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I don’t know what the official title is yet hence putting in that for now. It actually wrapped up filming a while back already but I haven’t gotten the time to update on that after learning of the drama being true, etc. Yes, it has been a while after just some articles leaning on the controversial topic surfaced. They filmed for five months so it seemed like a longer drama than DaAi’s usual 5-episode stories? Or was it on and off, etc? Anyway, I actually read the news last year about how Jun Ya’s new project was with his ex-girlfriend, Jean Gao. (Go here.) The article title was so teasing them and trying to stir things up. In fact, many had pondered the ‘fate’ of it all. In response to the rumors, Jun Ya was already cast in that drama previously but they hadn’t begun filming yet. Later, the production team felt that Jean was really good with Taiwanese so they cast her in the leading actress role–alongside Jun Ya. So that was when tales began to weave whether the two could work together or not, because of their past breakup and all.

Five months later and it was obvious that they were professional enough to work through this production. Yet humorously, there was also news saying how they had gotten back together already hence the high spirits from both. (Click here.) Nice? Both denied through their managers. They were good friends and were able to work together professionally, that was it.

Aside from that, other cast included Nylon Chen, Enson Chang, Sharon Kao, Artie Tsao, Yuan Li Shan, and Ge Lei. (There are probably more but only those were tagged in the wrap-up party.) The drama revolved around Jun Ya and Jean’s characters from when they were 18 until 60 years old. (So changing roles or put on more makeup to make them old?) Or so one of the articles had revealed.

In one of her posts, Jean humorously disclosed that Nylon was her son. So I guess that answered with another character in the drama.

With some of people’s posts, especially Jun Ya’s earlier ones, he didn’t mark it with the drama’s names, so I won’t post it up to decrease confusion, but will update later when I finally sort it out. (Since he was working on something else at one point too.)

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