Princess Cyndi: Making the Sacrifice

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Okay, so I mentioned in the last post that Cyndi decided to focus on her album and its promotions for the rest of the year and possibly into next year, right? WRONG…something came up. Cyndi took in a project and decided to put her album release and its promotions on hold. More waiting for the rest of us.

So what’s the project? It’s called Mei Le Jia You (美樂加油) and she will star alongside Mike He this time around. As far as I’m concerned, if they’re able to create some sparks, I’m good. Or more like I like fresh pairings. It’s actually those that make you think if they can act and collaborate or not that makes their acting good AND NOT just about starring alongside with the same people over and over again. (Though I’ve been known to have some favorite pairings too, that’s not the point here, just too frustrated to see people jumping on the ‘bashing’ wagon already when they didn’t see anything yet. It’s okay IF you decide NOT to watch, BUT saying stuff to drag the other party down IS JUST LAME.)

Let’s see, it was said that Mike turned down A LOT of projects to work on this one. We already know Cyndi put her album aside. So let’s hope it’s actually something worth watching–talking plot-wise here. Let’s hope it’s better than their past projects–or at least bring them more luck. (To no fault of the cast or production teams of the past collaborations of course since I wouldn’t want to point fingers.)

Oh yeah, Mike just joined HIM recently so now he and Jiro would be in the same agency? How convenient, right? (So Jiro could monitor Mike better so Mike wouldn’t think of going after his Tao Hua! SO KIDDING HERE! Only Momo Love fans know what I’m talking about.)

Who else is there to watch? Zhang Shan Wei will be in here as Cyndi’s brother. That would be cool. She always have an older brother in dramas? (WELL, except for Westside Story.) There’s also Xiao Xun. Words have it that she’s pairing up with Zhang Shan Wei? They do look cute together (despite age differences).

Then there are other cast members too. Forgive me for being lazy and not list everyone BUT I’m definitely looking forward to another refreshing collaboration with all the cast involved! Jia You!

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3 thoughts on “Princess Cyndi: Making the Sacrifice

  1. @cammie – Thank you for commenting.

    And I saw the video already but thank you for posting all the same to share with others.

    Regarding pairings, I wouldn’t rule any types of pairings out since I love to see refreshing pairings and/or new collaborations. Very interesting to see how everything would unfold. I just don’t want to end up attacking other pairings (like some fans out there in the forums that I visited) so I just want to keep an open mind regarding that. But of course, Jindi’s just addicting to watch at times.

    1. i just posted the video for others to watch
      and what do u mean by “I just don’t want to end up attacking other pairings (like some fans out there in the forums that I visited) so I just want to keep an open mind regarding that.”

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