Rainie’s Proclamation – Not Yet A Woman

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This is the first CD I bought of her although I have listened to samples of her songs already. Maybe ’cause I wanted to get the subtheme songs of Miss No Good but must say–although probably not extraordinary awesome, but she does have her own style.


1. Too Troubled (太煩惱). This song is just so upbeat and fun–especially associating to scenes from Miss No Good. I actually think she sang it quite well with this song, bringing out its playful side and with a bit of seriousness on the side.

2. Take Me Away (帶我走). This song is just too sad. But really soothes the mood for certain scenes in Miss No Good. I think she managed to capture the emotions of the song just fine.

3. A Drop of My Pitiful Love (我的愛吊點滴). Interesting song and beat but for some reason, I don’t like this song that much. Maybe it’s the somewhat spooky feeling because of the background music.

4. Cold War (冷 戰). A mix of sad and soothing feeling at the same time–for odd reasons. And I like the words used to describe the scenes/ situations in here. I like how she managed to get the feeling out of the song out without being screechy or exaggerating her voice (like some other singers often do). It’s just the right amount, mixed in with bitterness.

5. Mars (火星). Interesting song, but good song. (Or at least I like it.) Just right, not too depressing or too dramatic. Or maybe because of the background music mix that compliments it.

6. Half-Hearted Declaration (半熟宣言). This song (heard it from the Viet version but definitely know it’s a Jap song). Anyway, the background music is nice and all. Maybe ’cause I like this song overall–no matter the version–so it’s getting addicting. And yes, the lyrics are a bit catchy too. It fits her quite well actually (from what it seems of course, lol).

7. Love Me, Please Shut Up (愛 我請shut up). Strange title, but when listened to, actually makes sense. Don’t really like the beat for this one but I guess it’s all right still. Not bad at all.

8. The Smile In Your Bossom (在你懷裡的徵笑). This is probably my 3rd favorite in the CD. Like both the lyrics and background music.

9. I’m the Biggest Girl (女生我最大). Catchy, upbeat song. It can get quite addicting and yes, maybe it’s just because upbeat songs are just so fun with weird lyrics. But maybe not that weird at all. Or maybe because the background music is having that effect on the words itself also. Actually like this one more than track #7.

10. Rhythm of Happiness (幸福的節拍). This is probably my 4th fav. song on here. Because it’s a mix of excitement and somewhat heart-warming feeling. It possesses both playful and seriousness that has this promising feeling to it.


「不良笑花」精采集錦 秘密珍藏 – The DVD shows different scenes of Miss No Good, featuring Xiao Hua vs. Tang Men scenes as well some scenes with the song  “Take Me Away” in the background. Also, some behind the scenes of Miss No Good. If I didn’t watch some parts of the BTS already, it would have been fun to watch. No Will for BTS though. Kind of a shame but it’s all right.

Overall, this CD is pretty good. There’s a mix of soft-soothing ballads as well as upbeat ones. I think she did better than for the previous one? Or the previous wasn’t that appealing to me.

There were also four high-quality pictures included as part of the goodies as well as a 2008 calendar planner booklet. (Of course, the lyrics booklet was included.) Quite worth the purchase actually.

Posted: December 3, 2008

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2 thoughts on “Rainie’s Proclamation – Not Yet A Woman

  1. vgag says:

    I think Rainie is really cute, and I loved her as the little cake shop girl who has a crush on Ken Chu’s character in Meteor Garden. And she was good in DBY, too. I’m not sold on her as a singer, though. I heard a single or two from the album (I think) on TW MTV. But sometimes I have to listen to songs a few times before I finally wind up liking them…

  2. DTLCT says:

    Though she is not my absolute favorite as a singer but I must admit she has a unique voice that I could distinguish out from others, not like how most singers sounding almost the same nowadays that it was hard to tell.
    I think I listened to some of her past songs too and I agree with you. But I must admit her ‘Take Me Away’ was really good.


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