Rookies’ Diary: Episode 1

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Very impressive actually with the first scene being so powerful with the soldiers’ routine under Sun An Bang (Yao Yuan Hao)’s guidance.

After the initial energetic routine, we were presented with some minor comical moments between Yang Hai Sheng (Fu Zi Chun), Lin Bo Wen (Chen De Lie), and Yu Shan Ren (Ah Pang).

The comedy did not stop there since it continued on when the new recruits were brought into camp (or so it appeared). Wang Wei (Zhao Jun Ya) went over the rules with the new recruits and also discovered some interesting things. One of it included Qiu You Shun (Ah Xiang)’s attempt in sneaking in cigarettes but was exposed in front of everyone.

After that hilarious gist, they got a chance to call home before proceeding with some necessary tasks, such as that of getting their haircuts. While some were cooperative, others did not react so well to the situation, especially in the case of Ye Da Tong (Qian Jun Zhong). And then Bo Wen was not far behind with the unwilling to part with his hair.

In fact, they looked like they were going on the electric chair more than just getting a regular haircut. (Then I was convinced that they filmed the scenes in chronological order since they really did get their hair cut off.)

But the haircuts event did not top the scene where Hai Sheng found out about Shan Ren’s real identity and how he was in for it big time!

Tang Feng appeared afterward with a scene worth mentioning–since he managed to rescue his friend from a near accident. Like the others, we only get to see his cute hairstyle for a short time since it was shaved off a few minutes later. He and his friend were also part of the new recruits.

More comedy made its way into the scene as the procedures moved into the health and/or physical check-up session. Several parties were attempting to trick the examiners by reducing their heights or faking deaf. It wasn’t until Wang Wei walked into the scene again that they dropped the acts. Though Wang Wei seemed fierce and/or strict, he was seen helping one of the new recruits fix his uniform.

Sun An Bang came back into the scene and discussed his ambition to make changes toward the system–though was warned of its hardship by his superior, Ding Hao. Even if he did not seem overly enthusiastic about An Bang’s ideas but Ding Hao still encouraged An Bang on and even offered to help at any time.

After that little heart-warming talk (or more like bonding time), we were brought back to the new recruits and their hilarious attempts of dodging out of sticky situations. Err…more like trying to practice their daily routine and get it with top speed. (Poor them!)

They were finally relieved of the duties in their shared room but was led to the next set of routines. That was also equally tough. (At least for some of them.)

Commander Ding Hao came into the scene and addressed them, going over the rules and quickly turned it over to An Bang again. However, it seemed that Luo Gang (Tang Feng) was not paying attention as he was supposed to. The look he gave An Bang showed that they knew each other somewhere or was he holding a grudge against An Bang in the past? Intensity increased as Luo Gang and Yang Hai Sheng were called into An Bang’s office. After a few words and/or orders, Hai Sheng was dismissed while Luo Gang was told to stay. And the plot thickens. (LOL!)

But the intensity was washed away with some comedic moments again as we were able to see that the new recruits finally made it to meal time. And I thought only the seniors got to play tricks on the newbies yet we get to see the newbies pulling tricks on one another as well. How did Bo Wen manage to keep a straight face upon Da Tong’s glare? I guess Bo Wen and Hai Sheng were a team of mischievous being already hence the ability to suppress his laughter even if he seen such a scene unfolding. So Wu Yong was found out when Wang Wei came to the table and ate with them. (Hahaha! Too bad!) No wonder the newbies had to be monitored.

Skip past the semi-mushy meeting between An Bang and Jin Bi Ying (Huang Qiu Jun), we witnessed the night routine of the new recruits, trying to get ready for bed. It was then that Bo Wen and Hai Sheng discovered Luo Gang have a tattoo. Hai Sheng took it into his own hand to investigate further (since he already attempted to spy on An Bang and Luo Gang earlier when they had that conversation). Opportunity presented itself when they were told of having only a bit more time before they had to get back to their beds. Hai Sheng was indeed a curious person all right.

Hai Sheng got his reward at last. NOT really since he was punished – though it wasn’t really his fault–to close up that night. And I thought they were finally given a break from the first day. But luck was on Hai Sheng’s side since there were no stars to be spotted that night. Too bad Shan Ren wasn’t amused with Hai Sheng quoting Li Bai. (LOL!)

And I was wondering what happened to the “diary” part? But then was able to see Shi Jun writing in his diary at last. I guess things like that should only be done at the day’s end.

Somehow Hai Sheng made it back–unscathed. But he was also quite irritated (obviously) and also delivered some smart words toward Luo Gang. Though Luo Gang chose to ignore him (for the moment). (Or was Hai Sheng doing it on purpose to extract some information from Luo Gang? After all, he had been curious about Luo Gang the whole day. Okay, more like half of the day.)

Previews showed more intensity between An Bang and Luo Gang. And of course more hilarious scenes with the new recruits and their real trials coming up ahead. Several major characters haven’t appeared yet and probably their appearance will be spread out since there will be the time needed to develop the plots between the current characters. More to see. Looked promising so far. Not much hype really but it was enjoyable to watch thus far.

This drama showed great promise since it broke 8! It was 8.58 to be exact. Though I usually don’t care for ratings, I was surprised. Hopefully, it will continue to rise.

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4 thoughts on “Rookies’ Diary: Episode 1

  1. Hey, so you’re finished with the first ep? I agree regarding Da Tong. But I think You Shun will have to curve the tricks since he will try to court Da Tong’s sister in the later episodes. Remember that one trailer with Xiao Xiao Yu’s exchange with You Shun? XXY’s Da Tong’s sister in here so yea. Hopefully they would knock it off with teasing Da Tong. I think they will learn slowly and will eventually stop the childish pranks. I think it’s trying to show their immature side at first and show their growth later. Well, hope so. Since the comedy will get corny if it goes on forever in that pattern.

  2. Some of it was truly hilarious, but I think they picked on poor Da Tong too much. There are also some serious undercurrents centering on Tang Feng’s character, too…I loved the sound track which had two songs by Yang Pei An. I think ‘I Believe’ is the closing theme?
    Many thanks for the plot summary, DTLCT!