Rookies’ Diary: Episode 13

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

OOoohhhh…SO Hai Sheng was trying to get Di Qiu out of the public eyes so he could ‘teach him a lesson’. It was an ambush all right. Too bad didn’t last long. (Yeah, sounds like I’m promoting violence right now, BUT that guy is just too much.)

Busted by none other than Shan Ren BUT the others waiting outside were so enthusiastic that they almost knocked over Shan Ren too. OOOOHHHH…

Well, the others quieted down as soon as they saw Shan Ren. Da Tong kept continuing until it was too late. (Typical.)

Yup, it was getting bigger. (Hope Wang Wei doesn’t get in trouble again for not watching them more carefully. I don’t care as much if Shan Ren does since he could take it. NOT saying I hate him, but IF there’s one more thing on Wang Wei’s head, he might as well pack his bags.) Go, Hai Sheng! LOL! Shan Ren’s temper was getting WAY up there. But oh well, he’ll get over it. WHAT?! Lai Hu fell asleep and almost knocked Shan Ren over? (AGAIN!) Aww…Wang Wei was so cool, yelling out the commands. (Definitely worshiping mode here, LOL!) Shan Ren seemed more pissed off than cool (He had the right to.)

Aww…I think they rather go do push-ups OR run around the field than go through with this! LOL! (Of course, I know it wouldn’t achieve anything with other punishments, except to teach them to form a bond with one another since they were a team after all.) It was too painful! Literally, actually, since they were using that hugging opportunity to beat up on each other! My gosh! Haven’t laughed so hard with the previous episodes! This was probably one of the best parts! Laughed so hard. Hai Sheng and Di Qiu! Hai Sheng was definitely gaining the upper-hand! Major LOL! If they were loving each other like brothers in that way, I wonder what it would be like IF they were enemies! That was a riot! Poor Shi Jun! Lucky Wang Wei came to his rescue ’cause it was getting super weird! I love every time Shan Ren blurted out, “What’s wrong? Haven’t eaten or something?” since it just reminds me too much of Sheng Nan. They had to chant the mantra even louder!

Now I understand why Ding Hao was so against the whole change. I meant NOT really that against, but always want An Bang to take it easy on them. He had his fair share of experiences all right. Of course, he knew all the politics up there, not wanting to disturb them OR all hell will break loose. An Bang was ambitious but it wasn’t easy.

Yup, confrontation time. It was just a matter of time. How could You Shun? YEAH, money, BUT still. Okay, it looked like it wasn’t him. BUT who else could it be? The others had the right to suspect him.

Eekk…the politics of it all. Sticky situation. It could happen at any place or at any time. Always about ranks and positions. And no wonder Ding Hao reacted so strongly. I sort of guessed that he was in the same situation before so he was really fierce with An Bang. He knew all the inevitable upcoming details.

While more important matters surrounded their superiors, Lai Hu and the others were seen washing their hair. Since he was at it, Lai Hu vouched for revenge ever so convincingly. Wonder why he didn’t use that energy to work harder with the trainings. Hmm… He was so enthusiastic that even Wu Yong joined in. This was the only time that Tian Bin had ever fallen for anything. Okay, Hao Zhi had to set the others straight. Of course, they did not want to get in trouble again since it was their last straw. Wang Wei already warned them. What? You Shun trying to patch things up?

More priceless moments! LOL! Shan Ren was so unlucky, kept training them and getting his blood pressure even higher. Wang Wei wasn’t any different, had to deal with the crazies, LOL! Sheng Nan had to deal with Da Tong’s stare again. Poor her! Shan Ren vs. Sheng Nan? LOL! I knew Sheng Nan would win. She was saving her energy for the second time around. Da Tong fell in! LOL! Serves him right! Hahahahaha! It got even better since Shan Ren thought Da Tong want to PK him! Da Tong was in for good this time. Darn! Da Tong was playing dirty. That was too much. BUT oh well… OOOOHHHH, what? Really? Shan Ren let Sheng Nan win on purpose? Aww…still… OOOHHH, can’t believe the others would pull that one on Sheng Nan! Da Tong and his cunning ways. It made sense to have Wu Yong do it since Sheng Nan would catch on too fast with Da Tong–and his ulterior motives. OOOHHHH, it was getting bigger since Shan Ren saw them. Of course, he would have to rescue his precious Sheng Nan! He got pushed in BUT still achieved his goal. The others were dead meat! Dared to conspire with each other to get Sheng Nan like that. They were punished to clean YET they were still so happy. Crazy all right.

Aww…it wouldn’t be complete with those swimming parts without our Little Fish showing off her talents, right? BUT too bad that was cut short by those guys spying on her. Now Da Tong would definitely know the pain of having people spy on the ones he cared for. I know You Shun and Xiao Yan are super cute together BUT I couldn’t help thinking the possibility of her and Wu Yong at this point. Aww… (Thinking too much, I know.) Da Tong fell in again while he was trying to get her home, LOL! So funny! Da Tong wanted to get back at Wu Yong by encouraging the PK between him and Xiao Yan! YES! We finally get to see her swim, LOL. Da Tong signaling to Xiao Yan! LOL! These guys were in for good all right!

Tian Bin sleepwalked again. Lucky Jing Wen caught him or he would’ve walked into unknown places, etc. Well, it was equally dangerous at night, but more vehicles were moving along during the day anyway.

Aww…Wang Wei and Xiao Rou were so cute! She was so clumsy! Poor Wang Wei! Shan Ren questioning Wang Wei’s defensive nature? OKAY! But yup, agreed that Xiao Rou’s really cute all right.

Familiar? YUP! Shan Ren was lying through his teeth! Chanting the 300 poems? OKAY! Regardless of all those petty things Shan Ren did at times, I feel bad for him. Honestly, that look was really sad. Sheng Nan didn’t care to hear him out.

Oooh, Sheng Nan bonding with their mother AND then she had to go and help again. Hmm…Shan Ren’s chances are slipping. So funny that Shan Ren was spying on them though. Too bad, Sheng Nan thought she could get to him YET it was not about who was the messenger but what happened in the past. It was to Shan Ren’s advantage. BUT for once I was glad Shan Ren sabotaged them, LOL. Awww…he kept getting neglected. (I don’t know! Just too wrong that she was taking her anger out on him.)

More headaches. But had to face it sooner or later. BUT it was another cliff-hanger.

Previews. You Shun switching sides? OKAY! Umm…of course Luo Gang wouldn’t do such lame things! Sheng Nan was soooo off! Why would he confess to her? She was in for a major disappointment. Shan Ren encountering ghost part didn’t happen in this one so it’s being pushed to the next one. Aww…poor Bi Ying. AND Wang Wei and Xiao Rou!

More funny BTS. The director was so funny, demonstrating for them when they were shooting the hugging scene. LOL! Zhao Jun Ya was so funny! The water scene! His reaction was WAY over, of course, lol.

Another drop for ratings–to 9.80 but still holding its first place.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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