Reset: Wallace and Yang Mi

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I know about this movie since the announcement and eventually the filming and all, but haven’t focused on it regarding blogging. I thought I did, lol. But anyway, like said on the poster, it’s going to be released on June 30th. Exciting for the summer, huh?

This is Wallace and Yang Mi’s reunion since Chinese Paladin. Most already know that the movie is produced by Jackie Chan.

This is an action movie, but with the added time-travel element. Not those ancient jumping into modern time-travel or vice-versa, but more like focusing on technological invention so it’s not too over-killed, lol.

This will be a challenging role for Wallace since he’s the villain, kidnapping and threatening Yang Mi’s character’s son and forcing her into surrendering her invention to him so he could use it for his own means. What a great guy, huh?

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