations.

Mike He Jun Xiang (賀軍翔) – So far? I thought it’s different with various pictures and BTS. I meant since they gave Cyndi a mature image in MLJY, I hope it’s a different character and something that would stick. Creating a different spark between them would be cool. I’ll have to see what happens. BUT of course, it’s fine that they’re just getting along for the collaboration since wouldn’t want RM fans to go after Cyndi. (I like Mike and Rainie together too, but fans could get overboard.)

Wilber Pan Wei Bo (潘瑋柏) – I’ve been stalking them on Weibo lately too and their interactions are just hilarious and cute at times. Hey, who knows? They bumped into each other at the airport like last month (or so) and even took pictures, sharing it on Weibo. It was really cute how she was referring to him as “Jing Hao Ge Ge” (his character in Endless Love).

So who is her suitable prince? Nic! One of his albums was titled Prince, right? mwuhahahaha JUST KIDDING! Messing with you guys only. Who knows? Watch Weibo more. You guys might detect some signs!

Personally, though, I would have to say it’s between Wallace and Nic. Maybe after I think about it some more, Tony too. It’s hard between those three. It’s funny that Cyndi only collaborated with them once? So if it doesn’t work OR if it does, it would leave an impression anyway? (Leon doesn’t count since he was only a guest in Wei Xiao Pasta with her, not like a triangle or something.) I don’t know. Too hard. But if counting my fanfic, I either pair her with Wallace or Tony. Trying to work on something for Nic right now. BUT I’m also working on some stories for Jiro as well so Jindi fans do not have to give me the look. (I meant you, syko!)

Your thoughts? Please keep it positive. I don’t mind obsessive comments, but no bashing, please! Thanks and PEACE!

NOTE: No pictures this time because I’m lazy. Forgive me since I only want to get a post out and not fish around like crazy for pictures. (My back-up drive crashed so it’s one of the most discouraging things with doing caps again for certain situations as well.)

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6 thoughts on “Princess Cyndi and Prince…

  1. littleblm says:

    lol too bad you don’t have other cyndi-tony fans to dine with. i did remember us going off about cyndi-wallace and cyndi-flatbutt. For me, it would be between cyndi-wallace and cyndi-jiro. Looking over on jiro’s side i’m thinking most jiro fans would pick cyndi out of his drama co-workers as well. what look are you talking about? *looks* see that was the first one.

  2. DTLCT says:

    @littleblm – Yeah, too bad can’t find anyone as obsessed as me with Tony and Cyndi. Oh well…I’ll get over it.
    You know what look!

  3. vgag says:

    Hey, littleblim and DTLCT. I think you will hate this comment: I am actually a fan of Li Weilain Wangzi and Cyndi. I loved the Cinderella story line of Heaven’s Wedding Gown and the genuine chemistry between the two leads. I think I am in the minority of viewers who was actually pleased that Tai Ai Qing (Cyndi) ties the knot with Lu Zihao and not the Ming Dao character.

  4. DTLCT says:

    vgag – Thanks for sharing once again. AND don’t worry. We all have our own obsession. I mentioned doing different layouts for Leon and Cyndi. After all, they were the first pairing I watched since I had neglected Taiwanese dramas for a while. (Possibly sometime in the ’90s.) And I actually enjoy their story in Heaven’s Wedding Gown, just that like I said, I HATED that they ruined Ai Qing’s character so Hai Nu could shine. I’m using character names here so I’m not pointing it at Ming Dao, BUT the character which the script-writers wrote. This also means that I’m in the minority who likes Zi Hao and Ai Qing together as well. But if comparing all her pairings so far, I had to pick those for my choices.

  5. Di says:

    Where are Joe Cheng and Kenji Wu? XD
    We all know that Joe is her good friend, isn’t he? If I’m not wrong I’ve read an article Cyndi went to Joe’s birthday with his friend, and N + a is their first collaboration.
    Kenji has a lot collaboration with Cyndi in the past. You can see their thread at AF. On October they met again in Mainland and they celebrated his birthday there.

  6. DTLCT says:

    @Di – I cannot believe that I forgot about them, especially Joe! I saved a their N + a photos too. LOL! So sorry! Kenji? I saw their past work too and I heard some people say their chemistry is good together but I can’t seem to see it. Maybe that’ s just me.


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