Rookies’ Diary: Episode 11

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

The whole training with the screen targets continued. Of course, it was always hilarious with Hai Sheng, Da Tong, and the usual trying to annoy their superiors. However, what I liked the most was seeing Shi Jun being coached by Wang Wei. NOT because I’ve been favoring Wang Wei in the latest episodes. But it was because they rarely show Shi Jun at times. And every bit sort of was more precious.

The results made it even funny though it was predictable. Bo Wen did really well while Tian Bin and some of the others were being scolded. The funniest was Da Tong since he was WAY off. (‘Cause he didn’t hit anything at all. At least not within the range that would count.) But I can’t believe Hai Sheng was praised! Considering how he was goofing off so much and annoying Shan Ren.

You Shun up to something again? NOTHING NEW. But somehow, I just love how he was sucking up to Luo Gang now. LOL! Lai Hu telling You Shun to get to the point, LOL! You Shun trying to make money out of Tian Bin? I’m not surprised about Tian Bin not buying into it though. He was always so impressive with the pranks before. It’ll be the day that he’ll fall for something like that. (It was so cute to see Luo Gang smile though.)

Honestly, Hai Sheng had a point. Bo Wen needed to think about himself more than keep pondering about Tian Xin. BUT that was too funny that he jumped up from his seat and zoomed toward Yu Ting’s side upon seeing her. So much for giving advice.

They were so cute! Seriously, Hai Sheng was desperate to score points with her. She could call him by that nickname but others couldn’t? Still funny! Bo Wen got sprayed! LOL! Darn, it was getting even better! Honestly, who was Hai Sheng trying to trick? He was waiting for his true love? LOL!

Honestly, NOT AGAIN. I’m sick of all these childish stunts from Di Qiu and his gang. (Though I know it’s more realistic that they don’t give up BUT it’s getting to the point of beyond aggravation.) They have another advantage this time if they wanted to strike–Luo Gang and Hai Sheng weren’t around.

Just as things were cooling down between An Bang and Luo Gang, the intensity between them was refueled again by the appearance of the mother. (I forgot if it was mentioned in the previous episode if that was An Bang or Luo Gang’s mother – since Luo Gang kept denying the matter and not acknowledging her, might be his mother though.) Another powerful scene between them though. (Something was very obvious though – An Bang doesn’t like his father that much. Can’t blame him though. The old man was responsible for half of the problems – regardless.) It was kind of interesting seeing Luo Gang spying on An Bang and the mother though. (I guess it’s not too weird since he seemed fierce, but he probably misses her a lot too.) That longing look was soon replaced by the aggressive one since he was reminded of his childhood. (My gosh! Heart-racking scene really. It was like they did not care to step out and help him. No wonder he was mad.) AND Luo Gang won big time! He got Sheng Nan speechless. (Though of course she still managed to yell a command his way, but still, he was right on the dot.)

They were doing something new again. Most welcomed. At least better than showing those bullying scenes. (Though I know it will occur later since Di Qiu was forming some sort of scheme again. But rather it was being pushed into chunks than being thrown at us all at once. It would be too off base.) They were doing warm-ups first. Let’s see who manage to annoy the trainers this time around? Though I might not be too surprised, considering past patterns.

Not surprised that Hai Sheng brought this up. Wang Wei was actually enjoying it but Shan Ren looked all annoyed (like usual). I’m betting my money on Wang Wei! (Wonder if You Shun was whispering for everyone to bet, lol. A good way to make money all the same.) That was funny that some of them fell in. They were too enthusiastic with cheering the two on! But that wasn’t the funniest since Da Tong and some others fell again because they were staring too hard at Sheng Nan in her swimsuit when she appeared. Shan Ren wasn’t paying attention either SO Wang Wei managed to gain some distance. (And I thought Da Tong doesn’t know how to swim! Of course, he was signaling to Tian Bin about it but he totally forgot after all that excitement. Wonder if the others will remember about it to scold at him later.) Oooh…Shan Ren was suffering from cramps. Yikes! Sheng Nan was the first to notice. (No surprised since she was usually observant. AND can’t blame Wang Wei since he was concentrating ahead. Lucky Shan Ren was all right. I thought there was some dramatic rescue scene coming up. But that would be WAY too much for this time of drama.) Sheng Nan was observing Luo Gang’s tattoo while Da Tong was staring at her AND Shan Ren was staring at Da Tong! LOL! Priceless! Da Tong should’ve known better. Luo Gang versus Hai Sheng? LOL! More excitement for the others. Hai Sheng won? (Of course, it would be too fake if Luo Gang always gained the upper hand. Cool still.) Not surprised either that Shi Jun was the only one watching Sheng Nan to master his skills–unlike some of the observers nearby. (Okay, so Luo Gang was admiring her technique too BUT I felt he had too much of an ulterior motive to be counted.)

Okay, finally Shan Ren was investigating the matter. I thought it would be forgotten by now. LOL! Wu Yong was going by the same story? OKAY! Darn, that was good! Gotta give Shan Ren credit for the trick BUT he was pulled down by Da Tong anyway.

And the incidental scene we saw in the trailer was about to unfold! Eek! How could the water in the ladies’ shower be off at that time? AND Shan Ren was dead meat again, talking about Sheng Nan like that. AND he was so careless, Hai Sheng had to point out the clothes in the compartment! Eek! Someone else was there, but who? What was Sheng Nan supposed to do? Regardless of how it happened, she was at a disadvantage. Shan Ren was checking every single one of ’em to make sure? Ekkk…it was getting more and more nerve-racking. PHEW! So close! Hai Sheng reassured Shan Ren he was the only one there the whole time, LOL. BUT…how would one explain the towel? It wasn’t Hai Sheng’s and it wasn’t Shan Ren’s either. So much for a little help. Ooohhh, Sheng Nan had to speak up or she wouldn’t have any clothes OR towel to walk out with. BUT those two were cunning all right! (Shan Ren was such a pervert, taking advantage of the situation just like that. Sheng Nan got the upper hand still since she knew he didn’t leave.) Hahahahaha, Shan Ren was ordered to find someone to fix the water in the other one.

Lin Ruo Ya finally appeared! It was about time. If that was the case, wonder how much more the story would go on, considering she was one of the major characters so can’t be too short with her story, right? NOT sure. Hope it wouldn’t divert from the main topics though–with many things going on all at once. But it seemed like the girls in here loved to ride on bikes, LOL! Since they were seen on a bike at one point or another.

I thought they were saving this for the next episode, but they had to pave way somehow. Anyway, intensity at their first meeting and I thought she was misunderstanding the situation, BUT considering her profession, she was right. Of course, it wasn’t time for shifting blames, but it would end up being really ugly based upon previews in the previous episode.

Awww…that sucks. Wang Wei was in trouble. OF course, Ding Hao had to be fair BUT that was still sad. An Bang tried, but still can’t shift the situation to himself. Like An Bang was getting off easily…but still. According to previews, it was getting out of the situation, considering annoying reporters would be involved. Hope they wouldn’t drag it out too much OR I’ll be even more pissed with having to deal with them. (It was already annoying seeing reporters in other dramas.)

On the other hand, it was too funny that Lai Hu was taking advantage of the situation, going on and on about his current condition. BUT luckily, Jing Wen knew of his family’s medical history already SO he couldn’t even lie his way out of it. Of course, Shan Ren knew he was up to something. Something to ease off the intensity before the reporters show up.

Eh…exaggerating much? It was just a hospital visit. Did they have to act like they were on their way to off someone soon? It was funny that Grandma Lai set everyone straight! Too funny! Whoa! Fancy set up! Even Shan Ren was shocked. So funny that Lai Hu got scolded by his father already since Lai Hu was wondering why it took them so long. It was too funny! I love Lai Hu’s father already. Why wasn’t Lai Hu using his hand and had to be fed by Grandma? LOL! He was still hurting. The old man was just hilarious, had to get in a word about everything. (That was sooo wrong though! Lai Hu using his grandma’s caring gestures to get back at his father? OKAY! Not to mention he was talking about the other superiors while they were standing there! Ekk!)

Previews…luckily no annoying scenes YET. Oh well, better delay it. Ekkk…I don’t like the idea of seeing An Bang being yelled at by anyone else except for Ding Hao! That was messed up! Hopefully, it wouldn’t last long. Getting super annoying. I rather deal with the bullying stuff. Still looking forward to seeing more of Jing Wen’s character development and her bonds with the others.

Man, I enjoy watching BTS more and more! It was killing Tang Feng that Lin Dao Yuan kept NG-ing! LOL!

Ratings took another drop to 10.43. No problem! It was probably losing interest to some people, considering how they were just curious because of the cast. I’m still hanging on!

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2 thoughts on “Rookies’ Diary: Episode 11

  1. @vgag – I watched 2 more already. I like it that Wang Wei’s story is developing even more. I don’t know. I’m just obsessed with him in recent ones.

  2. The ratings are holding up well for the middle of the run. And there have been some interesting developments with some of the family relationships. And some new characters are beginning to come into it. I agree, I’m sticking with it, it’s great.

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